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After got tricked...

November 13, 2008
By Anonymous

“I want a boyfriend.”
“You do?”
“Okay, give me your hand.”
“What is it?”

Part 1
“Now Celia, hold this umbrella and point it forward…” Jonas told me, while he’s looking at his computer screen, instead of me.
“Are you sure it’s going to help?” I doubly looked at the regular little black and white umbrella in my hand.
Jonas turned around and finally looked at me. “Of course it’s going to help! It helped me find um…Lucinda.”
“Who’s Lucinda?” I asked curiously.
“This really hot girl I met in the bar.”
“But you just said it was the umbrella that…”
“Okay!” Jonas interrupted me, “You want a boy-friend or not?!”
“Then go! Don’t drop the umbrella though. You’ll never get married if you drop it.” Jonas said to me, looking all serious and everything.
As I walked out of Jonas’s room, I thought I heard him laughing softly.
Huh? How suspicious.

So I did hold the stupid umbrella as the way Jack told me. I was walking down the road following my intuition. But nothing happens!
So, what’s wrong with a teenage girl who’s walking down the road, carefully holding an umbrella with both her hands, pointing forward, and keeping stare at the people especially guys who pass by her in a sunny day?
She’s doing all that, because she wanted a boy-friend.
And she was doing those stupid things, only because her so-called best guy friend told her to.
Oh man, it’s so sad when I finally realized that I am an idiot.
I tightly held that umbrella in one hand and started to head back. I planed to go back home and beat up Jonas with it. But who beat up someone with a small umbrella anyway? That certainly won’t hurt. Now I’m heading to the store, because I need a whip.
Just when I was walking fast, I saw a guy coming toward me. When he came closer, I finally realize how hot he was. He was like the highest level of hotness. I nearly passed out for that one. But I can’t. My chance had finally come!
I changed the way I walk and tried to walk like a fashion model, which I tried really hard. Because every time I tried to walk like a model, Jonas said I looked like I want to hold my pee.
It was difficult. It became more difficult when I put on my best smile and got all my eye contacts ready. It was definitely not easy. Well, at least for me.
The hot guy got closer, and he started smiling, too!
Oh boy, the air even smelled better now. It smelled like, victory!
When the guy got close enough for us to face each other, the smile on his face had become laugh.
That’s right! A super hot guy just laughed at me! Man, do I need a chair to hold on to?
I smiled some more while I was listing all my ten ways in my head to say “Hi” to him. Or maybe I’ll say “Hey” this time, you know, in a flirty kind of way.
The guy stopped in front of me and pointed at my face.
“Do you know you have a piece of rice on your face?”
He talked to me in the most amazing voice I’ve ever heard. It was like the voice of a thousand angels singing to me. It was like I’m drinking crystal clear water from a beautiful fountain. It could be more beautiful if he wasn’t trying to hold his laugh. And...
And, WHAT!?
When I came back from my little imagination, the hot guy was long gone. He’s more likely scared away by the look on my face when I’m imagining crazy things but oh well, who cares now!
I looked at my reflection from the windows near by and picked out the piece of rice I found on my left cheek. That was too obvious and way too embarrassing. Maybe it wasn’t so bad because I made a hot guy laugh. I thought I had no morals.
Now I was sad all over again. Forget about find a boy-friend and get married. I’ll just go back to my old to-do-list, beat up Jonas.

Part 2
“Jonas, I’m going to beat you up, you know?” I was standing by the door, trying to look scary.
Jonas turned around from his computer without an expression on his face. “No, don’t.”
“I was going to beat you with a whip, but I forgot to buy one.” I wanted to bit my tongue off after I said this. Why in the world do I always tell the guy my embarrassments?
“Well, I don’t have a whip either. You want me to lend you a stick?” said Jonas while wearing a nice smile on his face,” Maybe you can’t even hold a stick now, because you’ve so depressing for you had failed .”
Alright! So I failed to find my Mr. Right but heck! Why did it always hurt when I heard it coming from his mouth?
“Do you still want a boy-friend?” Jonas asked.
I nodded without a word.
“It’s alright, Celia. Have a cup of milk! I’m sure we will think of something to solve your problem.” He said while he was pointing to a cup of milk on the computer table.
I couldn’t help being thirsty. So I raised the cup without thinking and drank the whole cup of milk. But it tasted yucky. The next moment, my stomach started grumbling.
“Was that really milk?” I asked Jonas as I put down the cup.
“It’s been there for I month now,” Jonas answered,” So I’m pretty sure that was milk you drank.”
My stomach grumbled some more when I realized that I’ve been tricked again.
“I’ll teach you a lesson when I come back!” I left my words as I ran into the bathroom.
After I sat on the toilet, I found out there was no tissue.
“Um, I forgot to remind you, but there’s no tissue left!” I heard Jonas yelling through the bathroom door.
I couldn’t say anything because I was too mad to talk.
I heard Jonas’s voice again: “Luckily I left a cardboard in there. You might want to use that.”
I knew there’s no way I would ask Jonas to hand me some tissue inside. But, come on! A cardboard? He’s gotta be kidding!
But sadly, he’s not.
I looked at the cardboard Jonas left in there. It was super hard. If I do a little reshape job on it, I could certainly use it as a dart.
I heard Jonas’s laugh:” There’s tissue in the bathtub. But don’t rush though. I won’t be here when you come out.”
Oh, my.
I pulled away the bathtub curtain and there they were three rolls of tissue. What he thinks I was? An elephant???
When I came out of the bathroom, Jonas was no longer there just as he told me.

