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The Perfect Day

August 7, 2013
By K L SILVER, Toronto, Other
K L SILVER, Toronto, Other
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I run down the large hill that overlooks the lake below and laugh out loud as he grabs my waist and twirls me around. My ball gown that is embellished with golden jewels was sparkling like never before with the light of the sun hitting it impeccably. He lets me go however the grass is so inviting and the sky is a perfect shade of blue that I lie down on the grass that is surrounded by beautiful lilacs and smile to myself. He lies down beside me and my heart wells up with joy at the thought of the ball that is waiting for us in the evening. He gently traces my hand with his fingers and slowly picks me up off the soft ground. I gaze at his deep green eyes for what seemed like days and then I took his hand and led him to the enchanting garden that lies behind the castle, nestled between two large trees with beautiful swings weaved into each. A small bench that had been entwined with pink and white roses sat in the middle of the small garden as I lead him towards it. We sit down and stare up at the beautiful sky that seemed to have puffy pillows floating across it. We talked for hours about the simplest of things in the world but nonetheless we found we could talk about them for ages. We laughed and smiled when we saw a small orange cat meow as it entered through the garden’s archway trying to catch a white butterfly as it flew by. I smile down at the kitty as it jumps into my lap, curls up, and begins to sleep. He takes out my most favourite novel and begins to read to me. As the clouds move and the sun lowers the sky becomes a whimsical mix of purple, pink, and orange. A large bell rings as he finishes a chapter and I smile. I turn to him and he is doing the same, because we both know it’s time for the ball.

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