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December 21, 2009
By me,iwritetwistedromances SILVER, Louisville, Kentucky
me,iwritetwistedromances SILVER, Louisville, Kentucky
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The sun rises slowly, and with it the night dies. The four humans are soaked in blood, both their own and their enemies, but still they fight. At last, the sun is fully in the sky, and the nightmarish creatures, the vampires and the fairies, fall back into the graveyard. They are beaten, for tonight. But the humans, the ones with the powers of fire, nature, water, and death, know it isn’t over. The Underworld reigns forever. It is not a question of when the Underworld is defeated, it is the question of when they finish tormenting humanity and go back to their realm of eternal darkness, of shade, of dread, of hatred, of immortal beings, of nightmares. The humans stumble from the graveyard, blinded by the sunlight.
“Hey, Garrett, did you study for the Algebra test? The test is today and I’m on parole as it is,” the girl with the power of fire mumbles. She rushes into school clothes from the bloodied ones she wore to fight the battle.
“Yeah, Natalie, right between saving the world from evil vampires and sixth period I studied. In fact, I did my overdue history project, finished my science work, and wrote a thesis on why the heck we superheroes deserve more time to turn in our projects,” snorts the boy who controls life. He throws the stake he used to slay the vampires into his backpack, between a math textbook and a biology notebook.
The four humans set off, boarding the city bus. Tonight they wouldn’t be beaten. Last night was already ancient history. They were the protectors, and they wouldn’t fail.

The author's comments:
This is actually the prologue to one of the novels I'm writing. If you like, it tell me!

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