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Bottled Message

January 21, 2022
By Anonymous

The waves crash into me and I let the water push me onto the sand. I stand up and look around to see an island filled with trees and nature, but with no signs of life. A flash of light catches my eye and I look down the shore to see a glass bottle with what appears to be a note inside. As I walk over to the bottle, I try to remember how I got here, but all my memories are foggy. I’m used to having a memory like an elephant, so not remembering anything that led up to this moment throws me for a loop. I feel many emotions building up inside of me as I approach the bottle. Dazed. Confused. Scared. 

I pick up the bottle and throw it on the ground. Smash. The bottle breaks open, revealing the letter. I reach down to pick up the letter and read it. “I hope this note gets to you before it’s too late. You don’t have much time. Act fast as you only have until the evening. - DN” I stare at the letter, puzzled by what it means. As I look at the letters DN, a distant remembrance of a person comes over me before crashing back down like the waves behind me. I reread the letter and notice a code written out by the bolded letters. GO TO CAVE. I scan over the island and see a small mountain with a little cave on the front. All of a sudden, the vision of the mountain reminds me of the mountain from Whoville, but much smaller. I wonder how I can remember such a detail when I can’t even remember where I have been for the past week.

I realize that I must listen to the note, and I begin to make my way to the cave. My trip over to the small mountain is filled with small bits of remembrance of how I got here, but that's about it. It takes about an hour for me to make my way up to the cave, and I begin to get nervous the closer I get. What will I find? Should I have listened to the note? I don’t listen to these thoughts as I walk through the narrow opening. I look over to my right and my jaw drops.

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on Feb. 1 at 2:12 pm
neon-demon BRONZE, Bellingham, Washington
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This is really good! If you don't mind constructive criticism, I would recommend a little more spacing, but overall, it's very good as a starting point for future writing. :)