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To Feel Butterflies

February 22, 2009
By GreenWriter826 PLATINUM, McAllen, Texas
GreenWriter826 PLATINUM, McAllen, Texas
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''Their fruits like honey to the throat
But poison in the blood'' - Christina Georgina Rossetti "Goblin Market"

Her Blonde hair tumbled down her back as her toes dipped into the water, making ripples. The birds chirped in the trees, and the wood deck was warm from absorbing the heat from the bright sun above. She leaned back onto her elbows, letting her face look into the yellow orb. Breathing deeply, she relaxed her whole body in a state of laziness she'd been hoping to feel when she took this trip. No high-school jocks head butting their lockers and no cheerleaders yelling 'Go Team' at the top of their lungs. Just the soft, warm breeze and the cool sweat trickling down her stomach underneath her lime green tank top.
The silence went on until she heard a rustle in the bushes. She opened one eye in time to see a body whoosh past her and sail of the deck into the water. His splash hit and soaked her completely. She shot up, fuming, while trying to ring out her drenched clothes.
'What's your problem' she yelled at the guy that crawled onto the deck. HE shook his head and beamed a smile at her.
'Going for a swim,' he looked her up and down. 'Looks like you did too.'
She opened her mouth to say something but closed it. She stepped forward and his smile fell at the sight of her evil expression. She took a couple of slow steps before running at him, wrapping her arms around his waist before being enveloped by the water. Sinking lower and lower, she pressed against him while holding her breath with ease. He pushed at her, trying to get back to the surface but she held him there till finally letting him go. She watched as he frantically swam to the top and over to the deck. Instead of following him she stayed where she was. She could hold her breathe forever without needing to take a breath. Her body loved the rush of that suffocating feeling. It wasn't pleasant but she took it well.
Finally, she surfaced too, coming up to feel the hot sun on her wet face. She looked toward the deck to see the guy sitting on the deck with a gawking appearance.
'I thought you said you were going for a swim?' She said jokingly, breast stroking to him. Climbing up, she stood in front of him. His eyes were round and searching her face urgently. 'What?' She felt uncomfortable under his intense stare.
'What's your name?'
'Becca and you, water boy?'
'Jacob,' he ran his fingers through his brown hair, face turning a slight red. 'Sorry to get you wet.'
She looked down at her wet cloths and smiled. Funny how she didn't care being soaked anymore.
'Doesn't matter, I'll dry. Besides that was fun.' The blonde in her hair shined in the sunlight, giving her a soft halo.
'How long are you here for?'
'Three weeks,' He said as his dog-tag necklace glinted in the light. She noticed two names on it, his and a girl named Jenna.
'Who's Jenna?' She looked into his eyes and he looked away.
'My ex-girlfriend, we broke-up during school.' He sounded so sad.
'I'm sorry I didn't realize-'
'No, its okay, it's over. Besides I came her with some friends to forget about it.'
Suddenly she was aware of how close they were, a foot between them.
'How's that going for you?'
'It wasn't till now,' he stepped closer to her, but she stepped back.
'Um,' she felt her heart beating fast and it made everything spin. 'I got to go,' she turned to leave but he caught her wrist.
'Don't leave.' God, his eyes were so brown, like a chocolate fountain or rich chocolate frosting.
'I don't even know you.'
'Neither do I but I feel it, don't you?'
She wanted to say no, that she didn't know him or the feeling he was talking about. She wanted to tell him to let her go. She wanted to feel nothing towards this tall, brown-eyed guy, but she would be lying. Because she did feel it, the butterflies that clenched her stomach and seized her heart. The numbing thought that told her she knew and wanted him. The strange attraction fractioning between them.
She just stood there letting her blue eyes beat against him like the waves of the lake against the brown ground.
Moments passed until he let go of her wrist and it fell to her side.
'I knew you felt it too.' He walked past her, but before he left he looked at her over his shoulder. 'If you still feel it tonight my cabin is number twelve. We're having a party. I'll be looking for you.' Then he was gone, disappeared into the pine trees.
She was there, again, herself. The warm breeze blew through her wet cloths and her dripping hair. 'So much for relaxing,' she said as she looked over the lake. The butterflies still fluttering wildly in her stomach and she secretly hoped they wouldn't leave till tonight.

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on May. 3 2009 at 3:51 am
GreenWriter826 PLATINUM, McAllen, Texas
21 articles 0 photos 31 comments

Favorite Quote:
''Their fruits like honey to the throat
But poison in the blood'' - Christina Georgina Rossetti "Goblin Market"

The strange thing is when i wrote this i had just got done talking to a friend named jacob who had just broken up with his gf...i don't really know why i made the story about us but it was either my name or my friend Marissa's...but im writing a story on her so i am glad i chose my name...hope you guys liked the story...