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My Last Straw

September 19, 2023
By veronicametaous BRONZE, Palm Harbor, Florida
veronicametaous BRONZE, Palm Harbor, Florida
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It was truly my last straw! I have had more than enough of your hurtful actions towards me. You do not know what I had to go through just be with you and finally have our happy ending, but that snake had to come and seduce you? And where were your morals, what would you say to your kingdom when the news reaches them huh? Nothing of course you would not you never think before doing something and I am always making excuses for your actions. And after everything we went through to be together you go off to Anastasia? Out of all people, why her. What did she have that I did not have? The only difference is that she does not have priorities nor any respect for herself! I do not understand how you could do that to me, just why? What made you do this to me? And you know how much pain she put me through too! Is that why you have always been acting as if I do not exist? You have been ignoring everything I say every time I try talking to you, you ignore me and function as if I am not there. How do you think that made me feel? My stepmother and her two daughters made me feel as if I was worth absolutely nothing. And what makes it even worse was that you knew about how it made me feel and still had a whole affair and married her too. Edith Hamilton was right when he said, “Love cannot live where there is no trust.” While I was being accused of cheating by you, you were cheating nonstop, and with the worst person possible too. Everything is starting to make so much more sense now I cannot believe you would do that to me and with Anastasia herself. I feel sick to my stomach just looking at you. You are a sick human. Do not ever talk or look at me again. Do not think I am going to let what you did slide. Just wait! 

The author's comments:

What I am doing here is villainizing Cinderella the fairy tale. 

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