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Saving liabelle

January 13, 2009
By Anonymous

Liabelle was laying on a stone cold rock when she awoke. The air she was breathing was damp and it sent a chill down her soft neck as she stood up and rough wind playing in her long blonde hair. She looked around but could only see small shadows against the walls.

“Where am I?” She asked herself.

Then coming from behind her she could hear something strange. It was a high pitched squeaky noise and before Liabelle could turn around bats were flying above her head and out the small circle of light she thought to be the entrance. Now she knew she was in a cave but still had no clue how exactly she got there.

As soon as the bats were gone she attempted to start walking towards the entrance but something stopped her. She looked at her ankle and she was chained to the rock that she had been laying on. Liabelle had no choice but to sit and wait for someone to come and help. After about an hour of waiting someone did come but not the someone she wanted to see.

“Oh no!” She screamed inside her head.

Standing in the doorway of the cave was Vinson. Vinson was the most feared dragon in all the lands. He had black spikes coming from is fierce head sharper than a porky pine quills. His eyes looked like flames just like the ones that would fly from his mouth when he opened it up. His body was filled with purple scales and on his back lay red devil wings that lift him into the air.

“Where are you little girl? Come out, come out where ever you are. I promise I wont hurt you” Vinson pretended in a sweet voice.

Liabelle did not answer for she did not want him to know. She closed her eyes and counted to three and woke up in her bed. This was the fifth night in a row she had awoke from this terrifying nightmare.

“Why does this keep happening to me?” questioned Liabelle. “I never have nightmares.

Liabelle quickly changed her thought, “Oh I cant wait until my dear sweet Louie comes home to me again to keep me safe from these horrible dreams.” Louie was Liabelle’s prince charming.

You see Liabelle grew up in the White Palace of Diamond valley. The palace had blue roof tops that glistened like the ocean and elegant front doors framed with intricate detail of vines.

Her family was the most well thought of people of all around. They also were one the richest. Liabelle spent most her early childhood alone sense she was the only child until she met Louie. Louie lived in the next closest palace to hers, Huckle Palace. Their families were close friends and invited Louie’s family over to dinner and parties often.

The two grew close to each other and spent every minute they could together. Their favorite past time to do together was riding their dragon Willy, who was also their best friend, across the country side at sunset.

As for Willy, he was one of the nicest dragons around with his button eyes that always had a twinkle in them. His silky emerald green scales that covered his whole body. He could breathe fire but he never used it for bad, always good and he was very loyal to Liabelle and Louie. He was always protecting them.

Okay, now that you know Liabelle and Louie’s past together and how they met and a little bit about Willy I will continue on with the story that is now taking place.

Liabelle stepped out of her bed and grabbed her night robe from her closet and started walking down the palaces winding staircase and out to the garden. Her favorite spot to sit was by the small pond under the old willow tree where the frogs lived, but be sure not to expect ordinary frogs.

“How are you my dear?” one of the frogs Stowie asked her. Stowie was Liabelle’s grandfather. Before she was even born an evil witch put a spell on him that turned him into a frog forever. It did have some advantages though. It granted him the gift to see into the future and he didn’t have to worry about brushing his hair.

“Well, Stowie I keep having these horrific dreams ever sense my Louie went on his journey to the old country to help the needy towns people.”

“That sounds horrible my dear,” Stowie answered. “I fear that you are not safe. This dream you are having will be coming true and be very real in the near future”

“Oh my!” Liabelle was very worried. “What shall I do Stowie?” she asked.

I would recommend my dear to go back inside and do not come back out here for any reason and stay in your room.

Liabelle kissed her grandfather gently on his slimy head.

“Thank you grandpa” she said to him after she stood up. Then she rushed back upstairs into her bedroom and shut and locked the door behind her.

“Ok,” Liabelle said to herself, “I should be safe in here.

Just then screams and shrieks were coming from the towns people below.

“Help! Help us!” The towns people cried.

Liabelle hurried over to the balcony and looked out at the town. People were running about fearing for their lives. Small homes and markets were starting to burn and maked half the town glow.


Above the town, flying in the sky was Vinson. The horrible terrifying dragon from her dreams was destroying the town and had no care in his mind except for finding a lovely girl he could take back with him to his cave.

Liabelle still standing on her balcony, her eyes wide open as big as the moon looking straight at the dragon could not move. Vinson was headed straight for her gliding throw the air. When he reached Liabelle her snatched her with his mighty claws and lifted her into the air.

“Louieeeeeeee!” Liabelle screamed at the top of her lungs but there was no answer.

“Louieeeeeeee!” she tried one last time but by then they were already flying above trees and grass lands headed towards the misty mountains.

The next day Louie returned to the kingdom and was greeted by Liabelle’s parents Queen Ethel and King Henry but they did not have very pleasant look on their faces.

“Hello my boy,” said King Henry

“Hello Sir Henry,” Louie replied

King Henry continued what he had to say, “I have something to tell you Louie and it may be a bit hard to hear. Liabelle has been taken by a thing most dreadful, Vinson the evil dragon.

“How could this happen!” Louie asked in a very concerned voice.

King Henry answered, “He came last night and attached our town and grabbed her up into his claws from her bedroom balcony.

“I must save her!” Louie said in confidence.

“You must! But do be careful,” Queen Ethel said.

Louie hurried to get his stuff ready for his new journey. Then he went to find Willy and off they went to the misty mountains.

On their way they must first past the dreadful forest. Very few people that entered its treachery haven’t made it back out, but Louie and Willy weren’t to frightened because their plan was to just fly over the forest or so they thought that’s what they were going to do.

“Louie what’s that?” Willy asked in a breathless voice.

“I can’t say for sure” Louie replied, “ but it doesn’t look very good.

