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December 15, 2010
By Internal-Love PLATINUM, Queens, New York
Internal-Love PLATINUM, Queens, New York
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The first memory comes so vividly. i can see it flash before my eyes, taking me back to that very horrendous place. i have escaped it now, but unfortunately, i just cant seem to forge it out of my mind. It sticks, like an insect to honey. A pest to a sweet life, spoiling it.
My first memory in my life as a human.

I'm in a huge white room, i remember my first feeling is refreshment, as though i had just awakened from a deep sleep. This feeling soaks up every part of my body, for a split second. i take a look around. There's nothing but walls consumed in white. Nothing but white walls. in the area of the room, there's tables. There's bottles full of chemicals, sharp needles meant to inject, papers strewn everywhere, and, if I'm seeing this correctly, microscopes. I'm so confused. How did i go from a deep rest of nothingness, to a form that can see white walls and microscopes? How do i know what I'm seeing? Then i remember feeling the strongest emotion I've felt as far as I'd awakened: fear. Terror and fear, for all of it was overwhelmingly new to me.
What was i supposed to do with all of it??
Then my eyes reach a sight that startles me. A man. He's wearing glasses, and his suit is as white as the room. The only thing about him that wasn't white was his skin. His eyebrows were arched, and his smile is wicked. All directed at me. i felt negative energy from him. i feel fright surge within me.
i know this isn't bound to be positive.
With a voice full of satisfaction he says "Why hello Annie Marie. i see you've awakened. Congratulations. Welcome to the human life"
The strange creature I've never seen before has an icy voice. It's dripping with cruelty. i can sense it, just breathing the same air as him. An evil demon brewing inside of him. i look down. i gasp at what i see. i have the very same form as him, we're the same creature. i have a hand. And legs and feet, and skin and clothes. i stare unbelievably down at it all. does that make me every bit as evil as him??
i hear his cold and hard voice continue, causing me to look up
"You know, i didn't think this experiment would actually work. Many have called me insane. But it turns out you're a success. It wasn't easy, i must say. It took a very long while to find just the right materials, and then combine all the matter together to create the perfect realistic looking human figure. All those chemicals, I've had to find.........anywho, you're here aren't you? Looking as though you are real flesh and blood, but just particles i created in this very lab!!
My name is Dr. Newman. i am the reason you can see, and the reason you have life. i think we can have a lovely alliance, don't you? After all, there's a very special reason i created you at all........" Something slung over his shoulder distracts me from whatever else he could say next. i could just make out a round figure........i peer in's an elastic net. My eyes widen.
i hear Dr. Newman's voice grow deep as he finishes "but now, no time for small talk. It's time i make you solid, and make your existence on Earth permanent. You are gonna get me A LOT of money"
Before i can react, or even think straight, Dr. Newman whips the net at me. i feel a sharp sting of pain, crusading around my body. i cry out, and am shocked to hear a voice. i have a voice. just like him. i am so dizzy i don't remember much, but i remember i was inside the net, the elastic bands squeezing me tighter and tighter, the sharp sting growing. The icy voice of cruelty says "this will hold you while i get your injection"
His words fill me up with even more terror. It shakes me, i squirm in the net, desperate for a solution. An escape. My eyes are shut, and i remember begging for it, wanting it more then my human form. Then a minute later, i hear the light bulbs shut off. The room is in complete darkness. Dr. Newman astounded and saying "what the--------"
And me, rushing out the nearest exit i could find, before i could hear the rest.

After a great distance, i saw many houses huddled together. A town. i understood it fully now. but i refuse to think about what the man said. i feel a chill run through me. It's getting cold. i can't stay outside much longer. i need a place to live, a place to stay at the very least. no more white rooms. The nightmare is over. i don't have to hear the horrifying icy voice anymore. The air plagued in negativity. I wont have to live it anymore.
i go up to the closest house i could find. it's a nice, little one. fine enough. i ring the doorbell, just an instinct i have to do so. A man opens the door. Though he differs so much from the evil doctor. i get positive energy from him. And he doesn't scare me one bit. But upon first seeing him, i get a shock wave of power.......
Knowledge. Before he could talk I say the very first thing i know upon seeing him. What i know will impress him enough to share his home with me. i say "no I'm not a girl scout" i know it's not enough, but it's the way i must start to catch his interest. I'm right. He smiles in amusement. A woman (who i assume is his wife) comes up and says "honey, who is this?"
the shock wave arrives again. i know she's about to turn, about to say she's uninterested, when i say what i know will make her stay "I'm here for something big"
She turns. i hear the guy say "Sweetheart, why don't we let her come inside? it's freezing"
The lady solemnly agrees. i could sense that she's a serious one, who does not like to waste time. i know that she will be deeply hurt if i mention a joke about people that cant get pregnant. i know this will burn her because she cant get pregnant. i also know that mentioning something that makes the man think of losing everything will be what can deeply hurt him. But neither of those will get me a home. In the living room, me and him have a chat, and i be sure to say witty comments here and there to impress him, but not too loud in case the woman hears. i am able to impress both of them enough for them to share their home with me.

And now here i am, in the bedroom of their home, staring out my window at the pouring rain in all seriousness, deep in thought. There's nothing to smile about. After all, I now know that those shock waves are part of the gift of knowledge i was bestowed with when i was created. It feels like a burden. i don't want any of it. It's an uncontrollable ability. Abnormal, really. But with every single human being i see, i get that shock wave of knowledge tossed upon me, and instantly i know exactly what to say or do to greatly please the person, and i also know exactly what to say or do to leave them emotionally scarred. Whichever one i choose to do is entirely my choice. i don't even have to meet the person before knowing their soul, who they are deep inside. i hate it terribly. It's the one piece of the misery of the memory that has stuck, has not allowed me to have one ounce of a normal human life. The insects stuck to the honey.
Some call me a hallucination
Others call me an image of computer graphics
As for I? Well, i prefer to call myself by the name Anna Marie

The author's comments:
this is the intro to my new story. Let me know what you think!! :)

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on Feb. 16 2011 at 5:57 pm
Internal-Love PLATINUM, Queens, New York
33 articles 3 photos 310 comments

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Nothing's black or white, its all just a shade of gray---

TI "Live your Life" ft Rihanna

---------thanks :)

on Feb. 16 2011 at 4:22 pm
HeatherBee BRONZE, I Live In, Texas
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Ooh this is really an interesting storyline!! i like that its different n new.(well it is to me lol) i think -in this- i see a couple mistakes in grammar, like past/present tense stuff, but im not exactly the expert on that, so yeah. but i think this story is really neat!! :D