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The Bug That Got In

October 15, 2009
By BrianDunlop PLATINUM, Valley Stream, New York
BrianDunlop PLATINUM, Valley Stream, New York
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"Ahh spiders!", said the boy. The boy threw a book at the wall, just missing the three baby spiders climbing up it. "Damn.", said the boy. The three baby spiders tried anxiously to avoid their deaths, but it was to no avail. The boy threw the book at the wall once more and it struck the three baby spiders, dead. The boy felt good about what he did, not only because he had a phobia of spiders, but he likes to kill bugs and spiders mainly, even if they didn't intrude upon his house or room. "A job well done.", he thought to himself as he scrapped the remains of the three baby spiders off his wall with a paper towel and then threw it in the garbage. The boy then decided to watch television before he got undressed and went to bed.

After he watched an hour of TV, he decided to go to bed because it was already late out and he was tried. The boy then undressed into his underwear and undershirt and slid into bed. Soon enough the boy was asleep as a large mother spider watched. She thought to herself how evil the boy was because of his murder of her three children. She wanted to teach him a lesson and feel the same way that she felt. Unknown to the boy, the mother spider use to be a witch and was turned into a spider by her two evil sisters as a practical joke and she is unable to reverse the spell that was cast on her, so she will remain a spider for all eternity. As the boy slept, the mother spider jumped on his chest from the ceiling and cast a spell on the boy, throwing him into a world of giants.

The boy woke up to a loud noise. A noise that sounded like footsteps, but much, much louder. "What was that?", the boy said to himself with his eyes slightly opened. The boy then yawned and opened his eyes fully. "What the hell?", said the boy as he looked around and noticed that he was in a giant tissue box. "What's going on?", the boy then said to himself as he tried to climb up the box. The boy eventually got his way out of the giant tissue box as he gasped in horror as he saw a giant house with all giant items. It seemed that he was in the dining room of the house on a table. "How did I get here.", said the boy to himself. The boy walked on the giant table where he saw giant upside down glasses and plates with folded napkins on them. The boy tried to find a way to get off the giant table, but it seemed that such a jump would lead to his death. The boy thought anxiously on how he would leave and come back to his old home. He heard that noise again, but only closer. He wonders what that noise was and where it was coming from. Soon enough a giant man stepped into the dining room and it didn't take him long to see the tiny boy on his dining room table. "Ahh a bug!", said the giant. The boy tried to run from the giant, but it was to no avail. The boy's life came to halt as the giant reached into his pocket and pulled out a napkin and squashed him with it. The giant then threw away the napkin and the dead boys remains into the garbage.
To a human this would be considered a murder, but to the giant that inhabited the house, it was just a bug that got in.

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