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Harald Stenhårt

April 27, 2015
By Clinton_C. BRONZE, Defiance, Ohio
Clinton_C. BRONZE, Defiance, Ohio
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The story begins with Harald Stenhårt in his small seashore cottage, sleeping through the night when he suddenly is awakened by a blood-curdling screech from the mountains "By Odin's beard, what was that foul noise!" Harald says. So out of curiosity he emerges from his shack and looks twards the mountains and listens carefully, and again he hears the screech from above "I must find this beast and slay it, but first i must find my brother and ask him of the screech!". Harald enters his house, grabs his gear and ventures off to his brothers encampment in the forest. When Harald finally arrives at the encampment it is under attack by the natives of the land! Harald full of valor charges into battle and starts killing them left and right, carving a path through them to the encampments gates to meet his sibling. After harald finds the gates he enters while keeping the natives out of the doors, when he finally got through the gates he quickly shut them and sat down breathing heavily "The natives are growing more restless everyday brother" Harald says as he senses his brother from behind, Harald stands up, turns around and grabs his brothers hands and flexes as his brother does. "Welcome, brother to my humble abode!" says Johann, Haralds viking brother. "Ah, thank you brother but i have not come to catch up i wanted to ask you of the noise from the mountains, did you hear it last night?" says Harald, "Hm, I think i know what you are talking about actually... The screech from the mountains is actually a dragons nest, but it hasent been inhabited by anything for years." says Johann. "I will see for you brother and if i find anything i will report to you as i wont be able to take on a dragon myself..." says Harald


To be continued...

The author's comments:

Was just coming up with a story in my head earlier and wanted to make it public so i decided to put it on teenink :D

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