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Evil never sleeps

November 20, 2010
By kayx3ftw PLATINUM, Woodbridge, New Jersey
kayx3ftw PLATINUM, Woodbridge, New Jersey
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The rain hit my face and washed away the hot tears that slid down my cheeks. Slowly I gazed up at the sky and asked out loud “why?” I collapsed to the ground, feeling the weight of the world on my shoulders. Thoughts whizzed through my mind as I sobbed, he was my world, the reason I woke up in the morning, the reason I always had a smile on my face. I thought about him every day and dreamt about him every night.
And now here I am, following these yellow lines that seem to travel on forever. My hands rub across the rough pavement as I find the strength to get up. I’m exhausted, cold and lost without his touch. I continue to walk along the yellow lines, away from society and toward heaven’s walkway. The pain in my chest continues to grow, as his image burns right through me. Goosebumps made their way across my body as a cold sensation filled the air around me. ‘He’s here’ I thought.
“Michael?” I asked desperate to hear his voice.
“Gina…” He whispered.
His name was Michael Dicastro; he was 17 years old and was probably the most perfect boyfriend a girl could ask for. That was until a few weeks ago…His body was found at our secret hideaway. We named in heaven’s walkway, it’s where we met for the first time. I’ll never forget that day; it was the most beautiful spring day you could ask for. I was too busy admiring the flowers and then ‘bam’ we bumped into each other.
“Hey watch it” I shouted, as I looked up into the gentlest yet concerned hazel eyes I’d ever seen.
“Oh, I’m sorry, Um… you look very familiar, do I know you?” he asked
“Um, no, what’s your name?” I asked
“Michel… Michael Dicastro and you?”
“Gena Westfield” I said, suddenly speechless.
“Would you like to go out for coffee or something?” He asked longingly
“Sure” I replied
We walked away hand in hand and from that day I knew he was the one.

Suddenly a bird flew right past my face, snapping me out of my trance. Here it is, ‘heaven’s walkway.’ The bright colored leaves were stunning as they fell like a gentle rain storm to the ground. I walked right up the royal blue picnic table and sat down admiring our secret place. I sighed as I looked away from the spot where it happened. The tears began to trickle down my face once again. I tried to blink them away but it was useless. I keep picturing that night, his face, the color of the leaves that surrounded his pale body. I keep thinking, I was there… I could have helped. But we were just having fun. No one expected anything to happen.
See me and Michael were both interested in the unknown. We decided that it would be cool to make some friends with the same interest, only we never knew that things would get out of hand. Another flash back invaded my mind. The candles’ flame’s flickered against the shadows of the forest, that night. Michael, a few others and I sat around in a circle doing spells that involved black magic. We decided to end the night playing with the Ouija board. But that night we unknowingly opened a portal to another world, an evil world. We all swore not to tell anyone, but things took a turn for the worst. Through the Ouija board, one of the spirits told us that one of us was going to lose our life to a stronger power, named the fallen angel. Of course we didn’t believe it, we continued to play. I never in my wildest dreams thought it would be the love of my life. But somehow he knew. Everyone went home; only Michel and I were left holding each other.
“Babe, I love you more than anything in the universe, never forget me… okay?” He said as he let go of me and looked deep into my eyes.
I stood staring into his eyes in a deep trance. Everything around me began to spin and fog up. I could no longer see Michael or anything. An almost inaudible laughter filled the air as I collapsed. My vision became clear again and at that moment I wished it didn’t. Right before my eyes was Michael’s body, lying in the lush fall leaves. But what scared me the most was the dark figure looming over him, sucking the life out of his body. As the figure slowly disappeared I was able to move again. I crawled over to his body and laid my head on his chest crying the pain away. As I got up to leave, one leaf swiftly fell from above and landed on his chest exactly where I laid.
The swirl of orange, yellow and red surrounded me as I stood where Michel’s life was taken. Collapsing to the ground I sacrificed my body to the dark under lord to be with Michael forever. As the life of one red leaf rested it’s tired soul against my chest.

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