Part 3
“Are you mad?”
“You think?”
“I’m sorry, Celia. I guess I just started acting weird ever since you told me that you wanted a boy-friend. I always thought I could be your boy-friend.”
“I’m kidding.”
“Anyways, I need your help.”
“There’s this girl I liked, her birthday’s coming. I wanted to give her a present to impress her. But I don’t know what to get her. You wanna help me?”
“…um. Sure thing, Jonas.”
After I hanged up, my phone dropped from my hand.
I can never picture Jonas with a girl. There was only once he went home with a girl walking next to him and she turned out to be one of his sisters. Now when I actually trying to picture him with this girl he liked, it hurt a little.
But, why?
I know Jonas was my best guy-friend all time. He told me we’re gonna be together till the end. And I believed him, for he had never left me from the day he told me this. He grew up with me. He laughed with me. He placated me when I cried. I know him too well, and so is he.
And this girl he liked, she’s lucky to have him and she’d better be good. Otherwise I would probably beat her with a stick or something.
Jonas was as happy as an innocent child when he went shopping with me. I picked out the perfect, most beautiful dress I’ve seen for him. I saw him staring at the dress for few seconds. He was probably picturing how pretty will she look when she put it on. His expression nearly made me cry, for I had never seen him this happy.

“You can not forget about me, Jonas.” Before I even knew it, I found myself dragging Jonas’ sleeve and swing his arm.
Jonas put his hand on my head and went:” What are you talking about? Celia, you know I can’t forget about you, ever!”
He smiled as he went on talking,” Even though I really love this girl, even though I’m going to make her my girlfriend, even though we may get married one day, I will never forget about you.”
Was I supposed to be happy when I heard something like that?
I certainly wasn’t, because I let go off his sleeve and started to cry.
He had changed. He had grown up. He’s moving on, without me. I’m still me. I’m still standing where I was, with absolutely nothing left.
I realized that I had lost Jonas.

I had determined that my bed would be the place I would stay for the next couple of days, until my doorbell rang.
I wanted to ignore it but it continued going on and on.
So, I went downstairs and opened the door.
There, stood Jonas in a fancy suit and an elegant, wooden box in his hand.
“Nice pajamas.” He said.
“Do you have to complete that sentence in a suit?” I tried to look at him through my messy bangs,” I thought you were celebrating this girl’s birthday.”
“I am,” said Jonas,” Happy Birthday, Celia.”
“Wha…” I said it with my mouth opened.
Jonas explained everything by opening the box. In there, there’s this most beautiful dress I’ve ever seen.
“I’m sorry I made you cry. I kind of wanted to surprise you.” Jonas said when he handed me the box.
“How did you…” Even I didn’t realize it was my birthday!
Jonas laughed,”I know you too well. Now you know how I felt when you told me that you want a boy-friend.”
“Yeah, I…”
“And remember how I said we’ll always be together? I meant it.”
“But, you didn’t have to trick me.”
“I thought it would be fun.”
“Jonas,” I tried to be angry but I couldn’t hide my laughter,” I’ll just beat you up later, ‘because you are stuck with me.”

The author's comments:
I'm poor. My driver's poor. My maid's poor. My gardener's poor.

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on May. 11 at 5:44 pm
JessicaJail SILVER, Laffayette, Colorado
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sooooo cute, i have just guy-friends at school and this is really realistic

on Nov. 15 2018 at 6:26 pm
Hermione-Granger BRONZE, Bethel Park, Pennsylvania
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I love this, so sweet!

on Mar. 30 2018 at 9:20 am
Dani_Higareda PLATINUM, Hanahan, South Carolina
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I LOVE it!!! This is beautiful and so sweet. Nice job:)

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super cute!Love it:)

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I LOVED it!! It was so sweet! Five stars and adding to favorites!!!

on Oct. 6 2009 at 1:09 pm
lol! that was so funny! nice job :)

munkibaby said...
on Nov. 19 2008 at 3:45 am
I love it!

it is sooo romantic but kinda predictable but thats wut i loved

bout it!

very brilliant n wonderful!

i wish i had an encounter like that one!