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The Other Side

November 8, 2016
By CEWritingManiac GOLD, Marietta, Georgia
CEWritingManiac GOLD, Marietta, Georgia
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" In three words I can sum up everything i've learned about life: It goes on." - Robert Frost

It was the morning of July 5th, when Timothy notices something odd in the corn fields. The crops twisted and turned; moving aggressively as something large crossed the field. Timothy skipped his breakfast and grabbed his hat and ran into the corn filled maze. The large object kept moving faster and faster until it disappeared into the dark cave.

This cave was thought to be the most scariest and dangerous cave out there. Timothy’s friend, Johnathan always told him that if he went in there he’ll get eaten up by trolls. Timothy always thought those were just tall tales, “those stories were made just to scare children into not doing foolish things” his mother told him one night. Despite everything everyone said about this cave, Timothy entered the mysterious cave. He slowly made his way inside, patting the walls to guide him through the darkness.

The cave began to shake and echo loud footsteps from ahead and the boy thought that for sure his life was going to end in that very moment. But as soon as he walked closer the cave became bright and he looked up to see a large troll holding a large sac.

“ What are you doing here young boy? Shouldn’t you be skipping stones in the river or playing with your friends?” said the giant troll. The little boy shaked his head and pointed to the large sac.

“ What’s in that sac of yours mister troll?” he asked. The troll stopped for a moment and turned to the boy and smiled. 

“ Why this sac holds many lost treasures. I collect items I find in the other world and bring them back to the trolls back home. “

“ Whatcha mean by other world?” said the boy. The troll placed the sac on the floor and laid his hand down to the boy. Timothy climbed atop the trolls hand and was lifted towards the troll’s face.

“ You see our worlds are very separate, and when a person passes through this cave they enter our universe where trolls roam the earth.” The little boy was absolutely amazed by hearing this and pleaded that the troll would take him there. The troll did just that and revealed Timothy the wonderful world he called home. Timothy was astonished and was full of questions.

The trolls were scared to find the human boy in their world and they all hid behind their giant huts. Timothy asked the sac troll why they hid and he laughed. It was very strange for humans to cross over to the troll world because they often never made it past the cave barrier. Timothy felt happy to find out that he was one of the firsts to pass the barrier. Quite frankly, he was never scared until the room suddenly went completely black. He felt himself fall a long way until he fell upon what seemed like a human body. The little boy was frightened and wanted to scream but the little person let out a long shush and whispered. “ Don’t worry we were captured too.”

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