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Skaterboy and Her

December 9, 2013
By b_moizay BRONZE, Liberty, North Carolina
b_moizay BRONZE, Liberty, North Carolina
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“Jordan, Jordan, Jordan!” If he didn’t know his name, nobody else would. Everybody knew his name. How could they not? Jordan was the top teen skater in the area. He shredded the parks, of course where it was permitted. He was gorgeous, too. His shaggy, brown hair fell right above his crystal blue eyes perfectly. His face looked like it was sculpted by angels. Many fights have broken out between him and the guys over girls.
Everyone knew Jordan’s name, except the one person he wanted to know it, Chelsea. She was beautiful beyond his dreams. Her long dirty blonde hair came down her back and she walked with such high pride, with such grace; as if she were to walk on a spider-web and not disturb it if she tried. His love for her was, too great. She never looked his way though. Why would she? A girl like her wasn’t interested in a guy like him.
She was in all of his classes. He watched her all day, aching for her to be his. He could not stand it anymore. “She must know how I feel.” He mumbled to himself. He ripped out a piece of paper from his notebook and began writing her a note. He got all the way to the end, hesitated for a moment then signed it with, “Your Secret Admirer”. He left these notes where she knew she’d see them and nobody else in her desk, locker, notebooks; being sure not to get caught.
This had been going on for a few weeks now. The notes kept getting sweeter and sweeter, but was getting him nowhere. He finally had decided that he was going to talk to her in person, but not here, not with people around. She kept getting the letters and reading them dearly. Her heart soared after she read them. She checked her desk, her notebook and finally found the daily letter in her locker. She was so dearly desperate to see who her admirer was when she read “Met me at the skate-park at eight tonight.” She got ready in a near-by public bathroom, she needed no mirror. She knew what she looked like anyways, she just had to work up the nerve to talk to this admirer, forgetting her secret she needed to keep.
It was 7:50pm; he’s been at the skate-park for nearly an hour now. He was not about to be late or miss her by the slightest. He twirled his thumbs and dug up a flower that started growing through the crack of the sidewalk with his shoe. He footsteps and looked up in excitement. She glowed even from so far away. Her hair was flying behind her, in a smooth way, though. Her sweet smell filled his nose as she neared, she was looking down at her feet. He waited for her to look up at him, when she finally did he saw a discouraged look on her face. She looked as if she had seen a ghost.
Her face grown pale, “Are you… Are you the admirer that’s been writing those sweet notes?” Jordan nodded with concern.
“I’m not you expected am I?” His voice quivered as he hung his head.

“You’re not at all what I expected.” She told him with a sour tone. His stomach twisted and knotted. He knew he should have never tried this. She was too good for him and he knew it from the beginning.
She looked at him with sincerity in her eyes. “How can you see me?”
“What do you mean?” He replied. “You’re right here in front of me. How could I not see you?” He tried his hardest to hide the pain in his voice. He reached out to grab her hand only to see that he went right through her, he quickly pulled away and grabbed his own hand.
“That’s what I mean. You’re not supposed to see me or touch me. Nobody is.” Her voice trailed off as she bit her lower lip. He wished he knew what was going on. He hoped he was in a dream and that he was about to wake up. This dream come true in front of him was turning into a nightmare.
She took a breath. “I’ve been dead for about two years now, Jordan, I know it sounds ridiculous,” she paused as if hearing herself was ridiculous, “but it’s absolutely true.” She explained.
“So… So, you’re a ghost?” He shook his head. “This is crazy. But I somehow believe you. I wanna be with you, Chelsea. Please?”
“It’s possible but, you shouldn’t try it. Too, many people know you.” She turned away. “You should go home. It’s getting late.”
“What is it!? Please, I’ll do anything to be with you. I love you.” Those last three words hit her hard; she stood there speechless, blankly staring at him. “I want to be with you. I could care less about all those other people. They don’t compare to the feeling I get when I have you.” He tried grabbing her hand only to see that she would not feel her touch, as his hand went through hers.
She looked up at him “There is one way –. “ she trailed off looking away.
“What is that way he said frantically?” His heart and breath getting faster; tears slowly filling his eyes. She looked into his eyes.
“You’d have to die.” She said. “If I do it, it will be very painful.”
“How? I don’t care how painful it is as long as I’m with you.” He wiped his eyes.
“True loves first kiss will kill you quick but painfully,” she got closer. “But I shouldn’t. I won’t.” She swallowed hard. “Goodbye, Jordan.” She walked away fading in the shadows quickly. He bit his lip not knowing whether to run after her or not. He stood there in the cold; watching her walk away.
Jordan finally arrived home; nobody was awake to greet him, which was fine. He didn’t feel much of talking anyways. He went to his room and crawled under his covers, not even bothering of taking his shoes off. The room grew strangely dark and comfortable making him quickly dose off. Jordan woke up the next morning to the clashing of a pan on the stove and the clanking of a spoon in a cup. He walked down stairs; his eyes dark and heavy, his hair a mess. His mother gave him a funny well deserved look.
“How did you sleep, Jordan?” She asked pulling her robe closer around herself.
“Well.” He lied. “Why do you ask?”
She brushed his hair down a bit. “Well, judging from the dark circles around your eyes tell me differently.” She was correct. He didn’t get much sleep last night. He tossed and turned, with Chelsea on his mind. He couldn’t help it, not after last night.
Jordan’s’ grades dropped low. It had been weeks scene that night, he occasionally saw her in the halls, never making eye contact with him. She was all he could think about. She was all he dreamed about. All he talked about, to himself of course, nobody would believe him. What would people think with him telling people, “I’m in love with a ghost.” They’d lock him up for sure. His friends noticed, his mom noticed even those people that weren’t close to him noticed it. He was going crazy and everyone knew, but nobody could help him.
“Man, are you okay?” Tyler one of his childhood friends asked. Jordan looked up at him; he was pale and the circles around his eyes were dark. He looked nearly dead. “You look dead, bro.” Tyler said concerned.
“I wish.” Jordan mumbled under his breath staring out in front of him.
“Jordan, everybody’s worried about you. What’s wrong with you?” Tyler tried interfering with his fixed gaze, not knowing he was blocking Jordan’s view from Chelsea.
“I fell in love, Tyler.” He raised his voice loud enough for Chelsea to hear him. She lowered herself in her seat not turning to him.
“With who, dude?” Tyler waited for an answer while Jordan just blankly stared at him. “Look never mind that. Are you ready to go the skate-park, tomorrow?” Jordan had forgotten all about it. Everything became clear again. He shook his head with a slight smile.
“Yes. Yes, I am.” He looked bright eyed.
Tyler smiled. “Good. So, what is this falling in love thing about?”
“Don’t worry about it. It isn’t real. Not yet.” He said looking at Chelsea.

