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Lady Dragon

June 2, 2012
By annkaykay2011 DIAMOND, Lansing, Michigan
annkaykay2011 DIAMOND, Lansing, Michigan
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My guards threw me across the room as the fiery bursts rushed through. I watched the metal of their armor melt away into their flesh and watched their bodies burn into ash. It came inside, throwing the very roof off with its claws and lowered its large snout towards me. It was a god of fire with ebony scales, gigantic wings, sharp teeth and iron claws. It was a dragon.

Our eyes met. It’s eyes were piercing jewels of shimmering wonder and chaotic destruction while mine were fear filled. I was hypnotized in wonder. I had to touch it’s scales. I had to feel it’s weight underneath my skin. When I laid my out, the dragon bowed its great length towards me. I reached, and reached until my own flesh touched it’s scales. When they connected, my hands burned. They burned and blistered but I didn’t scream. I bit into my lip and let it bleed for all I cared. I knew as I looked into the dragons jade eyes, into its beating, massive heart, that it had to be done. That the pain would be only pain it’s kind would ever cause me. That it was in pain too for harming me. My chest ached, tears flowed and my heart stopped in a sudden rush of thunder.

In my mind, I heard a rush of words running through in different rough tongues and smooth verses. When it slowed, I understood I was being spoken to by the dragon, by her. She spoke through my mind in that growling, soft and motherly tongue,

“Princess of the Animal Kingdom, from this second forward, we, the dragons and you, are one for all eternity. For now, though you are stuck in human flesh and bone. You will receive great gifts and I promise you by my very fire, they will never become curses. You will live more than you ever have, for today, you will die and then, you will be reborn. Lady Dragon, please never fear dragons for we will always protect you as our own, that I swear as well.” I whispered in the rough words of a language I would never forget. I whispered,

“I never will.” Then, my body exploded into fire and bloody bits.

The author's comments:
A princess's experience of receiving her animal that would be part and with her forever.

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