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Space Hunter

July 30, 2016
By MasterSun SILVER, Las Vegas, Nevada
MasterSun SILVER, Las Vegas, Nevada
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“ Forward thrusters engaged, the captain instructs all passengers to put on their seatbelts and remain seated until we are clear of the asteroid field,” the clanky voice of the robotic AI rang out through the speakers. I gazed out  the window to the billions small harmless fragments of hardened rock to the more larger ones the size of small ships. Farther into the system past the debris laid our destination the planet of Karnol.
Beep, the small microchip implanted in my ear began to ring. My partners were calling, I put a finger behind my ear to answer the call.
“David here what's up?” I whispered so the person seated next to me would not overhear.
“Ok, it's almost time let's review the plan,” said Paul. “After we clear free of the asteroids, me and Joe will get up and flank him from both sides and arrest him. David you’re going to stay in your seat so if he tries anything you take him down from behind.”
“Sounds simple enough,” replied Joe.
“Got it,” I said, it sounded simple and very straightforward.
“That's it, I’m going to end the call, remember we have this.
I turned my attention to the front of the ship were Paul and Joe were seated on either side of our target, I was two seats behind him close enough to get off a good shot at him if he ran for it. The target in question was a alien with four strong crab like arms and legs capable latching onto almost everything. People called him the Crabman a notorious galactic crime boss, correction former crime boss he was in jail until of course he broke and that's when it become our job to hunt him down.
I my thoughts were interrupted as the ship hit something rocking the hull. The ship was carefully navigating the field like hummingbird but there was no possible way we could avoid all the ones floating around in space. It as if ping pong balls were hitting the ship. Slowly the asteroids thinned with the larger ones disappearing from sight, replaced with the beautiful blue glow of Karnol. 
“We are past the asteroid field. Passengers may now get up from their seats we expect to dock at Karnol in twenty minutes after our security scan. I saw Paul get from his seat followed by Joe. It was time, I retrieved my gun from my holster and slowly started to raise from while remaining seated.
“Hands in the air, Galactic Enforcement Agency” yelled Paul as he and Joe both pointed their guns at the mob boss. I saw two hands go to the air and then it all went white. Ah, I couldn't see anything. He must set off a flashbang with this other arms while I was distracted. I got off my seat as the flashbang slowly wore off and I saw that the Crabman and overpowered Paul and taken his gun as Joe who was still blinded tried to shoot at his seat. The Crabman was aiming the gun at Joe. I needed to act fast, I turned my blaster to stun and shot in the head, knocking him out for good.

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