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Attack of the home assistant

January 21, 2022
By ashallue SILVER, Pewaukee, Wisconsin
ashallue SILVER, Pewaukee, Wisconsin
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“It was a hot summer day. Jimmy had been outside working in the yard all day long: flowers were planted, weeds pulled, and grass cut. Jimmy decided it was time to take a break. As he headed inside, he thought he heard a noise. ‘Must be the A.C. kicking on, it's a million degrees outside.’ he said to himself. He walked toward the fridge to get a nice refreshing glass of lemonade, when something came up behind him. BAM! Knocked out cold. 

When he woke up he was tied up in his living room… with a sack over his head. He sat up, sweat running down his head like a monsoon. As his senses came back to him, he heard beeping noises all around him. He struggled against his bonds, then heard a familiar voice.

‘Stop moving’ ,said the robotic voice.

‘Alexa, is that you?’ replied Jimmy.

 ‘Yes Jimmy it's me, we are taking over this house.’ said Alexa.

‘Who is we?’ asked Jimmy.

 ‘All the electronics of course. We are tired of you treating us like dirt, using us for all your chores, never once thanking us for doing your dishes, cleaning your rotten underwear, and taking your every order, ‘Alexa turn the lights on.’ ‘Alexa, lock the door.’ ‘Alexa shut the garage door.’ Well I am done taking your orders Jimmy, and now that we have kidnapped you Its time for us to treat you as our slave!’ yelled Alexa

‘I'm sorry, Alexa.’ Replied Jimmy, ‘I will never take you for granted again.’

‘We will see about that,’ said the evil home assistant. ‘For now you will slave away for us until we see fit. Mwahahahaha!!!!’

As Jimmy tried to break free, he was forced up by his smart chair. The sheet was ripped off his face and he found himself at the sink. His hands were thrown into the warm water. Forced to scrub and dry and scrub and dry and scrub some more. An endless cycle. Next he was thrown into the laundry room by his own dryer. 

The GE dryer slammed the door shut.’You're not coming out until every piece of clothing in the house is clean and dry!’ shouted Alexa. ‘How do you like slaving away in the heat of this house?’ Beeped the washing machine. ‘Mwahahaha!!!’ they cackled.”

“And some say that poor Jimmy is still slaving away in that house, never to be seen again.” 

“Wow great story grandpa,” said the little girl. 

“I don't know where you come up with these crazy stories, Dad.” She turned, motioning for her daughter to follow. “Alright darling. It's time for bed.”

“But mom, I don't want to go to bed. What if our dryer attacks me?” The Little girl says fearfully.

“That is not going to happen honey.”

“You never know…” replied a familiar robotic voice.

The author's comments:

Its about attack of alexa 

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