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Interwoven Wolves(14)

February 11, 2021
By SparrowSun ELITE, X, Vermont
SparrowSun ELITE, X, Vermont
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"Upon his bench the pieces lay
As if an artwork on display
Of gears and hands
And wire-thin bands
That glisten in dim candle play." -Janice T., Clockwork[love that poem, dont know why, im not steampunk]

Previously: frosts allegiance was clearly to her pack. echo was enraged that she didn't care at all that echo was going to die. but when secret was about to kill echo frost shocked everyone and saved her, taking her to galaxy the lion walker for protection. shes now giving her explanation.
frost picked up the apple, hoping it would be something to make echo laugh. she was so nervous and sad of late, and frost missed the echo who loved adventure and searched out the best in life, lit up like the moon and laughed with life. for some reason since she had been marked she was angry  and unhappy. frost would have guessed it was from living with the wolves but echo loved to talk about magic. now she was living in it. she glancd distastefully at the apple. it was for echo... it would really be so much better if the trees grew magic rabbits and squirrels. she did she a squirrel but it didn't look magical, and it was to small to be worth the effort of catching it. she bit into the apple, but she didn't feel any different, except an urge to put the apple away and finish it later. why not? it wasn't to awful. soon they got distracted by the apples turning them various colors, and she completely forgot the first apple. but a while later, at the graveyard, despite sensing magic at work, she remembered the apple and started toying with it, tho had a distinct feeling of not now. after a moment echo screamed and explained that she was having a vision, probably to do with her mark. so frost ran her back to the cave, where she got secret to have truth watch echo for a while, the apple was to urgent. she related into the gentle tinge as she turned human and ate the rest of the apple as she left, needing to go to to mountain of mist, for no reason she could tell. it was the force of whatever had marked echo. maybe she needed to destroy it to unmark echo? when she finished the apple she suddenly understood what it was, one of the apples that led you to truth. she got to the top of the mountain and went thru the mist for some reason, ending up on a bright, clear plateu where she was stunned to see the moon, but the size of a person in front of her.

"frost." the voice did really come from anywhere, but at the same time from everywhere. it sounded deep, mysterious, and benevolent. she had not expected to find the moon here. she glanced up at the star strewn skye. no moon.

"what...?" she wasn't really sure which question to ask first, a hundred jumped to her mind. 

"do you know anything about Echo Star?"

"yeah, we've been friends since kindergarten."

"i mean her mark."

"yes. it is some sort of evil that will corrupt-"

"no. it is my mark. every ten years i gain a tiny bit mor power than the bare minimum i need to survive, and at the same time the magic in the forest weakens, so i must send the surplus into a human host so that they can represent me and aid my people and the magic. they are to form a different function then the wolves, but 200 years ago the alpha at the time, Shadow, took offense that i sent help and began the practise of killing moon hosts. the sun is more powerful than me because the lions dont harm the sun host. i am to weak at this point. If Luna Echo doesn't survive then neither will i, and the pack, the forest, the magic, and the night will all fall. i will help as best i can. if you fail, the world will be thrown into chaos."

frost paused, shocked. "her mark is good? i mean, yes. i will protect her to the best of my ability."

"thank you. i must return to the skye now." frost nodded at her as she rose up, until she was the size normally seen from earth...

"so... you didn't even save my life for me. it was all for your pack."

"of course. you realize that you can in no way be my priority as a person. as the moon host i am sure that means i owe you my allegiance like i do secret." echo sighed.

"i should have known. that's why you were so worried about the good of the pack as opposed to the word of secret?"

"yes. i dont know if we should take you back to the windstone or keep you here. i guess a few days cant hurt. galaxy, what exactly does symphony do?"

"nobody really sure. he does something with all our magic stuff every so often, and is an advisor to china, but some part of his duty was lost hundreds of years ago. we think he's connected to the wind somehow, but we arent really sure." echo was tired, but she had questions and wasn't mad at galaxy.

"is he half lion?"

"uhh we arent half lion, when were babies- nevermind, I'm sure you already know. he has a lark form. tho larks are pretty sun based, i dont know if you'll be a nightingale or raven or something."

"ohk.." echo let  herself relax into sleep.

The author's comments:

satisfactory explanation? What's wrong with the magic? have you spotted my little clues about the wind? what do you think the wind has to do with anything?

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