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A page from Hope's diary

May 27, 2012
By Jackiepurplerocks GOLD, Houston, Texas
Jackiepurplerocks GOLD, Houston, Texas
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I find that the world around me is changing every second and i have no chance to capture the life and hold it still... no matter how hard i try. There is never a moment where i feel that I can stop the yearning within my heart...
I yearn for normalcy...
i yearn for peace...
i yearn for future...
Clocks around the world spin and spin,never stopping,never letting me catch my breath. Some will say I am the product of nature and time- a magnificent creature who lives in no time but her own, while others will call me an abomination, an aberration that never should have been allowed to walk in the midst of humans. Everyday I walk through the streets of downtown Manhattan, wishing I could make myself visible. The Humans cannot see me, but rather they feel me. They feel me like a midst that sets in the winter and raises goosebumps on the arms of so many people. They shiver and look around, yet there is nothing there to see. I use to wonder why I have been condemned to this life, why was i chosen,and what am I? I wish I knew, I wish someone would sit me down, look at me and tell me! but alas no one can see me or speak to me.
I sit at the core of earth not knowing what time I am in and watching as the humans run around consumed with their lives. Each one consumed so much with their own life that they have no time to realize that there are others in the world. I see the world becoming filthier and more polluted by the minute. These humans have no idea what it is like to truly be alone in the world, to need nothing, but have everything. My duty is to bring enlightenment to these humans,I don't know what i am, but i do know that the world is being devoured, resources depleted, water consumed, food lacking, and humans taking advantage of one another. If only I could speak to them, reach out to them, help them.
I hear human thoughts, but not all of them, just those of hate, selfishness, and egoism, I have seen the past present and future, and yet nothing changes, the world itself changes but it's inhabitants do not. The day has finally come for me to do something, I am this planet's only hope, I will dive into the unknown and find what I am, and hopefully the humans will have gotten their lives together and learned to live as an international community, hopefully they will be alright without me here to balance them.
I do not belong to the human race nor the animal ones. I do not pertain to other universes nor the planet earth. I do not live in the past, present, or future. I am constantly changing and feel I will forever stay this way unless earth becomes the planet I know it can be. I am life's legacy and hope. I am desire,hate,love and passion. I am nothing, yet I am everything.

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