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My Perfect Summer (Part 3)

December 26, 2012
By KiraVogt2896 SILVER, La Canada Flintridge, California
KiraVogt2896 SILVER, La Canada Flintridge, California
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'Our love is like the wind... I can’t see it, but I sure can feel it.' By Landon, A Walk To Remember. Movie and book.

When Jack and I stopped hugging and crying, the doctor came in and asked Jack to step out....I guess he wanted me to answer a couple of his questions. He started with, "Hi, I'm your Doctor Spingal and I will help you with anything as medical reasons and personal reasons. We will start with a few questions I have for you. Go from easy to hard. And tell me anytime if it's too hard for you or too easy and want to go a little faster. Okay?" I will still a little weak so I just nodded. Doctor Spingal talked again "My first question is, do you feel anything, when I touch you face or stomach?" I nodded and he wrote that down in his notes. "My other questions will be personal, will that be okay with you?" I nodded, and he said "DId you know Liam?" I shook my head and said "no, i didn't" then he said "That's all my questions for you today, I'll check you in a few hours okay?" I nodded and he left. Some nurses came in to give me medicine and put new injections for my blood.I fell asleep, for a few hours and woke up with my family next to me. I open my eyes and turn my head left, my mom said with huge smile "Hey sweetie you are awake." I look around and my 4 younger and older sisters, then next to them are my 2 older brothers, I'm kinda the middle child. Matt, the oldest comes to me "I'm going to get coffee and food, would you like some Selena?" I wanted some but my mom said "Matt, she can't have venting machine food, doctor's orders." They all leave except my mom and dad. I look to my right and there is my dad, smiling at me, I asked him "When am I going home?" He shook his head and said "I don't know honey."
It's late, I need to sleep but I can't, I finally close my eyes and fall in deep sleep, I'm dreaming of something bad, like Liam is in my room, trying to touch me and kill me, I can't breath, I start choking, I wake up and see all these doctors and nurses caring me to another bed and pull me to the surgery room. I look around, one nurse is give me oxygen and the other trying to calm me. We go in the surgery room the other nurse gives me a deep sleeping pill. And I hope I will live through my surgery or my life.


The author's comments:
Part 4 will come soon! :) sorry it so long for part 3! :)

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