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November 26, 2010
By LittlePink SILVER, Alexandria, Indiana
LittlePink SILVER, Alexandria, Indiana
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Chapter 1
She sat alone on the balcony of her apartment building, waiting, holding back tears. Everything, every tiny emotion decided to come out at once. She knew she could hold it in, she had held her emotions in her whole life. Why did the block of emotion she had built, decide to crumble inside her. She wiped a hand across her stern face, and felt tears. If you knew Sarah, tears must mean the world was ending. Maybe even at that moment she wouldn’t even let loose a tear. But for this occasion she was ready to scream and bust. She walked back inside and looked in her bathroom mirror. Her eyes were red around the edges, but her face was sullen. “What the heak is wrong with me” she wanted to scream at her reflection.
He. He waited also, in the living room, staring at a photo that hung on the wall. Sarah walked in, her face stone cold, but brilliant in the silence. She would not, could not let him see her cry, she wouldn’t be as weak as the others. But how come being strong wasn’t who she was anymore? He stood radiating pity, but no one but Sarah could have been able to tell. But understanding also radiated off him, like heat from the sun.
“You really shouldn’t do this to yourself Sarah. You have to face this sooner or later.” He said, his poetic voice ravishing, in the hysteria of it all.
“For your information Asher, I’m just going to pretend like I have no idea what you’re talking about” said Sarah in a hardened tone.
“Sarah, it’s going to find you, I’m just the first warning” his expression was taut, like he wanted to say more, but couldn’t.
“What do you think after all these years that you come back and tell me what to do” Said Sarah, her face hot, with anger. Not towards him though, she could never be mad at him. He always made her so emotional though, the kind of person she never wanted to be.
“Sarah I’m not asking, I’m demanding that you come with me. ” he said, his own emotion rising to the surface.
“I always did know how to break you, didn’t I Asher?” She said her lips curving into a smile.
“Oh Sarah, you’re so lovely. But horribly angry and violent when you see something or someone you don’t like. And life isn’t about liking everything” He said his eyebrows knitting together.
“Go” said Sarah pointing to the door, feeling pain in her lungs. He frowned and turned and stormed out without a trace.
That night Sarah went to bed, shaken, but she fell asleep quickly. Dreams of her past flashed in her mind. I was a huntress, and they would find me sooner or later. The next day’s light came with no warning. The sun rose again with her spirits, but it seemed more grey than before. She knew in the pit of her stomach she had to find Asher, and help him. She knew what he had said was true; it was back, the thing that had given her everlasting nightmares. This time, she was going to permanently end it. This was not just another joke. She walked out of her apartment looking for a fight.

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