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Falling In Love

April 30, 2013
By xxMedievalShadexx GOLD, Deerfield Beach, Florida
xxMedievalShadexx GOLD, Deerfield Beach, Florida
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Love is like a friendship caught on fire. In the beginning a flame, very pretty, often hot and fierce, but still only light and flickering. As love grows older, our hearts mature and our love becomes as coals, deep-burning and unquenchable. -Bruce Lee

He was clutching her picture close. Holding it tight against his chest. Not wanting to let go. Fearing she would wonder off and away from him. He was pacing his room. Back and forth. Back and forth. Tears streaming down his face. Only earlier did she tell him she didn’t want him in her life.

They had been in school. Sitting in a computer room. They had broken up a few days before but he still wanted her. She wouldn’t give in. She didn’t want a part of him. She would push him away. Tell him to go away. He wouldn’t listen. He wanted her near. To feel her touch, smell her fruity shampoo, feel the warmth coming from her body.

Now he still sits in his room. Thinking of all the good memories, even the bad. He throws the picture down and screams at the sky, WHY GOD, WHY?! He punches the wall until his knuckles bleed. He’s all alone in the house, no one to hear him scream. He’s crying and crying, wanting her back. Willing to do anything for the girl he loves.

He goes downstairs and out the front door. It’s raining outside and he walks out wearing only a t-shirt and shorts. He runs down to her house. Its 10 minutes away. He’s running, trying not to hit cars or be hit. He finally makes it to her street. He goes up to her house, crying. Crying for her love.

He slowly knocks on the door only to find out that there is someone inside the house with her. He doesn’t think much of it until she opens the door. Her brown hair falling gently on her shoulders. He looks at her and then over her shoulder. He sees another guy in there. Sitting on the couch. Calling her back.

“Baby, who’s there?”

She looks at him with surprise in her eyes.

The boy breaks down and cries at her door. Crying and begging for her to take him back. She turns with tears in her eyes and closes the door.

He runs from her house, screaming and crying. She broke his heart and she didn’t do anything about it.

The next few days he sat in his room. Laying in bed. Crying. Thinking of her. He still has every picture they had ever taken. He still loved her.

There was a knock at the door that startled him. He heard the door open and his moms voice. Next thing he heard was a knock at his bedroom door. He slowly got up and walked to the door, his face covered in tears. He reluctantly opened the door.

His face couldn’t hide the surprise. He cried even harder for she, the girl he was in love with, was standing in front of him with a teddy bear that said ‘I love you.’

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Nintendude said...
on Feb. 27 2014 at 4:36 pm
Thassa good one

on May. 3 2013 at 12:53 pm
SunnyDreams BRONZE, Niger Falls, Other
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very well written --Sunny--