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April 8, 2015
By Buble PLATINUM, Ammon, Idaho
Buble PLATINUM, Ammon, Idaho
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Love and loyalty run deeper than blood. By: Richelle Mead

Erika: sits in the garden admireing a pink rose.

Ralph: Finds Erika in the garden.

Erika: Ignores Ralphs presence and sets the rose on the ground next to her.

Ralph: Takes a step towards her and speaks in a calm voice. "Erikca....."

Erika: "Leave me be."

Ralph: "I'm not leaving till you hear what I have to say!"

Erika: "I don't want to hear anything you have to say!"

Ralph: "Please Erika, just listen....."

Erika: Rises to her feet and turns and faces Ralph. "Fine, I'll listen but hen I'm leaving."

Ralph: Nods his head and speaks in a low but sincerely voice. "I know your hurting but you need to stop shuting everyone out."

Erika: Tears brim Erika's eyes and she speaks in a fierce but shaky voice. "Of course I'm hurting! I watched Anna, My own baby sister, die in my arms and I couldn't save her or anything!"

Ralph: "There's nothing you could have done for her!"

Erika: Starts crying. "I should have protected her! She was left in my care when Mother and Father died!" 

Ralph: Shakes his head and moves a little closer to Erika.

Erika: "Anna's death was all my fault....." Looks down at her shaking hands.

Ralph: Grabs Erika's hands and pulls her close to him. "Her death was not your fault." He says in a fierce voice.

Erika: Looks up at ralph tears running down her face.

Ralph: Wipes away her tears and cups her face inbetween his strong hands.

Erika: Erika shakes her head. "I should have stayed with her. I should have protected her from those Trojan soldiers."

Ralph: Ralph shakes his head and uncups her face and pulls her into a tight embrace.

Erika: Sobs quietly and whispers... "I don't know what to do no that shes gone."

Ralph: Pulls away and wipes away her lingering tears. "You'll figure it out."

Erika: "I'm going to miss Anna terribly."

Ralph: "We all are...."

Erika: Hugs Ralph.

Ralph: Pushes a strand of her hair out of her face and smiles softly. "Where's that smile I do so love....."

Erika: Smiles slightly and blushes.

Ralph: Places a hand under her chin and lifts her face so she's looking at him.

Erika: " I don't know what I'd do without you Ralph."

Ralph: Smiles and leans down as if to kiss her but then stops and drops his hand away from her chin.

Erika: "Whats wrong?"

Ralph: "I do so wish we could be like this together all the time but we can't."

Erika: Looks down at the ground. "Samuel....."

Ralph: Nods his head. "Your betrothed to him....."

Erika: Looks up and touches Ralphs cheek softly. "If only we could be married and livea long happy life together."

Ralph: Holds her hand to his cheek and kisses her palm. "If only, if only...."

Erika: kisses Ralph on the lips softly.

Ralph: Kisses her back but onlhy for a couple of seconds before pulling away. "We can't....."

Erika: Drops her hand from his face and nods her head in agreement.

Ralph: Looks deeply into her eyes. "I will always love you Erika, no matter what."

Erika: Smiles softly. "And I will always love you with all my heart, no matter what."

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Buble PLATINUM said...
on Apr. 16 2015 at 3:24 pm
Buble PLATINUM, Ammon, Idaho
22 articles 13 photos 25 comments

Favorite Quote:
Love and loyalty run deeper than blood. By: Richelle Mead

Thanks for informing me of my mistake

meekfigs said...
on Apr. 15 2015 at 8:14 pm
*you're* betrothed to him