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Mystery 3

February 12, 2010
By annkaykay2011 DIAMOND, Lansing, Michigan
annkaykay2011 DIAMOND, Lansing, Michigan
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Class was loud ever.
The screams,
the shouts,
the laugher
and new tall tales to tell.
Everyone was moving about like nothing seemed real or they
didn't care.
Whatever came first.
A woman came into class today.
Our teacher was here, I saw him the hall way before lunch.
The woman smiled at all of us.
Her eyes sucha color I still can't believe. They were like striking blue with a hint of gold streaming through them. I couldn't believe anyone had eyes like those, but I don't believe alot of things.
"Everyone, My name Cecil White. I am your new teacher for one month,
so please be kind to me." She wrote her name on the chalk board then smiled ear to ear.

Everyone looked at eachother, their eyes showing much as mine
that yeah,
who is she?
Everyone shook theirs heads
or shrugged their shoulders.
" I already told you, I will be teaching you lovely children for one month. I am Cecil White. Ordinary woman. " She spoke to us, as if she read our minds.
We all shaked and shivered.
The girl next to me with red hair,
green eyes and little freckles all over her face, poppped her gum.
"Sure you are. Where's our teacher? I just saw him earlier."
Cecil White laughed.
It was a laugh that was dark and something you've never heard a dark chuckle in the darkness curling up your spine.
"He was fired right after lunch."
She smiled, flashing her perfectly white teeth.
The girl next to me popped her gum loudly. "Why was he fired?"
Her eyes sparkled.
"Thats a secret." She whispered lightly.
Her smile reached ear to ear again.
That smile was so creepy.

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