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The Perfect World

May 4, 2009
By mizzN GOLD, London, New Hampshire
mizzN GOLD, London, New Hampshire
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Once upon a time there was a little vampire who dreamed of a perfect world, his name was Vladimir and he lived with his parents Mr. and Mrs. count Dracula in the most deadliest and the most feared castle in the whole of Transylvania, of coarse in this place there were no humans there, the only gruesome monsters who lived there besides the vampires were the were wolves, one eyed dogs, creepy gargoyles, rotten corpses which came alive, mummies and phantoms. And in Transylvania there was not a sign of blue skies, no sun, and no luscious green trees or beautiful nature, just black grey gloomy clouds filled with gigantic hurdles of never ending monsoons and brutal thunder storms.
So this wasn’t seen as the perfect world not for Vladimir as he was a sweet vampire with ambitions and he dreamed of another world, so here is his story.

Vladimir was a young vampire with dreams and imagination and his parents were worried about him as they always gave him the same lecture about becoming into the meanest and bloodsucking monster of Transylvania.
‘Look sweet heart the only way you will learn how to become a real evil vampire is by drinking the other monsters blood and showing them you are the most powerful of them all. Said his mother with a soft voice showing her deep concerns for her son.
‘I know and I don’t want to let down the family but I feel like this isn’t the place where I can be truly happy and I don’t want to be scary or evil I just want to be me and not be forced to suck blood and scare all the time as I am sick of it mum.’
Replied Vladimir with tears flowing down his icy blue face and into his tiny fangs
He ran upstairs into his cold dark dusty bedroom which had bats hanging from the ceiling to the door.
His mother and father tried to make him realize the true light of being a true vampire but he wouldn’t listen and refused as he didn’t want to be a bloodsucking vampire he wanted to escape from this world.

One night Vladimir was sitting on his bed upside down of course and to his surprise he saw a wishing star, the only biggest bright star that ever appeared in Transylvania’s skies, he gazed at the star then made a wish
‘I wish I could escape from here and enter a world where there are no monsters, no gloom and darkness, no death, no war, no restrictions or laws.

At that very night some thing incredible happened. Vladimir’s wish came true. Vladimir had got woken up by a sudden ghast of wind which swayed into his room, he followed it came out side into the graveyard and saw to his astonishment a tornado, he was puzzled at first but then tried to fight it way from his house unfortunately that didn’t work out as he had got dragged in to it. He was going round and round and round in the big twister then suddenly the tornado had disappeared living Vladimir unconscious on what looked like a soft fluffy peachy cloud, he woke up with a dizzy feeling and his fangs and dropped out so when he picked them up he came to realize he wasn’t on land he was floating on cloud, he gave a loud scream, frightened of heights he clung onto the cloud, looking around he saw a strange creature with wings flying not on clouds, he was very confused and wondering what kind of monsters they are so he asked.
So he timidly asked the strange male creature on his left.
‘Excuse me what are you’
‘I am an angel’ replied the glowing creature with a vague smile on his face.
‘What is an angel’ asked Vladimir who seemed to be more confused and beginning to think he wasn’t in Transylvania anymore.
‘Well an angel is a light pure hearted creature with magnificent wings, who guides and helps other creatures like yourself my good young fellow, by the way my name is Cedric.
‘Nice to meet you my name is Vladimir I am a little vampire not a creature and I am getting air sick on this cloud, I would to bloody get of it, said Vladimir who was desperately wanting to get off the cloud.
‘tut tut tut, no swearing in heaven, why you are a vampire, vampires never come into our world as this is heaven we angles call it the perfect world, no creature comes here unless they are dead’. Said Cedric who seemed kind of shocked and a bit slow in realizing that Vladimir had little white fangs and was blue in the face.
‘What are you talking about I can’t be dead, besides vampires are immortal, and I come from Transylvania a different world cried Vladimir who was feeling scared and a bit angry, how do I get out of here.
‘Calm down son, I don’t know how you are going to get out of here, but there must have been a reason why you came here if death isn’t one then there must be another reason try and think back to what happened before you came here. Said Cedric who was getting a little excited.
‘Wait I think I remember although my memory is still slightly blunt, I made a wish last night and I wished I could escape my home as I was sick of it and go to a better world, and then all of a sudden ghasts of winds came through my window so I went outside and saw the tornado and the next thing I knew I was dragged into it and it landed me here to your world on a cloud. My wish came true; I am in heaven as you call it the perfect world.’
Said Vladimir who seemed to be very happy and full of excitement.
‘So that’s why you have come here, you wished it and you will love it, there is no world better than this one. Said Cedric who was happy to have finally found a friend.
Little Vladimir took in what Cedric had said and he didn’t want to waste any more time on the cloud so he jumped down from the cloud.
He didn’t care if he couldn’t fly yet as he was too young to, he was ecstatic that his wish was granted. Luckily he landed on his feet on a strange green sparkly tickly pavement that he had never seen before in his life, it was grass but not just any grass emerald grass.
‘Vladimir are you okay ‘said Cedric who was worried.
‘Yes I am fine but Wow what is this I am standing on’ asked Vladimir bewildered.
‘Oh well that is emerald grass, it isn’t hard but id does look pretty, but that’s nothing look around you there’s beauty everywhere’. Replied Cedric.
As Vladimir looked around he saw a whole garden filled with diamonds and jewels which gleamed like the brightest star, the whole rose bushes were rubies, the blue bells were blue topazes, the trees were covered with jade, the daffodils were brazed in amber and the daisies were mounted with pearls, and the fountain which was in the centre of he garden had sparkling diamonds flowing out of its marbled spouts of a stone made out of a jet black onyx.
Vladimir gazed at the garden with a sudden lust for it, he thought it was the most radiant and colorful place that he had ever seen, although he might not know what the garden has inside he knows that this was part of his dream, to be somewhere where there is beauty.
‘This is only a small part of heaven but there is much more to see’
‘Well come on lets see more’ said Vladimir feeling very enthusiastic.