It was Saturday afternoon. Jordan and his buddies were at the skate-park. Doing what they always did; making bets and small contests. A few hours went by, Jordan was always checking to see if she was there. He invited Chelsea to the skate-park for the second and last time, she finally arrived. Making eye contact with each other he smiled then looked to his buddies. “Watch this.” He said. He climbed to the top of one of the ends of the half-pipe.
“I’m going to gain speed, jump from the other side over the fence and grind that rail on the other side.” The grins on his friend’s faces grew sour. The fence was close enough to jump but he knew he wouldn’t make it onto the rail. He took his helmet off and readied himself. Tyler climbed up there to him. “Jordan. Put your helmet back on. You’ve done some crazy s***, but this trick could kill you.”
Jordan smiled. “I’m planning on it, Tyler. For her. I just wanna be with her.” He took off down the half-pipe, going back and forth. Picking up more and more speed he finally jumped over the fence. The bottom of his board hit the railing, he was wrong he would make to the railing. As soon as his board hit it snapped in two, sending him flying, landing on his head and finally rolling to the feet of Chelsea. He got his last glimpse of her before blacking out. His friends hurriedly went over to him; one calling an ambulance the others shocked not knowing what to do. The paramedics got over to Jordan, trying everything in their power to bring him back. But he was fighting hard not to come back. He saw the light in front of him. His mother arrived to the scene; he kept hearing her voice in the room of darkness he was in. He turned to her, nearly forgetting his mission. He quickly tore away from her and walked as quickly as he could to the light behind him.
He finally reached it and woke up to watching the people around him trying to bring him back to life. He felt bad but turned to find Chelsea also watching. He quickly went to her wrapping her in his arms. She too embraced him, she wished he hadn’t have done this, but it was so nice to feel the loving touch of another and she was happy.
Tyler looked up to see Jordan and a girl he’d never seen before in his arms. He swallowed hard, tears in his eyes but quickly blinked them away. He finally understood, he didn’t know how, but he did. “He’s dead.” Tyler said quietly hanging his head. The paramedics made fact of Tyler’s statement loaded him into the ambulance with his mother and drove away. All his friends went home, except Tyler. He could still she Jordan and the girl, he walked over to them. “So, this is the falling in love, you were talking about?” He chuckled, choking on his sadness.
“I don’t expect you to understand, but yes. I told you, for her.” Jordan said. “You’ll do great my friend. I promise. I was just a name, and soon you’ll find another Jordan. Don’t worry it’ll be fine. I do have one request, though.” Tyler looked at him funny. “I want you to keep half of my board and give the other half to my mother and tell her I’m sorry, but I’m finally happy.” He smiled with his hand in Chelsea’s turned and began to walk away fading into the sunset.

The author's comments:
My boyfriend actually sort of inspired me to write this. He asked me to tell him a story being silly one night and I told him this (a less detailed version of course) then made it a little better and here it is!

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