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January 21, 2009
By Anonymous

Somewhere far, far away, tucked deep back in the Galapagos Forest is a very prestigious school for little squirrels to learn their instincts and develop their natural talents for the protection they will need to survive out in the dangerous world. The forest is the home of all kinds of friendly squirrels, with large trees to protect them, acting like their big body guards for whatever is thrown at them. The forest is filled with vegetation. It is a wonderful place to live . . . but only if a squirrel can find that safe place to hide its belongings and to relocate them for the times of need, like in the case of Chip, our main character.
Chip, a student who thought he knew exactly what he wants to do and thought he knew everything in life, wasn’t such a great student. He would always do his assignments quickly and carelessly so that he could just get them done and go have fun. That’s all Chip lived for was fun; if he was not having fun, he would sit and daydream about having fun. No matter what was assigned, whether it was just a simple crossword puzzle, he would do it as quick as possible by putting in the wrong words. It didn’t matter to him because the teacher thought he had it done and they were off his back and focusing on the other students to get their worksheets done. That would leave plenty of time for Chip to go and do whatever it was that he wanted to do. Chip didn’t have many friends, but the ones he did have were awesome.
Mac was an albino squirrel from somewhere outside the Rich Copenhagen Forest of Denmark. His Ancestors had been brought here on Noah’s Ark due to heavy flooding. Since Mac was not from around there, he talked much different than the rest of the creatures of the Galapagos Forest, but all o fhte local squirrels got use to it eventually. Mac was also Chip’s best friend and should be everyone’s role model. Mac was the type of squirrel who always worked hard in his studies but played even harder. Chip and Mac were the best of friends and were always there for each other.
Every day after school, Chip and Mac would bolt out of the big tree school house and bound from tree to tree on a vicious race to their favorite spot in the world where they were the only ones who knew about it. At this spot, anything they said would never be heard,and no one would ever know. There, they would laugh and imagine about whatever was on their mind.
Peanut was another one of Chip’s friends who he had quite the crush on. She was the new girl in the school whom he had, had his eye on since day one. Peanut was one of those mysterious squirrels that every male squirrel would love to get a chance with.
Every fall was the known as the Squirrel Frenzy. All the squirrels just scurryied everywhere, trying to gather up nuts and bits just to feed themselves during the winter season.
During the Squirrel Frenzy, Mac and his family had to go on an emergency family trip to the Mint Rooster Forest where he had to visit his terminally ill grandmother, so he and his family asked Chip to work extra hard to help out Mac’s family as well.
Deep down inside, Chip knew that he was an excellent worker and that he could do well for anyone who asked. All he needed to do was put his mind to it, and he would be able to accomplish anything.
Therefore, off Chip went with the help of his newly-acquired friend Peanut. They started on the edge of the forest and made their way, winding through the forest bounding from tree to tree, finding anything that would be a possibility to eat for Mac’s Family.
Three and a half hours later Peanut was called to come home for the evening, so she said her goodbyes, and off she went to scurry her way home.
Chip was still determined to get more and more nuts and acorns, but he had already had enough for three families. Now he knew what the next step was. He had to find a hiding spot that not only he would remember but Mac’s family would also.
He thought and thought and thought until he came up with the most amazing sport he could think of. “No one could think of looking there!” he thought, preparing to haul the huge load of food that he had worked so hard to gather. The spot he had thought of was up in the big oak tree across the river bend. Load after load, he carried the nuts and acorns over the slippery rocks, only falling in the water a few times. Carefully he stored each meal safely in the dry trunk. Although it begun to grow dark and his squirrel muscles ached from the strain he persisted until the very last nut was stowed away.
With the feeling of accomplishment, Chip, looked at what he had accomplished. Not just wanting to go home, so he sprang of and scurried through the forest imagining of the possibilities he could do next. His next stop would be the Mac tree house which only he and Mac were the only ones who knew about.
The next week it snowed hard and was bitter cold, but Chip wasn’t scared at all because he knew that he and his family were taken care of, and he knew that he had Mac’s family was taken care of too.
When Mac and his family returned they came to Chip’s tree immediately, asking where their nuts and acorns were “We just got back from their long trip and just wanted a bite to eat and somewhere to curl up and take a nap” Mac’s mom explained after hugging and thanking Chip for all he had done during there absence.
Off they went scurrying around the forest in search of their nuts. While wandering through the forest, Chip had to keep thinking of where he had placed this family’s food. He felt like he was leading them in circles, so he just stopped. Feeling a lot of disappointment, he calmly told Mac’s family that he had no idea where he had placed their food and that they could just go home to rest for a while and he would stay out till they were found. Mac’s father was very disappointed in Chip and scolded him for not listening in his school, for proper nut storage and retrieval is what they had been studying in class.
Mac stayed with Chip, helping him try to remember where he had placed their family’s things. Mac was getting very angry with Chip and ended up leaving Chip all alone in the freezing forest. Chip was very sad and angry that no one would cut him some slack, so he decided to run to the school and chill there for awhile in hopes that what he had been taught would come back to him and that he would be able to remember his instincts and find Mac’s family’s food.
When Chip showed up to the school, he spotted Mrs. Pecan, his mother, and Mr. Chestnut the school’s main teacher. They asked Chip why he was there and what he was so worked up over. They sat him down and had to teach him all over again in a very short time all because Chip had not wanted to learn during school.
After his lessons, he finally remembered where he had placed his nuts and set off to retrieve them to get back in good graces with Mac’s family.
Once he had returned to Mac’s house, he proudly showed them where he had hidden their food and apologized for all the trouble he had caused them, and promised that he would study harder in school. He made his pledge not only for himself but so that he would become the reliable squirrel he knew he could be.

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