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The Year of HTAED

January 2, 2009
By Anonymous

Chapter 1
Saving Otamaro from the Ziote.

Hey, my name is Itami Mor(I-tamee more). I live a, normal life if you don't count me being the one who saves the world, by using power to destroy monsters called the, " Ziotes," there's weird creatures, weird enormous creatures, they feed on the livings blood. Anyways, it all started on a school night, i was hanging out with my friend, Otamaro (Ot-a-mar-oo), he's the same age as I am, 16.

"Hey, do you want to hear about Shejusi(She-sushi)." Otamaro said while jumping in front of me. "Do ya, Do ya, Itami?"

I took a long deep breath, I could see my breath while I exhaled, "What, what happened to her?" I said not really caring.

"She vanished in mid air, and the appeared dead, on the school building. I'm surprised your weren't the first to hear, you live right by the school building."

"I did hear, but I didn't really believe it." We continued to walk. I really couldn't believe it was Shejusi

who hit death, unexplainable, instead of a self-explanatory death, like a hologram of her, vanishing, and her just killing herself.

"You know what’s really weird, they found her, they found her with absolutely no, blood.
I stopped, he continued, "are you alright Itami?" I started walking again, with Otamaro following.

"No, you didn't scare me, what you said, what you said was, never mind. " I said with a thought hiding in my head. "Well here's your house, Otamaro, See you tomorrow."

"See ya, ohh and, I read in a book, that what happened to Shejusi, happened, to someone else, many people, its called the, "Year of htaed," I have a book on it somewhere, just wait out here for 1 sec." Otamaro said while running inside.

I stood there, cold. I felt like someone, something was watching me. I turned around and thought I was seeing a shadow race away.

"Hey here's the book, it's about the year of htaed. There is a note written in it, and a map, on pages 111

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