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Mathias the Warrior

January 6, 2009
By Anonymous

I just woke up and was going down to breakfast and I ran into Juniper.
“Hey, Mathias,” Juniper said
“Hello Juniper,” I said.
“I’ll race you to the great hall!”
We started running in a flash. We had to go under tables, jump stairs and blast through doors but I still got the win.
“You’re getting faster every day Juniper.”
We went over to eat. It was a Sunday, so there was even more food than other days. There was strawberry cordial, raspberry cordial, honey scones, dandelion cordial, pancakes, chestnut ale, triffles, flans, puddings, pies, tartlets and much more. Today I sat next to the abbot that was in charge, Boldred. I had to ask him something very important.
“Boldred, I have something to ask you,” I said.

“Go on Mathias,” Boldred said.
“I need to ask some of the animals if they would be willing to come with me on a quest to free Salamandastron from the Tyrant Barang.”
“Yes Mathias, I will allow you to ask some of the creatures.”
After eating, the first person I asked was Brome, my most faithful companion. Brome said that he would be delighted to come with me. Next, I knew I needed a cook so I went over to ask Grumm, the mole. He was not a cook in the kitchen but he was still a very good cook.
“Hello Grumm, I was wondering if you would like to come with me on a quest?” I said.
“I wot bey deloited mizter Matias.” Grumm said
“Great, get all your cooking supplies and some food.”
The next person I asked was Balrak, the badger. He is very loyal and a great warrior.
“Balrak,” I said
“Yes?” he said
“Would you like to go on a journey with me.?”
“Of course Mathias, why wouldn’t I.”
“Great we are going to Salamandastron, the home of the Badgers.”
“My grandfather is a general there.”
“Great, even better.”
I went upstairs to my room and when I opened the door I saw my little brother Maverick. I ignored him and I started packing.
“Hey, Mathias, where are you going?” Maverick said
“I am going on a journey and no, you are not coming.” I said
“But why not?”
“Because it’s too dangerous”
I walked out the door and left him there with my mother. We all met down at the great hall to start our journey. Everybody was there. Even Keyla the otter was there.
“Hello Keyla.” I said
“Hello Mathias” Keyla said
“What are you doing here?”
“I’m coming with you guys on the journey”
“Ok, works for me. Let’s go then.”
We started our journey and we had walked for about four hours and I thought we were being followed. For another hour I was trying to locate them and I finally found out were they were. I rushed towards the bush and when I looked at them, they were Maverick and Juniper.
“What are you guys doing here!” I exclaimed
“We wanted to come with you,” Maverick said
“We want to be warriors like you,” Juniper said
“Just let them come with us Mathias,” Keyla said
“Ok fine. Balrak, give them some daggers.” I said
We continued our journey. It was almost nightfall so we got the camp ready and ate. We slept in a dead sycamore that had fallen over years ago. Grumm made some of his delicious carrot soup and bear root ale.
The next morning we woke up and Grumm made us some pancakes. We started walking again a little before noon. On the way we found an apple tree and stopped to eat some apples and make some apple cordial.
“These apples are so good.” Brome said.
“How is that apple cordial coming Grumm?” Keyla asked.
“Is cumin gret.” Grumm said.
After a couple more apples we continued our journey. We could vaguely see Salamandastron in the horizon. It was about noon so we could make it to Salamandastron by night fall. When we got there we saw a small army of Badgers attacking the fortress. We ran over to who seemed to be the general and asked him what was going on.
“We are trying to regain the fortress and free our king.”He said.
“Well, great because we are here to do the same thing.”I said.
“Perfect, are you all experienced warriors?”
“Yes, all of us except Maverick and Juniper.”
The general then made his men retreat and we setup camp in the woods. When the general and I were speaking I asked him if there were any backdoors. He said there was one but it was guarded by six searats. I told him that he and his badgers should attack by the front and my companions, one of your badgers and I should go in through the backdoor. He said it was a great idea. I went back to my tent and Grumm had already made some onion soup. I told them to get lots of sleep because we would sneak into the castle tomorrow.
The next morning everybody was armed and ready for battle. The badgers started the attack and we worked our way around the fortress. Our guide’s name was Balrok and looked a lot like Balrak.
“Do you have any relatives in the fortress?” Balrak said.
“Yes, my grandfather Balron.” Balrok said.
“That’s my grandfather too!”
“Wow, I never knew I had a cousin.”
While the two cousins were prattling we were almost at the back door. We blasted through the door and killed the six guards that were there. Balrok guided us to the dungeon and we freed the king and his men.
“Grandfather!” The cousins shouted.
“I see you finally met.” Balron said. (grandfather)
“Quickly.” I said
“We must get our armor to fight.” The king said.
We all sprinted to the armory the badgers went to their armor. When the badgers put it on, they were transformed into mighty badger warriors. They became larger and stronger. They picked up their swords and we all ran to annihilate the searats. When the rats saw us they were quivering with fear. When we had killed them all we were all given thick gold badger armor and Juniper and Maverick were singing and dancing.

“We are warriors, warriors, warriors.” They sang
We traveled back home and everybody was proud of themselves. Balrak was the happiest since now he was considered one of the mighty badgers. I was proud that I finally had armor because I only ever had a shield and sword.

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