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Into the Future

January 21, 2022
By OrfcDarko BRONZE, Hartland, Wisconsin
OrfcDarko BRONZE, Hartland, Wisconsin
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A man named Bob was living on his own during the zombie apocalypse. When he stumbled across a house out in the country of Wisconsin. He explored like any else would do in the situation. He was being careful so nothing bad could happen. He approaches a room with the door shut. He slowly creaks open the door and peaks his head inside. He noticed it was cleaner than every other, a bed that was made a desk with some nice dead plants and some snow globes. He wanted fresh clothes and to sleep in a bed. He took a few steps inside. Bang! The door shut behind him. He was stuck. No way out. Surrounded by Nothing but the devils of the apocalypse. As the days rolled past, the moon's darkness enveloped the light, and the gleaming sunlight took over the dark. Waiting for the first opportunity he got to escape. After a few panic attacks he finally started to realize. He's stuck. He started to get comfy, and live off of a few protein bars a day. He reached into his bag and emptiness. No food left. He wondered,  Is it finally my time? He saw a light. Of course from a window. He took a sheet off the bed he had been living on, wrapped around his fist. Took a deep breath. And punched, punched, and punched. Until finally he was free.

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