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Powerful Couple

August 24, 2013
By TrishHastings BRONZE, San Juan, Other
TrishHastings BRONZE, San Juan, Other
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A Powerful Couple:
Once upon a time, there was a young, beautiful, 16 year old girl named Christina. What Christina held most dear in her little, yet potent heart was to love someone and be loved in return. The beautiful Christina was from France. One day, she met a handsome boy named Hunter, which was from United States. She met him in the queen of France's ball. It was 11:30pm, in 30 minutes Christina had to be home. They talked, and laughed, and sang in a nearby Park. Christina had instanly fallen in love with Hunter. Before Christina left, Hunter took her out to see the lake infront of Christina's house. There, Hunter told her that he had a very, very fun time and gave her a gentle kiss on the lips and left on his white horse.
Every afternoon, Christina and Hunter would sneak away to the garden and talk and get to know each other better. With every passing moment Christina hoped that Hunter would feel the same way about her. But her spirit was crushed when her best friend Megan told her, that she too liked Hunter. That night, Christina meditated on either choosing to tell Megan that she liked Hunter too, or keep it a secret as always. She decided to tell Megan that she liked him too.
Afterwards, Christina went to talk to Hunter and Megan was spying on Christina so that she could have had a chance to make Hunter like her, instead of falling in love with Christina. As hoped, Christina went to Hunter, but Megan came and introduced herself to Hunter. Instantly, Hunter ignored Christina and talked long hours with Megan.
One day, while Christina was writting on her diary, her other best friend, Claire, went to her and angrily told her how much she had changed since she met Hunter and that she had a decision to make: either stay with Hunter and loose her, or stop hanging out with Hunter and keep being friends with her. Claire hated Hunter, because he was driving Christina farther away from her, she was jealous. That night, Christina cried herself to sleep, because she loved Hunter with all her heart, but she also wanted to keep being friends with Claire.
Everyday, Christina tried to maintain a balance with hanging out with Hunter and Claire. But it wasn't enough, Hunter noticed that she was talking less to him, and Claire stopped talking to Christina.
One night, Christina and Hunter sneaked away to the garden as they usually did, and consumated their love. With that, Hunter fell in love with Christina, and he told her the horrible truth: ''Christina, I am afraid I am in love with you. But my parents signed a contract that said that I shall marry the rich man's youngest daughter, Melissa. And we can never be together''. And with that, Christina started to cry and Hunter got on his white horse and left Christina lying on the dirty ground crying.
The next week, Christina received the news that Hunter had married Melissa and Melissa was pregnant. That night, Christina went to the garden, and waited for Hunter to come. It was 12:00am already and Christina was very tired of crying, so she made the final decision.
Christina's body was found 2 days later in the river. Hunter was the one to find her body. He carried her dead body to the garden and burried her. He put a rose in her hands, because that was her favorite flower.
The next day, Christina's mom found her diary and read it. She gave it to Hunter, because she felt that, that was the correct thing to do. When Hunter read it, Christina's mom told him to open it to the middle page and that Christina wrote a note for him before she died. It said:

Dear Hunter,
As you probably know already, I have died. I just wanted you to know that I killed myself, I wanted to die. It was all because I loved you, and you were too dumb to see that. And you married Melissa, which broke my heart. I hope you are happy with her, but she will never make you as happy as I would have made you happy. I just wanted you to know that.

Christina Parker.
After Hunter read that, he felt a massive wave of guilt and regret. He wanted Christina to be with him, cuddled in his arms. He missed her a lot. A week later, Hunter's body was found dead beside Christina's grave in the garden. He was burried next to her, and their story was told across the world, and they were both known as "the most powerful couple alive, that not even death could seperate them". They reunited in the Underworld and found their own beautiful garden to talk for long hours, forever. And they both lived happily ever after.

Years after Christina's death, it was found that the cause of her death was not suicide, but murder. Megan had wrote the letter Christina's mom found kept in Christina's diary. Megan had killed Christina while she was crying in the garden, and afterwards thrown her into the river. But, Megan never thought Hunter would kill himself. She had hoped Hunter would go to her. Whereas for Melissa, she was never sad because of Hunter's death; because while married she would sneak out to be with her boyfriend. Megan was sent to jail, and Claire married the prince. Now, we can say that everyone lived happily ever after.

The author's comments:
This is a story which starts as a fairy tale. But you will know that it clearly isn't. It all starts with this girl named Christina. She falls in love with a boy named Hunter. There's twists to this love story that will involve various deaths.

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