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By joshuationg BRONZE
Dededo, Other

It was Edwards first day of high school. He’s going into a school with people that he’s never met before and this caused him to be a lot more nervous than social as he...
joshuationg BRONZE, Dededo, Other
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By Anonymous
SparrowSun ELITE, X, Vermont
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Favorite Quote:
"It Will Be Good." (complicated semi-spiritual emotional story.)

"Upon his bench the pieces lay
As if an artwork on display
Of gears and hands
And wire-thin bands
That glisten in dim candle play." -Janice T., Clockwork[love that poem, dont know why, im not steampunk]

By hanrahanellie BRONZE
St. Louis, Missouri
hanrahanellie BRONZE, St. Louis, Missouri
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By EvelyneWrites PLATINUM
Arlington, Virginia
EvelyneWrites PLATINUM, Arlington, Virginia
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By amistofsparkles BRONZE
Champaign, Illinois
amistofsparkles BRONZE, Champaign, Illinois
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Favorite Quote:
It is absurd to divide people into good and bad. People are either charming or tedious. -Oscar Wilde

By jadezito BRONZE
Eugene, Oregon
jadezito BRONZE, Eugene, Oregon
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audreymccarthy BRONZE, Eugene, Oregon
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grethelptja26 BRONZE, Cape Coral, Florida
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