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Over That Wall

January 26, 2009
By Kourtney Wilcox BRONZE, Cleburne, Texas
Kourtney Wilcox BRONZE, Cleburne, Texas
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The tress towarded over me as if i was an Ant lost in New York city. The path is dirt, but covered in leaves. It looks as if I step onto the path i will fall throught and continue falling for eternity.I stept onto the with courage, holding my breath not knowing if i would meet death or stay alive. I stayed alive and continued walking through the forest still hesitant with each and every step. I come upon a stream that trickled down making noise that sounds from the heavens. I saw my reflection in the clear blue water and began to ponder...Where am I?....Where is this trail leading me?. I wanted to continue but the trail picked up on the other side of the stream. I questioned just turning around and going back but for some reaosn I felt as if I was drawn to the trail. It drove me crazy wondering why this was. I had to get to get across but I didnt know why. I walked right over the stream only being about ankle deep and continued forward through the mysterious trail. I see a book covered in dirt on the side of the trail. I pick it up discovering the book had the title Wonder and the author Meyer Campbell written in gold mettalic letters. I opened it reading the intoduction. It was a Father dedicating the book to his deceased son. I flipped the page and it was blank...all of the pages were blank. Wind caught my attention and made me look to the left seeing a cottage. The cottage looked old and abandoned but at the same time like it had been cared for dearly at a one point in time. I heard a growl as i look mesmerized at at the old cottage. I felt the hair stand up on the back of my neck as i turned around. There...in the middle of the path.. was a bear...I dropped the book in terror and it fell open to a page that was once blank but now perfectly drawn in the center.....was a bear. I looked up in horror to meet my death but saw the bear walking off now obilvious to my presence. I tried to forget my near death experince and looked down to retrieve the book and run out of the forest. I looked down to see the bear that was once draw perflectly was now gone. The page had returned to its orginal self....off white. I ran in confusion and fear as fast as i could hoping to leave this forest. Instead I hit a wall now afraid that im trapped in a world unknown to me. I looked up and saw the book that i had left in the forest. The book was proped open to a page that showed my face.I thought....What is this?...Why is this happening to me?. I dropped to my knees..then in pure helplessness and confusion I fell to my back and layed in the leaves...wshing...praying for an answer. I layed for what seemed as hours but was seconds. I recovered..stood and looked at the book..Wonder...that horrible but yet glourious title. The book was no longer proped up, it was laying on the side of the wall just far enough to where i could reach it. I jumped up to tap it and knock it down..and while in the air i thought.....are the leaves under me a hole...To where i met death and fall for enternity?.....But to end my ponder the book fell to the ground followed by my feet. I wasent going to met death today...well not this moment anyway. I picked up the books and saw that the pages were still blank. I could feel my pupils dialating in stress.. How could something so small hold so much...Wonder? The book then flew to another page with wind which upon it was now a mans face. The mans hair was black wth streaks of grey, scruffed face, and a horrible smerk which expressed anger, vengence and lust. I closed my eyes and saw his face again under my eye lids. I then started to see a vision. I saw the man hidding in my closet and my father coming in to check on me. I opened my eyes coming out of the vision, screaming wishing my father could hear it. I dropped the book and again began running. I ran as fast as my legs could go. I felt as if i was gliding through the air not concentrating or caring where my feet were just worring about my father. I busted through the door of my house yelling hoping to save my father from this man. I ran into the living room to find my father sound asleep in his chair. I hurried up the stairs to my room grabbing my baseball bat on the way just incase. I tore apart my room searching for a sign of his presence, but found nothing. I fell on my bed and burst into tears..letting out all of my Fear, anger, confusion,frustration, and wonder. I slowly started to drift asleep into a world that was completly out of my control.
