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Super Human

January 7, 2012
By snowgirl SILVER, Mooers, New York
snowgirl SILVER, Mooers, New York
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I get an eerie feeling when. “Ugh”, I screamed out loud in frustration. I cannot think of a simple little story line, just need a story line I thought. I scribbled out the paper I was writing on in frustration. I quickly grabbed my laptop and logged on to my on line chat room.
Annabell9678: Rofl, thanks Jacob576
Jacob576: np Annabelle
Annabelle9678: I gtg have a dentist appointment in half an hour bye
Jacob576: bye Annabelle

Annabell9678 has logged off

Writingrocks 634 has logged on

Stella56 has logged on
Jacob576: hey writing rocks and Stella wats up
Stella56: hey Jacob nothing much
Writingrocks634: where is the devil?

Devilrocks has logged on
Devilrocks: here I am
Writtingrocks634: can`t u just leave us alone
Devilrocks: oh how sweet but shut the f up
Stella56: anyway I have really bad writers block
Jacob576: hmm sometimes if I get it I just free write
Devilrocks: that’s not all u have Stella, anyhow I ruined enough lives today till next time

Devilrocks has logged off
Writtingrocks643: guys…… there is someone outside my house……. Lol must be the mailman lost again brb
Stella56: ughh how stupid can u be what if it’s a robber a something ughhh someone’s at my door brb
Writtingrocks643: Lol it was the mailman
Jacob576: lolz
Writingrocks643: where is Stella it has been almost five minuets
Stella56: wrong she has been gone for ten minuets she puts up quite a fight……. But she still does it good. ‘Ha ha’………… you are next writingrocks643……. You are next

Dingdong rings the door bell. I whimper and run to my window. There is a strange black van outside, I hear a creastairrs and everything goes black.

Writtingrocks643: ha, ha Jacob you seem to be the only one left in this chat room and one the most important people we need, see you soon

Devilrocks has logged on
Devilrocks: anyone here
Devilrocks: yes my plan has worked we now have all the people we need to create the new breed of super humans we will continue this chat room experiment in a few more weeks after we are done with group 546

Devilrocks has logged out

Jacob576 has logged out
Writtingrocks643: we are on our way back to head quarters

Writtingrocks643 has logged out

Stella56 has logged out

The author's comments:
I was really bored and had writers block and this is what came to mind

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Skiff Girl said...
on Jan. 22 2012 at 9:36 pm
I just loved the premise of this story. Bringing in the "chat" dimension really gave the story a unique twist. Of course I'm a sci-fi fan at heart anyway....