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In the Beginning...

December 20, 2013
By KateK BRONZE, Indianola, Iowa
KateK BRONZE, Indianola, Iowa
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Favorite Quote:
“I've got the key to my castle in the air, but whether I can unlock the door remains to be seen.”
― Louisa May Alcott, Little Women

The screen turns on. It’s in color, not that it could tell by the room. White walls, white floors, a single black chair straight in front of the camera.

Screams can be heard in the background. But nothing comes on.

The room goes away, replaced by static.

When the room comes back, there is a girl. No more than sixteen years of age, her blue eyes looks as if they have aged a thousand years. He hair is like a darkened halo, surrounding her with a level of protection. Shielding her from the horrors of her life. Her hands are hidden in the front pocket of the oversized jacket she has on. She is just blankly staring at the camera.

Mysterious Voice: State your name for the record.

Girl: -silent-

Mysterious Voice: -less patient- State your name for the record.

Male Voice: Ausia Jones.

Mysterious Voice: State your reason for coming to The Academy.

Ausia: -silent-

The screen turns to static.

When the room comes back, the chair and the girl is gone. only the room is there. Suddenly, there is a vast amount of sounding and footsteps coming closer to the room.

A door slams shut and Ausia appears on the screen. To the left, there’s a boy. There is a mixture of dirt and blood in his hair and on his face. He has eyes of poverty; full of hunger, hurt and the color of dirt. His hair is a mess; a little too long and unkempt. He is wearing a mud crusted shirt, covered in holes.

(Enter Ausia and Boy)

Boy: Sia! We really don’t have the time to bother. -He looks behind him-

Ausia: -louder- Don’t have time to bother. They need to know about them. About what they do. About who they are. Bed enough I’ve been stuck here for the past month. You know I still remember the day they brought me in...

Asher: -voices shouting in the distance- Sia.
-looks behind him again, noticing the door being pushed in-
They are getting closer. If we don’t get out of here, they will be no way for us to convey the truth.

Ausia: -glancing right into the camera- You leave. I’ll stay.

Asher: They will kill you if they know you’ll involved.

Ausia: -pecking him on the check- Let them try.

(Exit Asher)

Asher runs out of the frame of the camera. Ausia goes to the far left of the frame, her face out of sight.

Guards: Under the order from CEOTP, we demand you open this door.

Ausia: -annoyed- Alright, alright. Don’t get your knickers in a twist.

She walked out of the sight of the frame. The sound of the door opening and two guards marching in. The walk in front of the camera, oblivious to it being on. Both of them are in grey suits with sunglasses on. Guard One was a little taller while Guard Two had way more hair. Other than that, they looked and talked identical. Darkened hair, muscular, deep voice.

(Enter Guard One and Two)

Guard One: Sorry for the intrusion ma’am. We were told we had a breach.

Guard Two: We need to search the area. You’ll need to leave. We will also need to seize the equipment to see if it caught any sight of the breach.

Ausia: Please keep the equipment here. I would prefer it not to be disturbed.

Guard One: Should not be a problem ma’am. We just need to review the tape.

Ausia: I understand. -Looks straight into the camera- -under her breath- Starting transfer.

The screen goes back to static.

The room is back this time with Ausia with two others. One boy with a cocky smile and surfer boy looks. One girl that has the same color of hair as Ausia with eyes of wealth; well, happy, and the color of money.

Mysterious Voice: State your names for the record.

Ausia: -silent-

Boy: Ben Jamison Young.

Girl: Geminteen Fe.

Mysterious Voice: State your reasons for coming to The Academy.

Ausia: -silent-

Ben: Success.

Geminteen: Happiness.

Mysterious Voice: State your serials.

Ausia: -surprised yet silent-

Ben: 555987-80956

Geminteen: 789513-090764

Mysterious Voice: Serials confirmed. You may proceed.Phase One complete.

The screen turned to static.
The room comes back on. A single torch lights Geminteen’s face. Ausia comes into the frame, with a torch of her own. Ben follows.

(Enter Ausia and Ben)

Ausia: -whispering- Fe. Young.

Geminteen and Ben: -whispering- Jones.

Ausia: You have been explained the objective?

Geminteen: Yes.

Ben: -at same time- Definitely. Maybe. Well...

Ausia: -suppressing a smile- You’ve had more skill and luck than I have in the past three months. Mind telling me why?

Geminteen: Corporation.

Ben: Wickedly handsome good looks.

Geminteen: -rolls her eyes-

(Exit All)

There is a knock on the door. Ausia and Ben turn off their torches. Geminteen pushes them to the back of the room.

Geminteen: What?

Mysterious Voice: -coldly- Ma’am. We have orders to take you into custody. I’m truly sorry.

A slight thud can be sound.

Mysterious Voice: -coldly- Truly sorry.

He shuts the door. Ausia and Ben wait a few moments and then go to check on Geminteen.

(Ausia and Ben run across)

Ausia’s Voice: No...

Ben’s Voice: She’s... dead.

There is a slight thud.

Ausia’s Voice: -sounding loss- Ash?

The screen goes to black.


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