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The Time Machine

May 3, 2010
By KNS16 BRONZE, Northport, New York
KNS16 BRONZE, Northport, New York
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“Mom, I said I’d do better, why don’t you believe me?” Victoria asked.

“Saying it is easier than doing it Victoria.” Victoria’s mom said frowning.

“It’s one bad report card; it’s no big deal!” Victoria argued.

“It’s not just one bad report card. Did you even look at your last one?” her mom asked.

“Yes, that one was fine!” Victoria yelled.

“An overall average of 75 is not fine!” her mom snapped.

“Yes it is!”

“No it isn’t; last year your grades were so much better than this!”

“By like what, 2 points?”

“No, more like 5 to 10!” Victoria’s mom said. Victoria glared at her mom, her face turning red with anger. Victoria stomped up the stairs, into her room, and slammed the door. She didn’t go down to dinner that night; she just went straight to bed. Her alarm clock went off that morning to the same song as yesterday. Victoria woke up and turned off the alarm. She went downstairs and turned on the weather channel.

“Today will be sunny throughout the day.” The meteorologist said.

“The same weather as yesterday.” Victoria said to herself. She started looking for her report card. She couldn’t find it anywhere. She went upstairs and started to look for clothes. The shorts and T-shirt she put into the hamper yesterday were in the same spot in her dresser as yesterday morning. She stared at it as if it could just disappear. It didn’t; she shrugged and took out a different pair of shorts and a tank top. She got dressed, brushed her teeth, and brushed her hair. She went downstairs and sat outside on her front steps with her backpack. The bus came just as she was about to take out her book to read. She sighed and got up. She stepped onto the steps of the bus and sat in the front seat. The bus began to move; she looked out the window and began to think about how her clothes from yesterday could just magically appear. Before she knew it, she was at the school and off the bus. She walked inside and past the office.

“Victoria Miller, please report to the main office thank you.” The vice principal said on the announcement. Victoria stopped walking and turned around. She sighed and walked into the office.

“Hi, I’m Victoria Miller.” She said to the lady at the front desk.

“Hi, that was fast; I didn’t expect you to show up so soon.” The lady said.

“Well I was only a few feet away when you called for me.” Victoria said.

“What a coincidence, right this way.” The lady said gesturing to her right. Victoria smiled and walked in the direction the lady was pointing to. Victoria knocked on the door quietly.

“Who is it?” a man on the other side of the door asked.

“Victoria Miller.” She said. The door opened almost immediately. She was pulled in right before the door almost closed on her foot as she stepped in. Her heart was pounding and her breathing started to quicken. “Ok, I have no idea what I did wrong but –“ Victoria started to say.

“You’re not in trouble.” The man interrupted.

“Then why am I here?” Victoria asked cautiously.

“I am Agent Smith, from the FBI; I was sent to take you to our headquarters.” Agent Smith said.

“Why?” Victoria asked.

“You were never told this, but there is a time machine that controls every second of the day; it has malfunctioned and you’re the only one who can fix it.”

“Why can’t a scientist do it?”

“Your father was the one who invented it, but since he passed away after the car crash, you are the only person left.”

“Why not my mom?”

“Your mother refuses to cooperate.”

“That sounds like her.”

“So will you help us?”

“First of all, what’s wrong with the time machine?”

“It’s repeating the same day over and over again.”

“What if it does, then wouldn’t no one notice it?”

“The time machine doesn’t affect peoples’ memories.”

“Oh, ok, fine I will cooperate with you.”

“Perfect.” Agent Smith said. He looked at his watch. “”There’s no time to take you to the headquarters.” He took a syringe with some sort of clear liquid in it and started to walk toward Victoria. She stayed in the same spot and knew what he was about to do. He wiped a spot on her arm with an alcohol wipe and injected the liquid.

“What was that?” Victoria asked.

“A tracking device so we know where you are.” He said. He took another syringe and wiped the back of her ear. He injected more clear liquid. “Can you hear me?” he asked through a small device. Victoria heard it.

“Yes.” She said.

“Walk outside and shut the door.” He said. She did what she was told. “Can you still hear me.” He asked. She turned around and opened the door.

“Yes.” she said.
“That ear device also allows you to talk to me, go back outside and say yes very quietly.” He said. She did what she was told.

