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the Legend of the Red Lovers Trail

September 6, 2010
By angelina green GOLD, Navarre, Florida
angelina green GOLD, Navarre, Florida
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In the calm forest outside the gates of Eldom, Amerelle, one of the last decendant sprites from the Chestnut family, found herself relaxing on a large sunflower. The young sprite suddenly woke to the odor of of sweet orange-cherry blossums, feeling a still quiet motion in the air, she looked around but saw nothing. A gust of wind blew the scent across her nose once again, when the light shined down through the tall blue vain wood trees, her skin began shimmering with the shiny dust of the zeaderams. The sprite started rubbing the dust off her skin, suddenly freezing to the high pitch buzz of the zeaderams in the distance. Knowing that they were getting closer she sprang from the flower and began sprinting down the moist dirt path back to Eldom. The scent from the dust began to make her dizzy, running stray from the path she fainted in the middle of the field of Purple roses. When Amerelle woke up she found herself in a mushroom cap bed filled with daisy petals. Sitting up she noticed another sprite sitting across the room, "You finally woke up", the voice said as he moved closer to her. Amerelle noticed his tall slender body and low voice, his features showed he was no more than a year older than her. "I noticed you sleeping in the Field of Purple Roses, but when i heard the pitch of the zeaderams and the dust on your skin i picked you up and brought you up to into the red lined tree", he had the soft skin and light brown hair with and green eyes, all common traits carried by sprites, as he walked through the light over to Amerelle his back reflected off a light of silver blue and white gold. She gasped when she saw he was no sprite but a forest fairy. "Stay back, I know what you are", she pointed at his wings. He moved out of the light, "Trust me, I'm not what you think", he tried to move closer to the bed to explain. "It is what I think, your a forest fairy. I don't know what colony but there all alike in ways", she began throwing petals at him. "I not apart of the colonies", Amerelle climbed out of the bed running to the other side of the room trying to get to the opening in the trunk. "You can't trick me my parents taught me to never trust any of you", she leaped out onto a branch, trying to keep her balance, she noticed that he must have flew her up more than a hundered feet or so. He walked out on to the branch after her, "What are you doing?", "I'm finding a way down" she replied in hesitation, "Look I'll help you down if", "No, no, no you don't touch me", she scooted closer to end of the limb. "I told you I'm not what you think", "Yes you are, how can you not be, wings you have wings, what else could you be?". He didn't know how to tell her the truth, "What if I told you that... I don't really know what I am", she couldn't grasp what he was saying had wings, wings! "I promise to explain if you come back inside. I'll bring you back to your city, just let me explain first", Amerelle looked down realizing she coundln't get down on her own went back inside the tree and sat on a spool. He began telling her a story of a Northern Forest Fairy who was running from her colony with a sprite from the City of Eldom. They were heading to the Valley of Peasable Fruit outside the forest when the girl got caught in a mess vines. The colony fianlly caught up with the two and sentences exile of the girl from the colony, where as when the sprite was sent back to Eldom he was exiled by death. The fairy flew to the top of the Red line wood tree and gave birth to a son, a few years later she died. Amerelle couldn't believe what he was telling her it wasn't possible for a sprite and a fairy to have a child, was it? "You see I don't really know what I am." She sat in the tree talking to him for hours, when the sun finally started lowering behind the blue vained trees he took her across the dark fading forest, only to be lit by the golden thorn spider webs and zichue fly's beams, to the ate of Eldom. "Will I see you again", she asked the man who saved her from the zeaderam, "I'll be at the red line wood tree", then he turned to disapear in the forest. The two began meeting on regular occassions in the forest where no one could find them. They would talk about running away together to the Valley of Peasable Friut where his parents had planned to go before. One night the two had fallen asleep in the woods together by the hypnotic soothing sounds of the Butter Bees humming. Back in the City of Eldom Amerelle's parents beagn to worry because it was the darkest hour of the night and their only daughter wasn't home. The guards of Eldom were sent out into the forest in search of Amerelle. The couple woke up to the sound of the guards yelling out for Amerelle. He flew her up into the blue vain trees to hide till the guards went back to the city. When they got back to the red lined wood tree they discussed about running away, "Just like we talked about", he would tell her. Amerelle didn't want to leave her family but she aswell didn't want to leave him. So the couple dicided to leave together to the Valley of Peasable Fruit the next night. When he dropped her off at the gates of Eldom and said to be ready by the darkest hour of the night. She went home to gather her things, some food and water, then hid it in her room till the night. When the sun was below the trees she waited till it was almost the darkest hour of the night she began sneaking down the streets. Passing the gates she found him there waiting for her. A guard found the gates opened a looked out to see if anyone was there, with it beging so dark the two froze in place. Out of there control a zichue fly flew past them reflection its lights off his wings. They began sprinting down the dirt path with the guards not to far behind them. He lead her down the path toward the area of bolder ridges, but Amerelle knew the guards could cut the off so she told him to take a left when the colors of the trees split. Since it was so dark that night they couldn't tell where the trees split and strayed from the path centering down the middle of the colored trees. Piece by piece she began dropping her things till suddenly she fell to the ground, "We need to hurry before the lights hit the dew", "Hold on i tripped on something", she began feeling around the ground till her hand hit a rock with an
"x" engraved in it. When she told him about the rock he dropped to the ground, he remembered his mother telling him about an escape route out of the forest incase he was ever in trouble. He started to turned the rock, instantly red alumminating roots sprang from the earth leading a way out of the forest. The trail enclosed behind them as the escapes the guards to the Valley of Peasable Fruit. When the guards returned to Eldom they told the Eldom Council and the Chesnut family that she was tricked into the grasps of Forest Fairies where they had taken her captive and killed her. The City of Eldom from then was at highten hatred toward the Forest Fairies, though only few slowly realized the truth of what really happened, a love legend of two opposites, the Legend of the Red Lovers Trail.

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