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The Beginning

September 24, 2010
By iluvnacho PLATINUM, Somewhere, Colorado
iluvnacho PLATINUM, Somewhere, Colorado
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A chill drifted in the snowy field. Three girls treaded through the freshly dropped snow, one of them limping.
"Kira, we can help you," Rose, a kind girl softly murmured. Kira, the dark-haired girl who was limping, squinted at Kira in dislike.
"I'm fine." She hissed through gritted teeth, her hazel eyes flaming. The other girl, Violet, who had light brown hair in a tight pony tail didn't comment on her friends' discussion, but instead stated that they were almost there.
And indeed, they were almost there. The snowy field was flat and not very big, a dirty road surrounding it. A small lighted house was a distance away, though the girls continued steadily on.
Once they got to the house, Rose shivered a shiver that had nothing to do with the cold. This house was very unsettling to her. The brown paint was peeling away, the windows boarded with wood that was rotting any way. The stone steps that led to the wooden door were old and crumbly, the knocker a creepy lion with a snake for the loop. Violet remained still as Kira knocked on the door.
A man in his early thirties opened the door. He was wearing a blue and white striped polo shirt, through it was stained with dirt and blood. his jeans were also torn, while his light brown shaggy hair was knotted. The dark circles around his eyes highlighted the weariness in his brown pupils.
"Girls." He inhaled in relief, a weak smile spreading across his face. Rose gave a tentative smile, while Kira pursed her lips. Vioulet remained the same, her sharp brown eyes flashing towards the inside of the house.
"Come in." The man guestured the girls. They stepped into the house.
It was small, a warm living room decorated with welcome. Three doors were placed aginst a wall to the right, while a round dining table was directly across from the door. A miniscule kitchen was to the left, a small fire roaring with heat. And squished in the corner there was a small tattered loveseat with a cat curled in the middle.
Sitting at the table was a man about the age of fifty. He had a stern, but friendly face. His brown hair was already glinting with gray, wrinkles forming around his bright green eyes. Kira limped towards the table and sat down across from the man, panting. Rose glanced nervously at Violet, who was watching the older man carefully. He slowly looked at Kira, his green eyes shimmering in the firelight. The man who answered the door shifted on his feet uncomfortably, a cut on his forehead becoming more pronounced as his eyebrows twisted anxiously. Kira's hazel eyes stared intensly at the man's green ones, her face rigid. All was silent, the atmosphere tense. Finally, he spoke.
"Kira." He stated in clear quiet voice. She squinted her eyes, her facial expressions switching from determination to the weakness of a little girl. Rose furiously bite her lipe, trying to hold back the words she so badly wanted to say. Violet softly breathed in then carefully out.
"Stu." Kira adressed the older man, tears tenderly rolling down her cheeks."What happened?" Kira whispered, her hands now shaking.
Stu looked down, his olive-toned hands clenching in fists. Rose waited for the answer, as did Violet and the man who opened the door.
"Your parents are dead, Kira." Stu gingerly answered. Kira then began to weep, her friends coming to confort her. Stu looked away, sorrow filling his thoughts. The man who answered the door, Brian, clasped his hands in respect, his heart growing heavy.
"I'm sorry Kira, but sometimes things happen in life that aren't under our control." Stu consoled the young girl, who was know sobbing with grief. Kira violently shook her head yes, whimpers escaping from her closed lips.
"I saw it happen." She calmly replied. "I just didn't want to believe it." Stu pursed his lips, standing up. He placed his hands on Kira's shoulders.
"Ah, yes. You are strong, for accepting this is the hardest part of dealing with death. But I'm sure they would be very proud of you, Kira. They aren't nessicarly gone." Kira nodded, her deep chocolate brown hair moving up and down also. Rose and Violet were now sitting on the loveseat, waiting patiently. Brian removed the cat, who dissipeared once he awoken him.
"What's going to happen now?" Kira wailed, shaking. Stu resumed his seat across from her, looking very somber indeed.
"Well, all of them are after you now, so you must vanish. All three of you." With this said, the girls looked up in confusion.
"Vanish?" Rose asked, her blue eyes trouble. Stu gravely nodded.
"Yes. Indeed vanish until someone calls you back." With this said, Rose's eye began to fill with tears.
"No, Stu! No! You can't make me do that again!" She cried hysterically. Violet held her back, murming soft words to her.
"I know you don't enjoy vanishing, Rose, but it is the only way. Once they are killed, you three may come back, for if I'm correct, they are probably one thier way right now." Stu delicatly explained. Rose calmed down a bit, though tears still washed down her face.
"What about my sister? They don't know, do they?" Kira questioned, her hazel eyes intense. Brian then spoke up.
"No, Kira. She's safley here, but I must insist you don't say good-bye. They going to be here very soon." He anxiously answered, edging towards the first door on the wall. Kira soberly nodded, trusting both of them to care for her sister. Sorrowfully, the three girls were led into the room.
The room they were led into was divded in half by a silvery mist. It was like the mist of a rushing waterfall, except it glowed silver. Taking a deep breath, Rose ran into the silvery substist. an overwhelming sensation fled her entire body. for a moment, she felt like her whole entire insides were chilled. Then the next, her whooe entire being dissolving into silver mist. The feeling was extremely horrible, but it had to be done. Kira and Violet did the same and since it was both of thier first times doing this, both of them screamed in agony, though the process wasn't painful. Once the three girls vanished, Stu pulled out a thin whistle out of the air. Brian gulped.
"Destroy this house Brian. Then, you dissipear. Good luck. I will take Kara. for now, watch your back, as well as others. This is the Beginning of a war."

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