“Yes, can you hear me?”

“Yes.” She said. She walked back in. “Now you can begin your journey.” He said. He gave her a backpack and something that looked like a disk.

“What’s this?” she asked holding up the disk.

“A hoverboard.”

“How do I use it?”

“You tell it to do something and it does it.”


“For example, go faster, stop, go, turn left, turn right, go back, are you getting the


“Oh, how do I turn it on?”

“You clap your hand, to turn it off, clap it again when you’re not on it.”

“Ok, how does it charge?”

“It’s solar powered meaning it charges in the sunlight.”

“That’s convenient.”

“Yes it is.”

“Ok, where do I go?”

“I’ll tell you through the earpiece which is also solar powered.”

“How far is the time machine?”

“Only a few miles from here.”

“How many like five?”

“More like 75”


“One more twist, you only have until midnight.”


“Well, when the clock strikes midnight, the same day will repeat again.”

“Oh, will I still have the earpiece and tracker?”


“Ok, I guess it’s time to go.”

“Yes it is, and go fast, you don’t have much time.” He said. Victoria ran out of the main office. She started the hoverboard and hopped on.

“Go.” She said. The hoverboard zoomed forward and chains shot out of the hoverboard and wrapped around her ankles to prevent her from falling. She flew up higher and higher until she was close to the clouds.

“Turn left.” Agent Smith said. She repeated the command and the hoverboard obeyed. “Go faster.” Agent Smith said. She repeated the command again. The hoverboard went twice as fast. She began to grow tired after a few hours. She fell asleep standing up. The next thing she knew, when she woke up, she was back in her bed. She groaned and then saw a shadow standing above her. She turned on the light and saw Agent Smith.

“Sorry.” Victoria said.

“It’s fine just don’t do it again.” He said.
“Ok, well it’s 12:30 now, how about we get an early start now that I’m well rested.”
“Good idea.” He said. They walked downstairs quietly and went outside. Agent Smith gave her the backpack and the hoverboard. Victoria took them and was on her way. A few commands were made. Victoria covered over 45 miles in 12 hours. Agent Smith told her it was ok for her to take a rest. She flew down and turned off the hoverboard. She looked at the supplies in her backpack. There were water bottles and some dried up fruit. She ate some while the hoverboard charged. She sat there for 2 hours until Agent Smith told her to get going. A little more than 11 hours went by as she reached her destination, a small house. “Ok, walk into the house and take a small device out of the secret compartment in your backpack.” Agent Smith said.
“What compartment?” Victoria asked.
“Inside the backpack, there’s a zipper.”
“Oh, ok.” Victoria said. She found the zipper and took out a small device.
“Ok, now walk towards a red button to your left and press it.” Agent Smith said. Just as Victoria was about to press it, she ended up back in her bed. Agent Smith stood over her again. She groaned and then she sighed.
“I know, we came so close.” He said.
“Yeah, wait, if you know how to fix the time machine why can’t you fix it, why me?” Victoria asked.
“The time machine will only let the creator touch it, or someone that shares the creator’s DNA, which we found out recently.”
“Oh, so I guess that rules out my mom.”
“Yes, hurry up we have to get going now.” Agent Smith said. Victoria got up and they both went downstairs. Within a few moments she was on her way again. The same things happened from yesterday, only it went faster. Victoria only rested for an hour instead of 2 hours and was on her way again. She reached the house with 2 hours to spare. She rushed in with the small device already in her hand. She pressed the red button and it revealed a staircase going underground. She went in and saw the time machine. “Ok, walk up to it and slide the device into a compartment in the machine next to the blinking red light. Agent Smith said. She did it and stepped back. “Now press the green button on the top of the machine.” He said. She did it immediately and she was back in her room. “You did it.” Agent Smith said. Victoria smiled and fell asleep; the next morning when she woke up, she didn’t remember a thing.

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soccergirl said...
on Feb. 4 2011 at 9:23 pm
I love it!!!!!!! :D

KTKT said...
on Jun. 8 2010 at 7:44 pm
Very interesting, keeping my attention to the end!

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on May. 18 2010 at 1:39 pm
Interesting plot, looking forward to a squel!

buddy said...
on May. 13 2010 at 2:37 pm
great imagination!  i want to read more