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Midnight Eyes

March 15, 2009
By OneAndOnly GOLD, Co.Kildare , Ireland, Other
OneAndOnly GOLD, Co.Kildare , Ireland, Other
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'I'll have another beer.' I slurred. 'No way, Leah! You've had enough drink in your system to last you a life-time.' The bartender laughed. 'I'll just go elsewhere!' I shouted. I hopped off the bar-stool but my heel got caught then the stool tipped and I hit my head off the corner of something sharp.

'You idiot.' The bartender yelled. I cursed loudly as I saw blood all over my brand new top. 'Are you okay?' a pale man with deep midnight black eyes and blonde hair asked me. 'Get lost you freak.' I scowled. The man growled and his black eyes shone menacingly. He started to breath quickly and he then licked his lips. Suddenly the lights went off and I felt something tearing at my ankle then I passed out.

'Ouch.' I moaned as I woke up. I looked around me to see everything was as white as snow. The room was empty apart from a man with coal-black hair and matching eyes sitting in a chair. 'Where am I? Who are you? What happened?' I demanded. 'Firstly, I'm Jeff. Secondly, you are in'Hospital. Thirdly, you hit your head.'

'Am I in Hell?' I asked.
'Yeah' I winced as my leg began to sting badly.
'Why can't it be Heaven?' he asked.
'Because you're here.'
'You don't even know me Leah!' he laughed.

Jeff chuckled and leant over to look at my head. 'Go away!' I growled but suddenly a woman was by me side and she grabbed my hands while Jeff stroked my neck. He turned my head to the side and I felt two sharp sticks pierce my neck. 'Ahh!' I screamed in terror. I struggled to get free but the woman kept me pinned down. Jeff pushed the sharp objects deeper into my neck. I howled with the pain. Then my eyelids began to feel heavy and my neck felt like it was on fire.

I felt I was suffocating and I couldn't scream or hear anymore. I must be dying was my only thought. After a while the fire had died in my throat my whole body began to tingle and then it went numb. What had Jeff and that woman done to me?

It felt like an eternity when suddenly my body began to shake. My hearing came back and I started to hear voices. Three voices.
'She's coming around.' A female announced.
'She's shaking!' A male voice I recognised as Jeff exclaimed.
'It's normal.' The female assured him.
'Mum, can she kill us?' a small child spoke.
'Yes dear, if she tries to we-'
'-kill her first.' The child finished the woman's sentence.
'Yes Freya.'
'Look!' the man interrupted.

I opened my eyes and blinked a few times. Three people stared down at me. 'Hello Leah.' The woman greeted me. I jumped up and as fast as lightening I was over at the opposite wall. Jeff was standing beside the woman who was holding the little child's hand. 'I'm Faye,' The woman introduced herself. 'You are already acquainted with Jeff and this is my adopted daughter Freya.' Faye took a step towards me and flashed a perfect set of teeth which contained long razor sharp fangs.

I jumped back and a low hiss erupted from the back of my throat and suddenly a young girl about the same age as me appeared in front of me. Her long hair matched her midnight black eyes. 'I'm Lesley.' She put out her pale hand. I wouldn't shake it so she let it fall to her side. Faye appeared by her side in an instant holding a mirror. I gasped at my reflection.

My short blonde hair now stretched way past my shoulders and my eyes had changed colour to the same shade of black as everyone else's in the room; Midnight black. My once pale lips were stained like everyone else's; Blood red. I glanced over at the little Freya and she waved her little hand. I smiled and gasped at my smile. Sure enough two teeth were noticeably sharper than the rest. 'I've f-fangs.' I stuttered. 'We all do.' Lesley beamed, flashing hers.

After a few days Jeff, Faye and Freya told me they had something important to tell me. 'Leah, you're a vampire now.' Jeff said softly. I rolled my eyes. 'I figured.' I said smartly. 'That man who wanted to help you in the pub, you remember him? He was a vampire too' 'Yeah, I called him a freak.' 'Why?' Jeff asked. 'His eyes were weird.' I whispered. Jeff glared at me. 'How was I supposed to know he was a vampire?' I demanded. Jeff shrugged 'Well he was hungry and you insulted him. I was there with Lesley so we turned off the lights and killed him but he managed to bite your leg.'

I ran to my new room crying so they left me for a few weeks to continue the story. 'Are you going to listen now?' Jeff scowled. 'Yeah.' I promised. 'Jeff had to wait until you were awake to bite you so he could complete the transformation.' Faye told me. 'Why couldn't you have just left me?' I asked. 'You were only bitten on the leg so the venom would not have spread to your heart, making you a half-vampire.' 'Isn't that better than being a full vampire?' 'Leah! No way,' Freya yelled. 'The same thing happened to me when I was with my Mommy in the park when a vampire bit my arm. When Faye found me I begged her to bite my neck.' Freya finished with tears in her tiny black eyes. 'How old are you Freya?' I asked her. 'Six.' She replied.