So Cedric and Vladimir came out of the heavenly jem garden and started exploring the world as they were walking they saw some breath taking scenery and views of chariots racing across the peachy pink sky, more angels like Cedric were flying, incredible palaces, luxurious sandy beaches,
Creatures that were friendly, Vladimir felt truly happy for the first time In his life, gazing at the glorious views and extraordinary places in heaven, he was even more amazed by how good and pure the world was, as he saw no horrible sights like darkness, evil, blood, no monsters, no wars, no restrictions, and there wasn’t any ruler or leader, everyone in heaven took command and compromised with each other. Best of all Vladimir’s blood sucking days were over, well so he thought.

And the food he had tasted 100 times better than what he was forced to have in his world, he had never tasted ripened sweet fruit before, nor did he taste fresh salad, ice cream, drink hot chocolate.
Usually in his world vampires would eat flesh of other creatures and drink blood, even eat rotten fruit and vegetables from a deserted crop field.
Although he was happy and had everything he wanted he still felt he didn’t belong here as he was a vampire, even though he was welcomed by everyone and had permission to live there, he wanted his family with him as he missed his parents and wished they could understand him and what he wanted.

So Vladimir asked Cedric if there was any way of getting back to Transylvania.
‘Yes Vladimir there is a way but it is very risky but why do you want to go back, isn’t this where you want to live. Said Cedric who seemed to be a little sad.
‘ Of coarse it is but don’t worry I will come back but you see I want my family here with me so they can see the perfect world and think about living here with me’.
Said Vladimir with a gleam in his eyes. So Cedric gave him the instructions.
‘To get back to your world you have to create a magical portal on a wall using this magical chalk you will then knock on it twice and say where you want to go but be careful you have to be specific other wise it might transport you some where else.
‘Wow thanks but how will I get back, do I do the same thing’.
‘Yes you do, just don’t loose the chalk and be careful’.
So Vladimir went off finding a wall apparently it was very hard to find, after walking for some time he came to find one and he straight away took out the magical chalk drew a door on it and knocked on it twice, he then spoke with a loud and clear voice ‘ Please take me to Transylvania’.
So the door magically opened he then went in feeling a bit uneasy, and came straight into Translynia, he saw once again gruesome, deadly sights, he came rushing back to his home calling his Mum and Dad but strangely there was no reply.
So he searched all over the castle yet for some reason he couldn’t find them, he figured they must have gone out somewhere so he waited patiently for them to return.
Three hours he waited, he was getting worried, the next thing he went out and looked for them all over Transylvania until he finally he found them by the Transylvanian bloody rivers but they were in a terrible state, frozen to death side by side in two ice blocks.
Poor Vladimir he tried to break the ice but it was too thick and strong, he tried calling for help but no one was there, he was heartbroken and felt extremely guilty for leaving them, his soft blue tears running down his cheeks fell on a piece of paper beside his Mum it was addressed to him, it was a letter from his parents.
Dear Vladimir, if you are reading this now don’t feel guilty or sad, we wanted you to be happy and seeing you run away like that broken our hearts, we searched for days and days in the whole of Transylvania but there was no sign of you, so we had given up hope of searching and we didn’t want to continue living so we won’t be here any longer , but please don’t cry as we will love you forever and hope that you are happy in your new world, where ever you are may happiness follow you my darling.

Love Mum and Dad (Mr. and Mrs. Count Dracula)

After reading the letter he knew that Heaven was where he belonged and even though he can’t bring his parents with him, he knew that they will already be there waiting for him.
He came back to heaven with Angels, welcoming him but no sign of his parents so he asked Cedric who seemed to be squeezing him tight.
‘Wait Cedric shouldn’t my parents be here after all if they are dead their souls should be there.’
‘Look Vladimir there is no easy way to explain this see vampires don’t really have a soul see they are born immortal so that means they are reborn into a different world and so they aren’t here nor are they in your world’.
‘No that can’t be true I didn’t even get to say goodbye or tell them how much I love them, well what am I doing here then I am still alive so don’t I belong in my world’. Cried Vladimir who longed to see his parents.
‘Well everyone has a choice you chose to come to a better world and live there so that’s why you belong here it doesn’t matter if you are dead or alive anyone can fit in here’. Said Cedric trying to reassure him of his destiny.
‘Then I choose to stay here but will I ever get to see my family again’
Said Vladimir with watery eyes.
Well I should hope so if they are reborn, in time.’ Cedric gave him a comforting smile.

The great news is Vladimir did get to see his family reborn, and Cedric had also made a family in the one and only heaven, or should I say a silly made up juvenile world called the Perfect world.

The End

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