Coming from the forest tree tops headed straight for then were the cranky clawed crows. These crows were like no other. Their claws five inches long and curled just so to snatch their prey and once their mighty claws reached the inside of your flesh they release a poison that makes your body go limp for a couple of hours.

“They’re getting closer Louie,” Willy panicked and right then the crows clenched on to Willy’s wings and they started to tumble down towards the dreadful forest below.


They both screamed at the top of their lungs as they fell and thumped threw the trees hitting the bottom of the forest.

“Well, Willy we must now travel threw the dreadful forest until your wings can move again.” Louie said.

“I hope we don’t run into anything to horrible in here,” Willy replied.

“Me too Willy,” Louie said.

They started their journey through the forest and they were already halfway through but that doesn’t mean they were out of harms way yet.

Louie and Willy were walking along the ghostly river when they could see red devilish eyes following them inch by inch.

“Louie what should we do now?” Willy asked in a false calm voice.

Louie answered back, “ just stay calm my friend. Lets just keep walking for now and try not to look into their eyes very much. We don’t want them to know are on to them.

Then all of a sudden jumping out of the blackberry bushes next to them was one of the forests scariest beasts. It looked like a wolf but much worse. Its hair was like wire sticking straight up and its hind legs were longer than its front both with sharp claws coming out of its bear like paws. Its nose breathing hot air pointed straight at Louie and Willy.

“Hmm...What’s your plan now Louie?” Willy whispered.

“We are going to have to fight him until death Willy,” Louie explained, “I will fight with my sword and you shall fight with fire.

“Ok Louie lets do it,” Willy answered in confidence.

The beast leaped forward and tried to attack them but Willy blew his flames right into his face. As soon as that was over more beasts leaped from the bushes and started to attack. Louie was fighting them off one by one with his sword and Willy with his fire breathing until the beasts had either died or ran away in terror

Out of breath they sat down next to the ghostly river next to each other

“Well that wasn’t so bad,” Willy said in a positive voice.

“Nope, not bad at all,” Louie confidently answered, “ How are your wings by the way Willy? Can you move them now?”

“I think so Louie,” Willy answered.

“Do you think you can make it to the misty mountains?” Louie asked.

“Yeah I think I could, lets try it.” Willy answered.

Louie climbed up on Willies back and Willy lifted up into the air and off they went. The two friends would find the rest of their journey to the misty mountains trouble free.

“Look I see the entrance to Vinson’s cave at the top of the mountain” Willy told Louie.

They landed next to the cave hiding behind some trees and bushes.

“What should we do,” Willy asked.

“We will wait until Vinson leaves and then we will go in the cave and look for Liabelle, then we will save her before Vinson gets back,” Louie explained.

While they were waiting for Vinson to leave they decided to sit down have a bite of lunch because they hadn’t had much time to eat sense they left the white palace. About an hour later when their tummies were full Vinson’s shadow appeared at the entrance of the cave.

“Is he leaving?” Willy asked.

“Hopefully” Louie answered.

Vinson walked out to the edge of the mountain and flew up into the sky. As soon as he was gone and out of sight Louie and Willy rushed into the cave.

“Wow, its dark in here” Willy said.

“Do we have any candles?” Louie asked.

“Yeah, here’s one from our bag” Willy said as he gave the candle to Louie.

“Can you light It Willy?” Louie asked.

“It’d be my pleasure.” Willy answered.

Willy lit the candle and they started to walk towards the back of the cave. Soon they could see princess Liabelle laying asleep on a rock.

“Liabelle!” Louie yelled as he rushed towards her.

Liabelle opened her eyes and smiled when she could see Louie running towards her. She stood up and Louie wrapped her into his arms and held her tight.

“I missed you so much Louie! I knew you would come for me and rescue me from this horrible place from my nightmares ” Liabelle said in a relieved voice.

“Of course my darling,” Louie answered, “ I love you so much and I wouldn’t let anything happen to you.

“Awww...I love you too.” Liabelle said


And then all of a sudden the happy moment was broken when Vinson showed up standing at the entrance of the cave blocking It so no one could escape.

“Hahahaha!” Vinson laughed, “ you tried to save your precious princess but you failed. There is no way you will ever be able to defeat me.

“That’s just what you think Vinson,” Louie said, “Lets fight”

Vinson stepped into the cave and Louie readied himself for the attack. Vinson fired his flames at Louie but Louie was quick enough to get out of the way and hide behind a rock. Vinson did not see this and thought he was dead so he headed towards willy but by now Louie was behind him ready for the kill. Louie ran up towards Vinson and jumped onto his scaly back. Vinson was shocked and jumped up into the air and knocked Louie off. Vinson turned around and saw Louie laying on the ground.

“Now I have you” Vinson said in an evil voice.

“No, I have you!” Louie yelled as he jumped up and stabbed Vison right in the middle of his heart. Vinson fell to the ground in shame.

“All I wanted was a friend,” Vinson said as he drifted off to his death.

“If that’s all he wanted he sure didn’t act like it,” Louie said to Willy.

“Yeah, everyone was always scared of him,” Willy replied.

Louie then walked over to Liabelle. “Liabelle are you okay?” he asked

“Yes, I’m fine Louie. Can we go now?” She asked.

“Yes lets all go home,” Louie replied to everyone, “but first we need to get this chain off of you.”

Louie took his sword and slashed the chain and Liabelle was finally free.

“That feels so much better,” Liabelle said.

“Liabelle will you marry me?” Louie asked.

Liabelle looked into his eyes and said, “Yes!”

This story in now over but that doesn’t mean that it still wont go on. Liabelle and Louie still are living their happily ever after and in time you will have your own story, your own happily ever after.
The End

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