'How long have you guys been vampires?'
'Two hundred years.' Faye smiled.
'A long time.' Jeff said coldly.
'One hundred years I think.' Lesley smiled.
'So you were the newest vampire?' I asked Lesley. 'I was indeed. Now you are.' She laughed. 'I suppose so.' I replied.

'I'm hungry!' Freya announced. Everyone stared at me for my reaction. 'Pizza?' I queried. Everyone burst out laughing and Lesley brought me into the woods behind their house. Their spacious house was in a valley somewhere. 'Yummy.' Freya laughed as she dashed into the woods. 'What did she see?' I asked but before anyone could answer me Freya appeared back with a huge grin on her face. She was dragging a huge grizzly bear behind her. 'Did she just kill that?' I asked stupidly.

'Look Mommy!' Freya grinned as she left the bear at Faye's feet. 'Well done!' Faye congratulated her by hoisting her into the air and kissing her on the forehead. Lesley and Jeff dragged the bear around the back of the house to clean it up.

'So, you're the mother of the household?' I asked Faye.
'Mostly just for Freya.'
'How come?'
'As Freya told you she was in the park with her mother when it happened.'
'What happened to her mother?'
'The vampire drained her blood.'
'How did Freya survive if her mother didn't?'
'The vampire found Freya and bit her arm and was about to drain her blood but Freya's mother threw a large stone to distract him and hopefully save her daughter. Sadly she didn't save herself.'
'Did you find Freya?'
'Yes, the pain was too much for her so she begged me to bite her neck.'

I could tell Faye was finding it hard to tell me so I left it at that. 'Vampires are big meanies,' Freya sighed as she appeared around the corner. 'Their hearts don't work so they are very cruel.' I hugged Freya and wiped her tears away with my sleeve. 'Leah, are you okay?' Jeff asked. 'I think you should be asking Freya that, not me.' 'I mean, are you okay after finding out that you heart doesn't work?' 'Yeah, Why?' 'But-but,' Jeff stammered. 'Normal people would freak out if they found out they have no heart.'

'Jeff, I would have had a heart attack when I saw little Freya dragging out a huge grizzly bear so I figured something was up.' I laughed. 'Woah. You're smarter than I thought.' Jeff admitted. 'You see? Blondes do have brains.' I laughed as I swished my golden locks. 'Fair enough.' Jeff agreed. Jeff was strange. He was a bit older than me when he got changed and he was very moody. Sometimes he talked to me and other times he ignored me completely.

The years went past and I got to know everyone better. Lesley and I were now the best of friends and we went hunting animals together most of the time. One day Lesley and I were out hunting when we ran into another vampire. 'I think were in trouble.' Lesley breathed. 'You think?' I said sarcastically. 'Hello ladies.' The vampire smiled menacingly. 'Back off.' I hissed. The vampire snarled and lunged towards me but Lesley jumped on him. The vampire roared and knocked her unconscious.

Suddenly my head began to feel heavy and I pushed the vampire away from me but my legs buckled beneath me. The vampire grabbed me and started to shake me. He roared as I kicked him and then he threw me onto the ground. I passed out after he slammed me against a tree.

I opened my eyes to see a woman wearing hospital scrubs staring at me. 'Leah!' she smiled. 'Go away.' I moaned. I tried to move my arm to push her away but my whole body was stiff. 'Leah, I'm nurse Smith.' 'So?' I growled. 'You hit your head badly and fell into a coma. You've been gone for a year.' She told me.

I bolted upright in the bed. 'What?' I screamed. 'Where are Jeff, Freya, Lesley and Faye?' 'Honey, the only people who have visited you was your mum and dad.' The nurse told me. 'No, that's impossible! I'm a vampire!' I whispered. 'Leah, vampires don't exist. You must have been dreaming.' The nurse laughed. She shook her head and walked out to find a doctor.

Another nurse walked into my cubicle. Her hair was very long and midnight-black. Her face was hid behind her hair. Suddenly she turned to face me. Her features were exactly like hers; my best friend. She flashed her white teeth. She had no fangs. Her eyes were a deep blue but when she leant over me to read a machine I looked up to catch a glimpse of her eyes. They flashed midnight-black and turned back to blue. 'Lesley?' I whispered staring at her. She winked and walked out of my cubicle.

I knew I wasn't dreaming.

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