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January 17, 2014
By TheUnwindingCableCar PLATINUM, Plymouth, Indiana
TheUnwindingCableCar PLATINUM, Plymouth, Indiana
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What we achieve inwardly will change outer reality. -Plutarch

Distortion in their reflections, as though a part of a different reality, the smiling faces of the lovers look at their selves. The sky above resembles a field of stars, as though from the American flag itself. A clear, perfect night, save for the slight chill of the wind, envelops them in a world of darkness. Not the kind that worries you or terrifies you, but the kind of darkness that one sees in their sleep as they dream of a world where their troubles don't exist. A world in which they sit silently, gazing at their reflections, which now regain their form. Suddenly, the nocturnal wind gusts, causing the girl to tuck in closer to the boy, who is still gazing at the surface of the lake. His deep thoughts seem to trouble him ever so slightly as his brow is furrowed. A negligible difference, but still noticeable to the small girl tucked into him.

“Is something wrong?” The girl's voice comes to his ears as a whisper. Someone passing by may have mistaken the words for a slight pickup in the breeze. However, despite the softness of her tone, it is clear that she is worried. The boy nods, not speaking for a full minute. Then, he replies.

“Not really, just thinking.” His voice wasn't as soft as his love's, though it wasn't a very loud tone in which he spoke either. It was as if the night that they were sharing together were fragile, as if it could be broken if either of them spoke above a whisper. Of course, the girl's curiosity wasn't going to be satisfied with his answer. “What about?”

The boy sighed, another gust of wind kicking up as he did so, as if a heavy breath had an effect on such things. The girl, already curled into a rather tiny ball, retracted further. She was already wearing his coat, so the boy couldn't do anything about it outside of taking her in for some hot chocolate. Which, now that he thought about it, didn't sound like a terrible idea at all. “Just... About us.”

The girl raised an eyebrow slightly, amusement on her face. “It's not like you to be sentimental,” she joked, prodding at his outward lack of emotion. Inside was a different story altogether.

It was his turn to joke. “You're kind of a bad influence, it seems.”

“Could I really be a bad influence?” She gave him her most innocent look, complete with slightly watery eyes and an almost childlike expression on her face. The boy laughed, the sudden sound echoing over the tranquil grounds. No, she definitely couldn't. Would he admit that to her though? Of course not. “Don't disguise yourself in sheep wool!” His usually cryptic expression turned into one of clear amusement. He couldn't hold himself back. She had that effect on him.

The girl feigned bewilderment, hurt, and shock all on one face. Pretty good for a non-actress. “H-h-how could you?” The next face was one of sadness as she looked down, tucking a strand of her jet black hair behind her ear. The boy's grin turned into a smile at her acting. She was most beautiful when she wore her hair down as she did now. Not that it hurt her appearance otherwise. He leaned in, millimeters from her ear. She blushed a little bit; he knew how to get that response out of her better than anyone. She turned her head slowly, the revolution putting her face right up to his.

“I guess I'm not as nice, kind, and loving as you are.” The smile was still plastered across his face. The girl's breath caught in her throat for a second, but she recovered quickly, resorting to eye-rolling. “Yeah, because I'm a real freaking humanitarian.” After all, she was the one who decided it would be a good idea to trip a cheerleader in the hall. The boy simply chuckled. “You did help her up at least.” She opened her mouth to argue, but promptly closed it again. It wasn't like she could argue much with him on that front.

She turned her head back to the reflection in the water. If it weren't for the differences in the colors of the clothing they wore, they'd look like one person. The boy hadn't moved an inch yet, and she could practically feel the heat from his face on her. “You know, our star is up there tonight.” He pointed at the sky where a blue dot twinkled. It was smaller than a good number of them, and perhaps not as bright, but it was still there. And it was pretty. The girl's eyes turned upwards, as did his. For a few minutes they stared at the sky, motionless, silent, before he put an arm around her. The girl turned to face him, his green eyes catching a hint of moonlight. It looked for all the world like they were shining. He looked to her and smiled. Then, he kissed her, their lips meeting softly. This caught the girl off-guard, the heat rushing back to her face again. After the kiss, the boy drew back, smiling brightly. The girl smiled too. She couldn't help herself. It was perfect at this moment. She couldn't meet his eyes though, still slightly embarrassed that he had gotten her like that. Usually, she was the one to surprise him. Not tonight though.

“Hey, let's go in for cocoa.” His face was back to its usual blank expression. The girl vaguely wondered if she was with a robot. She just nodded at his suggestion and stood up. “Let's.”

The author's comments:
I know it'll drive you crazy that the characters don't have names, but this was designed so you can picture yourself with the one you love in the most serene place I can conjure.

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