I awoke to the sound of birds chirrping and the sun shining , the cool wind blowing across my face from my open window. I layed their clueless about my previous day for a split second..i was completly oblivious to the life changing day I had experienced before. The thoughts of the wreched day returned to me like a strike of lightning. They ran through my mind like a flim showing fast moving snapshots. I lost my breath...then recooperated as i decided, i was getting to the bottom of this. I went to my computer, typing in Google and searching for Wonder by Meyer Campbell. A link came up reading the summary of Wonder. It read: The stories told from the father of boy dying from lukemia, named Elliot, to his son. The stories were told to help make his son happy and make him believe he wasent in a hospital bed but in a land where everything was perfect, a land where all creatures fantises and legends lived for real....over that wall.
I turned off the computer and ran down the stairs determind to retrieve the book from that dreadful forest. Determind to open its pages and find the stories that were told to be inside. As I walked towards the forest my stomach began to feel uneasy. I saw the path still hesitant to step foot on it....not knowing if this was the day...the day i meet death. I continued walking, sort of at a fast pace now...wanting to end my wonder. I started to hear the sound of the trickling water again. The sound of angles from the heavens...so perfect. I stopped at the edge of the stream and looked across to see the other half of the trail. I waited hesitantly to move. I dont know why i was waiting but i felt as if i had to..the feeling hit me again. As if the tail was pulling me in calling me to come. A shiver ran down my spine as I walked across the streamm feeling the pull of the trail on my heart. I continued walking beginning to see the wall in the distance. I began to grow eager for something but not knowing what. As i reached the wall i saw the book facing backward proped up against the wall showing the word Elliot. I stood knowing that was the name of the dead child when a stone hurled over the wall knocking over the book to where it was facing upward toward me. It now showed a wall that markings on 4 of the bricks. I looked to the wall infront of me to see those exact same markings. The page then turned to show the bricks pushed in and a wall opening. I pressed my hand to the wall pushing in one of the bricks...it made a noise as if i was unlocking a lock. I pushed in two other bricks and came to the last bricks placing my fingers upon the cold stone when i heard a growl. However this time it was louder. Very angry and it felt as if it was 3 yards from my back. I looked to the page to find guidance and written perferfectly on the sheet of paper were the letters R-U-N. I looked up quickly and saw the wall now open to a dark tunnel. Through the tunnel I could hear calling..just as before at the edge of the stream. I ran as instructed not looking back into the darkness. I ran until my knees where about to buckle under me. I turned to see if the bear was following but saw nothing. I was in complete darkness. I raised my right hand to inches infront of my face but couldnt even see a outline of it. I raised my left hand which inclosed the book and saw the gold metallics letters spelling Wonder. I heard a voice calling again and turned to see a light. I began to walk toward it realizing it was a opening. I walked closer seeing a beautiful meadow. I walked straight to the middle of the meadow and looked up into the clouds excelerated by my surroundings becoming lost in the wonder and beauty. I then heard a faint "hello". I jumped at the greeting slowly turning to see a faint figure of a man soming towards the light. "Im sorry. I didnt mean to frighten you" The voice was amazing. My head spun by the shore beauty of it. My eyes began to focus upon a brown haired man. He was staring at me with wonder in his blue eyes. I stood knowing this was a dream and waiting to be awakened. I shut my eyes hoping to speed up the process but again heard the voice that made my heart skip a beat. "Are you ok?" he asked. I opened my eyes to see him about 5 feet from me now his figures now perfectly clear to my eyes. His flawless face,with dimples high upon his cheeks...eyes almond-shaped full of wonder...his body soo perfect in deliverance showed off by a half buttoned white shirt and wearing jeans that were faded. I stood in shock again..wanting to speak . I opened my mouth expecting to reply with yes and can you help me, but however all i could deliver was a scared and hesitant "hi". He replyed with a smile and said "hello". I started to recover from the slight heart-attack i had just recieved from his astonishing voice when he spoke again with "what is your name?" i replyed with "samantha"..."sam". The man looked me with soo much curiosity and said with the vioce of a million church bells "Well then hello Samantha". He smiled inching closer to me.. staring into my eyes with so much passion I felt as if i could faint at any moment. He opened his perfectly engineered lips again and spoke "My name is Elliot"...........

The author's comments:
This story came to me in my mythogoly class and i couldnt stop thinking about it soo i worte this story and couldnt stop..I have written more to the story but wanted to see how people responded to the beginning and to see if they wanted to hear more. so please tell me your thoughts.

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