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Golden blood

September 22, 2023
By ella_09 GOLD, Valencia, Other
ella_09 GOLD, Valencia, Other
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I wish you death,
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I wish to be the flowers that’ll bloom in your carcass.

(Late night, empty street, FRANCIS up to a building and rings the doorbell. The inside of the building is also seen, ANTHONY is reading the paper)

FRANCIS: (worried)(under his breath) Come on…  let me in.

(ANTHONY stops reading and presses a button on the wall, a buzz, the door opens and FRANCIS walks in)

ANTHONY: Hello Francis, my friend. What brings you to my house at these ungodly hours?

FRANCIS: (unsure) Well, there’s something awful that has happened.


FRANCIS: I went to the doctor’s this evening and it turns out I have… Leukaemia.

ANTHONY: (baffled) Oh dear…

FRANCIS: That's not all… I also have a very rare type of blood that is commonly known as “golden blood”. No one knows though.

(FRANCIS awaits for ANTHONY's reaction but he incites him to keep talking with a gesture)

FRANCIS: And I have come to you for help. The reserves of golden blood are incredibly expensive.

ANTHONY: You know I’m as poor as you.

FRANCIS: Yes, yes. I know. I had just hoped that, well, could help me come up with a plan.

ANTHONY: Well, robbing a bank is quite dangerous. It's very possible that we’ll get caught.

(FRANCIS looks disturbed with the proposition)

ANTHONY: You said that no one, except me of course, knows that you have golden blood.

FRANCIS: Where are you going with this?

ANTHONY: We could…rob a blood bank. 

FRANCIS (standing up, baffled) What are you suggesting! That is against the law! No, we can’t do that, for god's sake! 

ANTHONY: It's the only way! You don't want to die, now do you?

FRANCIS: Well of course not.


FRANCIS (sits down, resigned) Okay.

(Lights go off for a minute to change the lights. Anthony’s apartment. Daytime. A couple of days later)

ANTHONY: Today’s the day, you will live! Why do you look so defeated?

FRANCIS: It’s just, what we’re doing is, well, illegal.

ANTHONY: Well, yes of course. But it's the only way in which you will stay alive. Do you have any other ideas? No. So, let's get ready. 


ANTHONY: Well, did you bring a black suit?

FRANCIS: (confused) A black suit? Why?

ANTHONY: Well, in that shiny beige suit you will catch attention, put a black suit on.

FRANCIS: I don't own a black suit.

ANTHONY: (facepalm)(under his breath) Oh god.

FRANCIS: What am I supposed to do?

ANTHONY: (annoyed) Come on. I'll lend you one.

FRANCIS: (smiling softly) Thanks.

(Lights go off for a minute to change the scenery) 

(The blood bank. A couple of hours later. Night time)

(FRANCIS and ANTHONY are leaning against a wall)

FRANCIS: So, what do we do now?

ANTHONY: We’ve been over this. I go running to the guards at the entrance and ask them for help, then, I lose them in the streets, come back and we go in.


ANTHONY: (under his breath) Showtime!

(ANTHONY runs towards the guards and screams something incoherent and runs away, the guards follow him offstage, some seconds go by and ANTHONY comes back, gasping for air)

FRANCIS: (concerned) You ok?

ANTHONY: (gasping for air) Never been better! Let’s go!

(FRANCIS and ANTHONY walk inside the blood bank, the inside of the building is lit up)

FRANCIS: So, where are we supposed to go now?

ANTHONY: (looking around) I actually hadn’t thought about that.


ANTHONY: Let’s go up the stairs.

(FRANCIS and ANTHONY go up the stairs and enter a closed room, like a freezer)

ANTHONY: (muttering and looking at the labels of various jars) O positive, O negative, A positive, A negative, B positive… Aha! Rh-null!

FRANCIS: ( looking at ANTHONY, very confused) Rh… what?

ANTHONY: It’s the proper name for golden blood. We’ve found it!

FRANCIS: (lighting up) oh good! Let’s go then.

ANTHONY: (walking towards the door) I fear that’s not possible.

FRANCIS: Why? (walks towards the door, behind ANTHONY)

ANTHONY: (turns around with a sarcastic smile) The door is closed. We’re trapped!

FRANCIS: (worried) Oh no! What are we going to do? We can't ask for help! They will put us in prison! I'm going to die!

ANTHONY: (under his breath) Oh dear… (concerned) Don’t worry, I-I’ll think of something!

(ANTHONY turns towards the door and tries to jig the door while FRANCIS starts freaking out)

ANTHONY: (opening the door) (relieved) There we go! See? You’re not going to die. Come on!

FRANCIS: (smiling, grateful and relieved) Thanks.

(Lights go off for a minute to change the scenery) 

(Anthony’s apartment. A couple of hours later. Night time)

ANTHONY: Ok Francis, lie down on the couch. I’ll prepare the things for the transfusion.

FRANCIS: (lying down) Are you sure you are qualified to do this? 

ANTHONY: (putting on latex gloves) Yes! Don’t worry. I got the best grades when I graduated.

FRANCIS: (under his breath) You better…

(ANTHONY takes the jar with blood and a syringe, “injects” FRANCIS with it and after a couple of seconds he takes it out and cleans the wound)

FRANCIS: (standing up) (grateful) Thank you so much. You really have saved my life. How will I ever pay you back?

ANTHONY: (facing the table and taking the gloves off) Oh, it was nothing really…

FRANCIS: No, I insist! What can I do for you?

ANTHONY: (turning around) The only thing I want is for you to be ok, what will I do without you? All those social gatherings our friends oblige us to go to are so boring. I need entertainment. (smirking)

FRANCIS: (laughing) Well, at least let me pay you a lunch tomorrow.

ANTHONY: (comically resigned) Fine.

The author's comments:

My second try at writing a script/play. :)

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