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Fear and Hope

May 8, 2019
By Anduin1112 BRONZE, Lebanon, Ohio
Anduin1112 BRONZE, Lebanon, Ohio
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Thawap! Thump! My arrow flew, closing the distance to the target until it hit. Bullseye, dead center. I skillfully snap off nine more shots all hitting the three targets I have set up. The arrows all land centimeters from each other. I walk across the field to retrieve my arrows. After I collect them I make my way to my cabin, which is nearby. I walk, or more accurately jump up the two stairs. I reach the top of the stairs and open my forest green door. Off to the right is a small kitchen with copper pots that glint in the sunshine that is coming through the window. Looking at the back of the house there are two rooms. I walk across the living dining room to reach these two rooms. One is my bedroom and the other is the pantry. I look into the pantry to see what I could have for dinner. As I explore the choices I hear a knock at the door. My hawk, Red, didn’t warn me that someone was coming so it must be someone he trusts. I walk back across my living area and open the door.

“Good afternoon Quinn.”

“What brings you here Summer?”

“I just wanted to see what you were up to.”

“Oh nothing much,” I reply.

“Want to go to the tavern for dinner?”

“Sure I’m free; I’ll meet you there I just have to pick some things up first.”

“Ok see you there,” Summer says as she heads towards town. I walk out of my house and whistle sharply and Red flies down from his roost and perches on my shoulder. I saddle up my horse and ride into town.

A couple days earlier

“Now come on out m’lady,” says a bandit, followed by a woman screaming.

“Come out or he gets it,”He said, Threatening the wealthy lady’s husband. From my spot in a tree, which over views the carriage, I softly whistle twice. My hawk flies out of the trees canopy and snatches the knife out if the guy’s hand.

Damnit, why would a bird do th-” My arrow flies fast and true, burying itself into the bandit’s throat.

“What! No it’s that darn Ranger.”

“Run!” The five remaining bandits rush off leaving their comrade behind.

“Fire,” I whisper as I shoot my arrow. It hits the body of the man I had shot earlier and he goes up in flame. I jump out of the tree, sling my bow over my shoulder, and walk towards the carriage. I open the door of the carriage and have to jump sideways and reach up and snatch a crossbow quarrel out of the air. My reaction surprises the lord and lady in the carriage. I tell them to be more careful with the crossbow. After I advise them and set them on their way I disappear into the shadows of the trees.

The present in the town inn

“What are you thinking about?” Summer asked me.

“Oh nothing.”

We are at the local tavern sitting in the corner. As we are sitting there the main door opens and the music and talking in the inn suddenly stops. The local thug a giant of a man 6’ 3” and about 220 lbs by my reckoning. I slowly reach for my bow because I can sense trouble brewing. Behind the main guy was four of his fellow criminals. The big guy walks up to the bar and sits down. The barkeep nervously asks him what the thug wanted. The thug just whispered something to the barkeep, and I saw the barkeeps face drain of color.

Suddenly-- the thug stands up and rushes me. Almost the same moment he stands an arrow appears in his thigh. A painful place, but not deadly. The rest of his men stand up drawing knives and broken bottles.

“Return,” I shout as I shoot my bow, three other arrows quickly follow that one. The first arrow goes past the guy who picked up the bag. The arrow curves around and returns dragging the bag with it. The arrow comes back into my hand and I toss it onto the table. The three other arrows all find purchase in three criminals. The last guy turns and runs for the door. I shoot him in the thigh.

“Everyone settle down. Everything is ok.” Now let's see what’s in the bag. I open the bag and inside is a single eyeball. It slowly swivels around on its own accord and looks at me. Then blackness…




“Quinn wake up.” I sit up blearly.

“What?” I say sleepily. I survey my surroundings. I am laying in a bed with a white sheet. My gaze sweeps the room and I noticed a few things like a oak dresser and a painted vanity. As I keep looking, I see Summer sitting in a chair looking at me strangely.

“What?” I question.

“At the Inn, after you took the eye out you just kept standing there. Then a gust of wind from somewhere blew your hood down and everyone gasped. For they saw your ears.” I reached up and felt my ears as she said this. Being an elf is hard. We are reverd a lot and kind of feared.

“I’m assuming that someone had placed a curse on that eye, and while I was stunned --conjured a wind to show everyone my ears hoping to get me ganged up on. That person would have to know me, know how to use magic, and have a grudge against me.”

“Yeah, but who do think fits these descriptions.”

“I don’t know for sure, but I do have an idea of, but first-- what happened after I blacked out?”

“After everyone gasped, I noticed that while everyone was distracted someone snuck out the back door so I teleported you here and ran after the person who left. Some people had got up and tried to follow me, but I lost them. I followed the guy and caught up with him or should I say her. When I confronted her she said, “Long shall reign fear,” she then disappeared.”

“Well with that new found information I definitely know who did this. I believe that the person who did this is a tiefling named Hope.”

“But wait I thou-”

“Now I was going to tell you that maybe Hope is a fake name and that Fear is probably the tiefling’s real name.”

“Well then let’s find this fear.”

“Yes and conquer it with hope.”

The author's comments:

This is a story about two heroes and has some D&D elements in it. If you are uncomfortable with minor violence do not read this.

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