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Crimson Colored Sunshine

January 17, 2015
By Olivia-Atlet ELITE, Dardenne Prairie, Missouri
Olivia-Atlet ELITE, Dardenne Prairie, Missouri
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"To these the past hath its phantoms,
More real than solid earth;
And to these death does not mean decay,
But only another birth"
- Isabella Banks

Wind combed through my hair as I sped by on my red bicycle. A light glow of the sun gave the saturday morning a joyous air, a sweet and charming time to be alive. The gravel road beneath me crunched noisily, carrying me up and down the hills.

    Giant Oak trees filled with September leaves rushed along, leaving my eyes bathed in decadent orange and gold.

I went deeper into the countryside, leaving the rock path for dirt and twigs. I could smell the sweet pumpkin spices drifting along in the air as I peddled. I watched all the buildings start to fade.

    My sister Evangeline caught up to me on her own bike, smiling as her auburn locks flowed out gracefully behind her. She peered ahead, carefully watching her treck.

“Want to visit the haunted tree house?” she asked me. I looked over my shoulder at the road behind us before I answered.

“Sure, why not?”
Istared ahead, determined to beat my sister to the treehouse.

I veered left off the path, weaving hastily through the oaks. I knew a shortcut.

“Wait up Arabella!” Evangeline shouted far behind me. I pretended I hadn’t heard her and accelerated, intricately moving amongst the branches, struggling to keep my hands steady as my tires moved faster, faster, faster!

The sky above me was now covered in an umbrella of ebony branches and their reddened foliage. The light filtering through the trees gave the forest a ghoulish tint of crimson colored sunshine.

I  slowed to a stop as the treehouse came into view. I threw my bike down into a pile of leaves and gasped for air. My knees ached and my feet felt weary. I bent forward to catch my breath.

The rickety brown cabin that sat in the tree slumped. Its host loomed over me like a giant spider sinking down to its prey. I knocked on the trunk and heard an echo come from deep inside the hollow stump. I stood there for a second, almost spooked out by all the creepy decor. Everything in the woods was quiet- too quiet.

I realized something a second later; I couldn’t see or hear Evangeline on her bike. She shouldn't have been so far away.

“Evangeline?” I called, keeping my voice even.

No response came from the broken path.

“Evangeline?” I shouted louder.

Still not a sound besides my laboured breathing.

“Evangeline this isn’t funny! Where are you?” I screamed, frustrated that she wouldn’t answer me.

I walked to the treehouse and gazed up into the dark expanse. There was a rope-like ladder beside me. If Evangeline was close by, I’d be able to see her from the top.

I grabbed one of the rungs, slowly testing my weight. It didn’t fall off, but the wood attached to its thick rope looked rotten. I could smell the decay.

I have to climb this to find Evangeline, I told myself, taking a few steps up the ladder. I was only a three feet off the ground, yet my heart raced.

I screamed shrilly as one of the boards broke under my sweaty palm. I clung desperately to the moss covered rope. I took a deep breath and lifted one shaking hand at a time towards the next board.

I did this several times until I reached the top. The entrance to the treehouse was about four feet away from me as I hauled my body over the wooden porch. It screeched desperately.

I heard a snap and jumped back in time to avoid a broken floor board as it collapsed to the ground below.

I looked out over the forest floor, searching for Evangeline. I thought I saw a  redheaded girl heading my way and jumped up and down with excitement.

And then I felt a push, launching me off the tree house floor. I kicked at the wood that was no longer there.

I was too shocked to scream as the black dirt came hurtling towards me. I felt twigs and branches smack against my arms and legs as I fell.

The ground hit me hard, like the smash of a hammer on a nail. My head ached as I laid there, my back to the ground. I looked up; the edges of my sight got darker as a pair of red eyes glared back at me. Darkness filled my being, blocking out the crimson colored sunshine.


“Arabella?” I whispered through the trees. A thin sound reverberated across the tiny clearing as I neared the treehouse. I glanced at the sky above me and saw that the light was red...and so was the ground.

My heart sank and I felt lightheaded.

My sister lay motionless in front of me, her chestnut hair drenched in blood had fanned out around her like a dark halo. The leaves underneath her torso were also painted vermilion.

I sank down to my knees, moist dirt absorbing into my tights. Tears rolled down my cheeks as I clutched her ice cold hand.

“Arabella! Wake up!” I shrieked, shaking her shoulders. She kept her eyes closed, her skin a snow white.

I covered my eyes with my arms and leaned onto Arabella. My sister had died, and it was all my fault.

I felt her hands stir and clutch my arms tightly. She sat up painfully and opened her eyes.

Her green iris’ had transformed animalistically and stared hungrily at me.

I suddenly felt very afraid and leaped away from her, but her grip was too strong. Her mind seemed to focus on my neck as she leaned forward, sinking her razor sharp teeth into my flesh.

I struggled against her hands, clawing at her face. I slowed down as my arms got heavier. The world around me shifted, turning everything the same shade of dark red that faded into black.

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