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Today,I met a girl

July 24, 2015
By NamelessWonder GOLD, Happy, Arkansas
NamelessWonder GOLD, Happy, Arkansas
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July 1st-Today,I met a girl


"Hi!" she yelled.


Who is this girl,who thinks that she has the right to disturb my lunch?I turned around,daring to give her my attention.

She was gorgeous,blonde hair with the cutest fringe ever and dark green eyes that caught my gaze.


"Umm, hello," I said timidly.


"My name is Isabelle," she replied.


"Oh,hi Isabelle,mine is Jack"—the longest conversation I have had with the opposite sex,besides my mum.

What do I do? What do I say?


"Well,how are you today Jackson?" she said this in a caring voice, which symbolised that I had reached the status of "Friends".

—Wait,she just asked me a question.How am I? Well right now,I am happy,excited,I am talking to a beautiful girl.I made a girl-friend!(friend that is a girl)


"It was average," I said in a melancholic tone.


"Oh,ok.Mine was pretty boring, until now"—What does she mean by "until now".I she hitting on me,I have seen this in one of those cheap romantic movies my mum rents out on Friday nights.Wow!What do I say now? Should I ask her what she meant?Maybe I should just pretend like I didn't hear that.


"I am not really interesting," I said,trying to ward her off—but I failed.


She smiled and said,"Let's find out.What is your favourite subject?"—once Science is the topic of a conversation,I can't help but lose my shyness and be sucked into the conversation.


The rest is all a blur now.I remember lying to make myself sound cool and she laughed a lot at my responses.I wonder why though...Maybe it was because she knew I was lying or maybe she really thought I was funny or maybe because I was red in the face-because her comments made me blush.

     —My first encounter with Isabelle ,the green-eyed beauty.


We became best of friends,which was great.She was always there for me and so was I for her,through her many break-ups and mine-which became fewer as we got older,because we were smarter .I was there for her in the good and bad times-like when her mum passed away in a car accident.

We were simply best friends,who entertained each other after school and via the phone during the holidays.

Deep down inside I wanted more,I wanted to be able to unchain the feelings that I had towards her,that drowned my brain.I wanted an upgrade from "B.F.F" to"BF",that's easy,just take away one "F".I wanted to hold her hands as I walked her home and kiss her goodbye each time we parted—but I couldn't.She never gave  me signs that the feeling was mutual and it would ruin our friendship if she knew of these feelings but didn't feel the same.



It's been 3 months since Isabelle's last break-up,which is weird because she never really had a lack of boyfriends—especially for that long,after all,she could catch the eye of any man.


She was there at our meeting place,in front of the oak tree.She was in tears,I could hear her sobs,she looked so fragile with her head down,resting on her knees to hide her face.

The urge to be near her was stronger then,to hold her,to console her.


She said with a beautiful tainted by tears,"I miss Derek so much Jack.I really really love him—what,two really's—he said the nicest things and was perfect,I was sure he was the one Jack.I was so damn sure of it."—What? She just said he was "the one",I felt a dagger impale my heart as she uttered those two words.Then,at that moment,the lock to the chains that imprisoned my feelings for her was shattered,just like my heart.


"Belle,I love you.I want to be with you,I want to kiss you,hug you,hold you,caress you.I want to be your "one".I have kept this from you because I didn't want to ruin our friendship...But I am doing this in the name of love.You are beautiful,smart,funny and gorgeous,wait,isn't that the same as beautful."


she giggled


I wiped the tears from her eyes and said,"Isabelle,I mean it when I say "I love you",I want to have a relationship with you...And Belle,I understand if you don't want to,I totally do."


Like a switch had been flicked,I came back to reality,my brain was in control now,not  longer my heart.


"Isabelle,you don't have to give me an answer now," I said.


She was crimson red—I made her blush or maybe she was just embarrassed.


"Ok" she said


"Hey,why don't we go to that ice cream place that you love so much?It will be my treat,"I said with a huge smile.


She forced a smile



Later that night she tried calling me,but it went straight to voice mail,because I was having a shower then.I decided to listen to it before I slept,incase it was urgent.


"Jack,I love you too,in fact,I did since the first day we met.You are the most amazing guy I have ever met,you know me from head to toe and well,I love you.I long to hold your hands,be in your arms,caress your neck and touch your lips.I want to be with you till the end.Jack,yes, I will go out with you.


Music to my ears.I had the best sleep ever that night.



—All these memories of Isabelle flood into my mind as I walk out that door—like the volta changes the tone of a sonnet,this will change the course of my life.


Am I making a mistake I think as I grasp the door knob.It feels cold,colder than usual,until now,touching that knob felt warm because I was excited to see Isabelle on the other side of the door...But now,I just want to get away from her,I cannot stand her.

My legs are ordered to move out the door by the dictator,my brain.However,my heart is the only one trying to rebel,to form a resistance.I want her,but I feel like I hate her now,with a passion burning inside of me.

I take a deep breath,shed a tear and step out into the bright light outside. Regret,regret,regret.I always told her "Live life with no regrets!" yet,here I am,doing something that I will most certainly regret.A sigh slips out of my mouth,I am alone with my thoughts,it's very quiet out here and I cannot make up my mind.


I felt two warm hands around my waist,I turned around and saw Isabelle crying with her face on my chest.Damnit!She looks so cute,I just want to hug her until she stopped crying and console her.She's doing it again,guitl-tripping me,she knows that my heart is easily softened by those eyes.


I want to give in...

The author's comments:

I hope you like it—sorry about the cliffhanger,but I think it was necessary :D

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