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January 4, 2012
By Alys-GR1014 SILVER, Sandy, Utah
Alys-GR1014 SILVER, Sandy, Utah
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No one knows my secret. Not my friends, family, no one. If the truth came out, I would be sent to a mental institution. My mom, her husband Henry, my best friend Bridget, my brothers and sisters would all forget me. I might even think I was stuck in a dream that was never even real, like Phoenix wasn’t real. Everyone will only hear fairy tales in Disney movies or the same old story where a girl falls in love with a vampire; she either ends up dead or a vampire, same old ending as always. Well Phoenix isn’t a vampire, werewolf, or warlock. Phoenix is a merman, basically a male mermaid. When we first met I was so drawn into him, his eyes were allurement, when he spoke it was like the alarm set off and you were trapped, and I was.
~September 21, 2011~

Finally!!! My last page in my journal! It took me three years to fill this up, I write in it every day!!! Someday I want to look back and see what happened in my life. Sometimes you can forget the little things that may change your life. Its sad Phoenix can’t come out when the moon is up, but I’d rather have him be alive than have him be dust.
As usual every Saturday I go to see Phoenix, sometimes we spend the day looking for his lost brother, Delphinus (Del as I like to call him). About a year ago there was a party at their beach house. Del had a little too much to drink and he kissed me. I don’t know why Phoenix got so angry. Yes, Del isn’t supposed to drink, but he wasn’t mad about that. It was the fact he kissed me. So what? I mean yeah it was nice and all, but drunk people do dumb things.
But the truth is I don’t think he was ever really drunk, just did it to kiss me. I don’t know why Phoenix bought me this Diary; I guess it was the only thing he could find for my birthday, not a very good shopper. Like one time he bought me this bright pink shirt…I think it was because I said I wanted to paint my walls pink. I never said I wanted to wear pink but at least he pays attention to what I say. Finally, it’s time to go see Phoenix.
~Alys Martin

Every day is the same old routine. I Go see Phoenix at the beach, do something that we already did, then I say goodbye at four, then he goes into the ocean. Sometimes I wondered if I should ever break up with him. He’s what I like to call an “Elvis. “ When Pricilla met him he was so sweet and he seemed so innocent, but all of a sudden he changes. It’s like you’re talking to a whole new person. When you look into his eyes it’s not him you see, it’s the demon inside him that you see. Phoenix was always sweet and caring with me, he was never this monster. Ever since Del disappeared he’s been bringing his demon out for show and tell. I mean sometimes he loses it; you can’t bring up Del around him unless his parents or he does. I miss him, I miss the old Phoenix. I also call him Elvis because he can sing like him; but only two songs, “Are You Lonesome Tonight?” and “Don’t.”

I was walking on the deserted beach of Spain, kicking the sand so I couldn’t see my feet, wondering if Phoenix will like my hair. He always did say he liked my long shinny black hair, but I guess he might just have to deal with brown. I looked up and saw the sun behind the trees; the sky was a stunning tangerine. All of a sudden I saw him, Delphinus. His eyes were like Phoenix’s; cerulean when a storm is coming in, his hair was still dark brown and saturated from being in the water, his skin was still the same color, the perfect tan you’ve ever seen.
“Del,” I jumped onto him. I was so happy to see him, and I knew Phoenix was going to be too. He wrapped his arms around me, felt like I was going to burst. “Del Phoenix is going to be-“he interrupted me, but I was worried when he did he never used to he would always let me finish what I had to say, he cared about that stuff.
“Alys, there is something you should know about Phoenix. He’s changed.” My heart stopped, I thought he was dead, I didn’t know if I was ever going to see him again.
“What do you mean he changed?” I couldn’t think, all I saw in my head were possibilities of what happened, just images of him….Gone. “Is… is… is he dead? Or is he ok?” Del looked at the ground like he didn’t know how to tell me what happened.
“I wish he was dead. Might as well be, do you remember that one night when we told you that all creatures have a soul, even you.” I was trying to remember, but I couldn’t so I lied.

“Yeah, I remember.”

“Phoenix lost his soul. I don’t know how, but he’s still waiting at the beach for you. I could smell that he was a soulless monster. I ran as fast as I could over here,” I could tell he bolted his way over here. All he was doing was breathing rapidly. “You need to leave, like leave town leave. I’ll come over when I have some news,” I didn’t say a word just turned around and began to sprint towards my home, my mom and her husband, my brothers and my sisters, I had to leave them all. “Oh and Alys, I got more bad news. Any soulless monster can step foot on land whenever they want to. So I suggest you check all your doors and windows, and if you do happen to see him pretend you don’t know. You might survive.”
“Ok, Bye….” I turned around to make sure Del wasn’t there so he could see me cry. I cried in pain, I cried more than when my parents broke up. I had flash backs when we first met, when he told me he was a merman, when we had our first kiss, and when he told me he loved me.

I was almost to my Carmel Audi, and then I heard a deep southern voice say my name, all I could think that I was going to die. I was to frighten to turn around, I knew it was him but I didn’t want to see him, I knew he would kill me.

“Alys, what’s wrong.” He came up behind me and moved my hair to kiss my neck. My body became stiff and frozen; it felt like my mouth wasn’t even connected to my brain.

“Hey Phoenix, I have a family emergency, my sister is in the hospital sorry but I got to go.” I was sprinting as fast as I could. I couldn’t be more obvious. He leaped in front of me, and I ended up running into him.

