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June 28, 2022
By RH GOLD, Sammamish, Washington
RH GOLD, Sammamish, Washington
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The star-studded sky outlines an icy landscape. It is below freezing, and the harsh wind cuts through the frigid air, bringing flurries of snowflakes up into the sky. Four children huddle on the ground: MAGGIE, 13; SAMUEL, 12; TRILLIA, 8; and ELI, 9.


TRILLIA: I've never been to Antarctica before. Say, is this what Antarctica is like?

The evening wind starts howling, shrill and sharp.

MAGGIE: D'you think we'll freeze to death b'fore we get outta this place?

SAMUEL: The adults won't let us die.

TRILLIA: Of course not! See, they gave us coats. (excitedly) And boots! Ooh... I've always wanted to wear these...

ELI: But where're the teachers?

The group falls silent.

SAMUEL: Well, I think we should go to sleep. Lights out at 9 o'clock, remember?

MAGGIE: We're not in the Home anymore.

She gestures at the barren surroundings.

(sarcastically) Y'see anyplace comfortable enough to sleep?

TRILLIA: I'm cold.

MAGGIE looks around at the endless plain of snowy whiteness but doesn't find a place that could block the wind. She stares at the ground, thinking.

MAGGIE: We'd build an igloo if we've got gloves.

SAMUEL: The adults will---

MAGGIE: (snapping) What, you think the adults'll turn up? You think they'll help us? I doubt they'll want to save some little orphans who simply waste their resources---

MAGGIE stops abruptly. The atmosphere is tense. TRILLIA starts to cry.

The author's comments:

Four missing children. Two guilty teachers. One cruel counselor. A shady home for the unwanted, in a utopian city where adults are the law...

And a field trip to a place where no children can survive alone.

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