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January 25, 2011
By MargaretC GOLD, Hopewell Jct, New York
MargaretC GOLD, Hopewell Jct, New York
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Martina Navratilova

I was lying in my bed, looking at the ceiling, trying to decide what shapes I could find in the cracks. I was absolutely bored. I had been sick for 2 weeks, and now, after watching reruns of

I Love Lucy for hours on end, and eating countless bowls of chicken noodle soup, toast and bowls of apple sauce. In a way, I wanted to go back to school. I felt terrible, and just wanted something to do. I stared around my room, imagining what I would do to it to make it look better. The walls of my room were white with light green stripes. The floor was carpeted with the most ugly shade of olive green. My bedspread was plum colored, with patch marks. The sheets themselves were red and white checkered with little black ants plastered around, attacking the invisible helpless people. It was so corny. The furniture was all old and musty smelling. The dresser was wooden, about 3 feet tall, with 4 drawers and a little cabinet. The chair was white, with chipping paint. My desk was maroon to match the color of my room, with a little shelf in the corner of it, too short to hold any books, and too tall to leave alone, so I had stuck little picture frames, with the happy faces of my family and friends and dogs and cats and birds and fish and EVERYTHING! My bookshelf was Victorian, a yellow color. It had sides with lots of wood carved out, making it a loopy shape. My bed stand, was, as you most likely guessed, OLD! And as I was lying there, in my bed, sick as a dog, I heard a strange noise coming from my closet. I knew my mom had gone to run some errands, and that my sister was at school, and that my dog was sleeping right next to me. So, wanting to know what was making all that racket, I heaved myself out of bed and stumbled to my closet. Stretching out my head, I yanked the door open. I saw nothing, heard nothing, and smelled nothing, but when i stuck my hand in, I sensed that something was in there. It was cold, almost still air, as if it was holding it's breath. Then I heard something that caused me to believe that there was something in my closet. A deep breath. I stuck my head in and called out weakly "hello? anyone here?" I repeated that 3 times before taking my head out and start stumbling toward my bed, when a heard a faint, but clear cry. "Help" The voice said "Help me, please" Stumbling back over to the closet, I said "Who are you? And why are you in my closet?" But the voice replied "I will tell you, but first, please help me. I am stuck on a hanger back here" I stepped in my small closet, fumbling for the light switch. When I found it, I saw the strangest thing. Hung on the hook was a young women, with the strangest skin. It was pale blue! I was about to back away, turn off the light, and run to my bed. But instead, I reached out, and helped her off the hook. She looked relived to be free, but a bit tense to be standing with me. I led her out of the closet and asked her to sit down and make herself comfy. She looked around the room, and slowly sat down on the white-paint chipped chair. Once she looked settled, I was about to ask her what she was doing in my closet, when she spoke up first Quietly she said "I have never seen a human before. Your skin is so white. Your sky is so blue" I looked at her curiously and asked "And you are so blue. And what does your sky look like? Where did you come from anyways?" Looking embarrassed, she replied " I come from an island-far to the north of Thrace. My sky is filled with feathers, unlike the blue sky and puffy things you have. My name is Cassiopeia Corinna Doris. And yours is?" "This time, I looked embarrassed as I said "My name is Claire. Claire Margret. Your name is, um, very, um, nice! And, um, by the way, what are you and what were you doing in my closet?" Cassiopeia took a deep breath and looked at me, before saying "I am a Hyperborean, and I was in your closet because, well, we have the ability to fly, and I was practicing and I hit a portal, and got beamed to your world.If you had not saved me, I would never get home" So, I must grant you 3 wishes. It is the law of us hyperboreans. So, what would you like?" I sat there thinking. And thinking there, I remembered a story that I had read in English class a month ago. It was about some kid, who wished for a thousand wishes, and then wished herself dead. i didn't want to be dead, so I told Cassiopeia "I am sorry. I don't want the wishes." She looked shocked. "But you humans are so greedy! You don't want the wishes?" "No I don't." "But you have too!" "Fine! I wish a re-designed room, and all the money in the world and for you to get out of my room! Happy?" "As you wish" And with that she was gone. I sat down on my bed, and tried to go to sleep. But I couldn't. I sat up again, staring at my room. All I saw was the most fabulous room in the world! In the corner was a gold safe, and I walked over to it, and opened it, to find stacks and stacks of money and gold bars! And that creepy lady was gone. I almost missed her, almost wished I had wished for something like a million wishes, but nothing that caused physical damage. I wonder what my mom will think of my room when she comes home.

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