“Can’t I at least get a kiss goodbye?” I got on my tippy toes, and our lips almost met, I could feel his breath coming onto my cold skin. Then out of nowhere he punched me. There was blood from my lips; it felt like a thousand knives stabbing me on my face. “How stupid do you think I am Alys? I saw you talking to Delphinus, but tell you what since you’re my girlfriend I’ll let you go, just wanted to show you the previews,” he threw me to the ground and began to walk away. “Oh and Alys,” he came close to me and got down to my level. Pulled my hair away from my ear, and whispered,” Will you be lonesome tonight?” are eyes met; he gave me that look whenever he was furious. I ran to my car, turned on the car and the song came on. All I did was sitting in my car listen to that song over and over again, finally it was sunset, and I didn’t even leave.

I fell asleep; the moonlight was shinning down on me. I got out of my car it was like I couldn’t leave and for some reason I didn’t want to. I was just starring at the moon, and thinking what my family might be thinking. Where’s Alys?

“Never did listen to me, do you?” Del startled me.

“Del! The moon is out and you’re still you, no dust, how?”

“Long story Alys,”He smiled, and came to stand next to me. “Phoenix knows doesn’t he? I mean you probably wouldn’t be here, but I have some news! I still don’t know how he lost his soul yet but I’ll find out. Anyways, he found this ancient stone of a demon with a sword in its chest. If Phoenix does the ritual right he can open it.”
“Open what?” He just looked into my eyes like it was the last time he would see me.

“All the demon dement ions, but there’s only one way to close it. You need to kill him, it says the living thing they ever loved is the only one who can do it, but it’s a certain way. You need to stab him through the chest and into the statue.” Kill Phoenix? How could he expect me to take this like it’s nothing? How could he just tell me just like that? But there’s one problem, I still love him. Del grabbed my hand and started pulling me onto the beach.
“Where are we going?” I shouted with anger.
“A cave, it’s where he is, “he pulled out a sword with crystals and diamonds on the handles, and a small bottle of what it looked like, water from a lake that had many fish in it.

“Drink this.” He handed it to me. I was right it tasted worst than it looked. I saw the cave, light coming out, my eyes began to tear up, and I honestly thought this was all a joke.

“Why did I drink that?!” I could tell he wanted to laugh, probably by the expression of my face.
“Trust me; you’ll be happy you drank that. It will give you powers, like strength. But I think that’s it, but it should help you…help you… kill…my brother.” We were both thinking the same thing, how could we ever have the idea of losing him. We walked into the cave, all of a sudden I was alone, but I knew Del would want me to keep walking. I could hear him laughing, and him singing.
“Are you lonesome tonight? Do you miss me tonight? Are you sorry, we drifted apart,” it was quiet, and I wanted to cry but I knew I couldn’t. “Do you gaze at your door step, and picture me there? Is your heart filled with pain? Shall I come back again,” it stopped again. Then I could feel him breathing on me, “tell me dear are you lonesome tonight? Now is your heart filled with pain, no I think it’s your face filled with pain,” I turned around, the look on his face was speechless, he could tell it healed, and I took that nasty drink. “Del.”
“Oh yeah, let me tell you something,” I punched him with my good arm and held the sword in my other. “My face is just fine. How’s yours?” He flew right passed me, I saw the statue, and he pulled out the sword. The world began to shake; he laughed and charged towards me with the sword. It felt like we were fighting forever, but it was really only five minutes. He was on the ground in front of the demon, just like I pictured it. He was defenseless. Something went through him, his eyes changed from black to blue. He was breathing rapidly, like he ran 20 miles nonstop. I didn’t drop my sword.
“Alys, where are we? What’s going on?” I looked into his eyes, I stepped back and I stabbed him, I just saw all the blood coming out from his stomach, it was the first time I ever saw him cry, and it was the last time I saw him. All of a sudden he was gone. And all there was was me all alone. I killed the man I loved to save the world; I lost a part of me when he left and the smell of his skin lingered on me.

I stood up in a different place, a lady was standing in front of me, the room was all in white, and everything was so bright. The lady looked like my mom, long jet black curly hair with pale white skin. My hair was longer than it used to be, my skin was paler than it used to be, and my skin was to dry. I looked all around, only a bed with no blankets or pillows, a Carmel colored chair with straps on it, like if you were going to tie someone up. There was only one thing on the wall, a calendar with dead trees in the forest with pure white snow.

“Doctor she’s awake, she’s getting up! DOCTOR!” the lady ran out the room, screaming and freaking out. I got up to look at the calendar. Three men came into the room, they were Del, Phoenix, and Henry. Del pulled out a needle, they all charged towards me.
“No…” I began to try and find a way out, the only way to get out was the window and the window was blocked off with black bars. “Del don’t! I don’t know what happened, where am I?”
“David she’s playing tricks!” Phoenix looked so angry at me; he had the same look when he had no soul. Henry threw me to the ground, everything was such a blur.
“This is for your own good miss Martin!” Del stuck me with the needle.
“No!!! HELP! PLEASE! NO!” I cried for help, but it felt no one even cared. I began to fall asleep, I saw the calendar.
January 25th 1955, then everything turned into darkness.

-No one knows my secret. Not my friends, family, no one. If the truth came out I would be sent to a mental institution. -

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