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The Matter

July 20, 2011
By tekno1990 SILVER, Bronx, New York
tekno1990 SILVER, Bronx, New York
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The world was created in seven days. It took the government seven minutes to destroy it, or at least they almost destroyed it. A year before the world went to he** the government ensured us that we saved our planet, no more war. To bad the world didn’t see right through their bull s***. The beginning of that year the government eliminated the things that was slowly killing our planet, oil rigs, fossil fuels, Chemical Plants, the works, they told us we were safe. Looks like they didn’t tell us everything.

In the middle of the United States there was a hidden society that always believed in order for civilization to be reborn a great evil must happen. They wanted us to be reborn through pain and fear so we can overcome it, and those that wouldn’t overcome it would perish.

Through their beliefs they created a device made of pure energy, Quantum Physics. It doesn’t take a genius to know that quantum physics would eventually be the death of us. When they used the device it went off like a bomb, obliterating everything in its path. It was detonated in the middle of town square it took out everything in a one mile radius and left a crater that was more than 5 miles deep. But that wasn’t the worst of it, the energy or what we call matter was left after the device, sort of like radiation.

Us who were affected by this energy nicknamed it the matter which spread, and infected everyone who was left. Some people mutated, others looked the same, the lucky ones died when the bomb went off. Living in a world where every person you see can either read your mind or pick up a truck and throw it at you, its pure madness. Being in a world where fear is around every corner and you have to always look behind your back, that’s no way to live. A life of fear anger and pain, is he**. Me and my friends work together to protect the people in our city. We take care of each other and our families.

Each day we search for our other friends from each of our past to help us. If we get enough we can hopefully survive, and rebuild the planet. Of the planet there was one percent that were affected by a negative matter, I met a guy named Aero the matter made him super smart, he researched the matter and a few from our group found pieces of the container that held the matter and gave it to Aero to study, he found that Ninety-nine percent of the matter was positive and one percent was negative. It made me wonder if the negative could be used to help the planet just as the others are using it.

I hope I’m right because I was one of those who were effected by the negative matter. When I get angry it’s hard to control, so I trained myself to control my emotions. I didn’t want my anger to take control of me and risk hurting everyone. We had enough to deal with, we were already living in he** the last thing we needed was me going insane and trying to finish what was left of the people in this city. Me and my team fight to stay alive and to keep what this city once was. We’ll make sure the next generation knows how the world once was, we just hope the world will be better and safer than it is now.

So before I tell you our story I guess I should tell you the names of my friends. First their’s Aero, our super smart and technical genius he’s tall a little over six-feet his skin is pale white, he doesn‘t like to go in the sun he’s really more of a night person. Then their’s Samantha she’s beautiful, she has brown and purple hair and a fair complexion which is sometimes hidden by her bangs when they cover her face. Her power is phenomenal and annoying at sometimes, but then again telepaths are.

(Put Samantha gets into fight gets scar on far left side of eyebrow, then is covered by her bangs)

“It’s getting dark” Jessie said, “No duh we were supposed to be back hours ago, but because of your stupidity we’re late” Sam said. As they were running through back alleys they were suddenly intercepted by a man named Viccus. “Well, well, well look what we have here! Cesar” Viccus was what you’d call a white boy who thought himself a God because he was given powers like a high school quarterback who’s completely full of himself. Besides his moronic personality, his powers were how could you say………dangerous, he could start small earth quakes which is why we pretty much stayed away from him even though his weakness is to get him off the ground, he has to be on the ground to use his powers, but fighting him isn’t worth risking innocent lives.

Cesar was kind of pudgy guy but can seriously lay the hurt on someone if you make him angry which was actually hard to do. “Shouldn’t you to kids be off playing with Barbie dolls”. “Sure you going to lend us yours to play with as well?” said Jessie. “What did you say u little trout!!!!!!!!”. “Did I stutter?” Says Jessie. “Why don’t you go crawl under a rock you loser” said Sam. Suddenly with his anger and his powers Viccus sent a viscous tremor towards Jesse and Sam.

As Viccus quaked the earth both Jesse and Sam immediately kicked into gear. Jesse first went for Ceasar knocking him out with a hard kick to the chest, while dodging Viccus’ quake. While Jesse dealt with Ceasar, Samantha ran closer and closer towards Viccus. With her power of telepathy Sam was able to use her special move she calls Mind Screech. The good thing about her power is that its range is a little over 2 miles, when she uses Mind Screech the closer she is to her target the stronger her attack is. She was able to bring him down easily, not before some rubble fell off a building cutting her close to her eye. Jessie yelled as after seeing Samantha hurt by the continuing falling rubble “SAAAMMM”. Jessie ran to her side not worrying about their two opponents for they were already incapacitated. “I’m alright it’s just a scratch”, Jessie could see the scratch on her left eyebrow. Jessie and Sam made a break for it down the alley before the two woke up.

When they finally got to their place Sam went to the bathroom to clean her cut. Their place was hidden from others, a kid with the power to create illusions hide their building. In a way you could say it was a safe house and a place to practice and develop their powers. It was a fire station back before the event happened, from what we read up on this place it seems it was closed down because it was too far from the city and the fire fighters weren’t able to get to the city fast enough so they moved the fire fighters got a new building in the city and this station was left abandoned. Jessie went to the fridge and took a caprisun out, then ran to the main floor where vixen was giving everyone updates on how the city was doing. Our leaders put together a small group of scouters, ones who had quick agility and new much about the city and all its escape tunnels and back way alleys. Everyday they reported the things that happened like who was starting trouble, who could become an allie and those who don’t have anyone to look after them. At the risk of people finding out where our safe house was we bring them here tell them their not alone. We even have a few whom don’t have powers who stay in the station with most of us.

The author's comments:
Putting my novel on here to get some feed back. I've based some characters in the book on people I know. If anyone has suggestions tell me.

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