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The New Girl In Town

April 23, 2012
By TommiLeann BRONZE, Milford, Ohio
TommiLeann BRONZE, Milford, Ohio
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It was my first day at Milford High School and I was very anxious to experience a new school. My first period is Honors math. There was a nice girl that sat behind me and Her name was Agnus. When I was walking to 2nd period which was Photography Agnus was walking with me. I had to stop at my locker first to get my Camera. A group of girls walked by and shut my locker … I asked Agnus “Who are those girls?” and she answered “Oh that’s Regina George, Gretchen wieners, and Karen. “She paused “They are considered the Plastic’s “I began to ask Agnus “Well Who’s Considered the leader? “ Agnus rolled her eyes and answered “Oh that would be Regina she is Captain of the cheerleading team and Girlfriend of the star Quarterback Kyle Jacobs.” My eyes feasted on those girls as they walked past me in there high heels and short skirts. Continuing my walk to 2nd period I noticed that the “Plastics “were going into the same class as me …. This is going to be fun. I thought in my head as Regina Sat Down in the front of the room next to Kyle she kissed him and continued to look to the front. As Mrs. Carpenter was taking attendance Kyle and I walked up to the pencil sharpener to sharpen our pencils. When we walked up his hand touched my and it was like a spark had been sent through my body as he said “Sorry about that “And I answered “Oh well uh-ummm that’s ok.” He looked at me with a weird look and said “Are you new here?” And I began to answer as Regina Walked up “Kyle, Honey why don’t you come sit down we have worked to do “as she began to walk away she gave me a dirty look. I went to sit back down and Kyle looked and winked. But I thought in my head…. Does he like me? Why did he wink at me? Did I do something wrong? Will he ever talk to me again? All these questions ran through my head as I sat back down in my chair Kyle looked at me again. I think I have found a new friend (:

Chapter 2.

At lunch Regina invited me to her Table to eat there. I realized maybe I could actually be someone in this school, but when Kyle walked over Regina Didn’t even give him chance to sit down as she grabbed him frantically started kissing him. When she sat down she began to ask me a question when Kyle cut her off “So I didn’t get a chance to catch your name? “ Regina rolled her eyes as I answered “Alex Smith“ Kyle smiled as he answered with another question “ My sister’s name is Alex “ I think me and Kyle Could be more than friend’s That is if I find a way to ruin Regina’s Reputation….
The next day when I woke up To get ready for school I got a text from Regina “ We will pick you up in 20 minutes “ But I never asked her to pick me up ? Why was she being nice to me? Was it because of the whole Kyle thing? I was scared that Kyle would be in the car with her so I hurried to look the cutest I could. I got another text from Regina saying they were outside. I rushed downstairs to run outside … I thought in my head “ act Casual” Kyle in fact was in the car holding hands with Regina. I smiled at him and Kyle and Regina gave me a weird look. Kyle gave me a happy look and Regina well she just gave me a dirty look. I just ignored it and got into the car. When we arrived at school I noticed that Agnus was tying up her bike. Her “Friend” but in reality it was her boyfriend. When I got over where they were sitting I asked Agnus “Who is that boy? “ She answered “Oh umm that’s uhh Sha-nay-nay … “I knew that she liked him and was not going to stoat anything to get them too date and after I was done talking to Agnus, I felt someone tap my shoulder so I turned around. To my surprise it was Kyle (: When I turned around I said “ Oh hey Kyle “ He answered with a smile “ Hey Alex My friend Sha- Nay- nay likes your friend Agnus so maybe we could go on a double date or something.
And I answered “ yea that would be great “ I think my start of ruining Regina’s reputation was off to a great start (:

Chapter 3.

Tonight was the night , The night I finally started the next step to ruining Regina’s reputation at Milford high school . Kyle texted me after school and said “I’ll be there at 8:30, see ya then ;) “And I texted back “ok “Agnus was getting ready at my house because Sha-Nay-Nay was With Kyle for our double date. When Kyle and Sha-Nay-Nay got there Agnus and I both smeared on the rest of our make-up as fast as we could we ran downstairs only to find My dad Talking to Both of them “Now I want these girls back by 11:30 Do you understand me ? “ and the boys said scared “ Yes sir , No problem.” We ran downstairs and began to talk to my dad “Hey dad can I borrow some money for our date? “ “Sure honey, No problem.” But Kyle interrupted and said “No sir that will not be necessary, it’s all taken care of.” He was so polite, and after I nearly drooled staring into his crystal blue eyes I said “Are you sure Kyle?” And he said with a wink “Yes Alex it is fine, It’s on me “I pulled my dad to the side and said “Dad I promise I will be back by 1:30 , I promise its Friday night . Please? ““Ok, But that’s as late as your staying out.” He replied. Me and Kyle walked to the car and Sat in the front while Sha-Nay-Nay and Angus sat in the front. I asked him where we are going but he didn’t answer me. When we finally pulled up to the restraunt the name said “Lorenzo’s Mexican restraunt.” Kyle held my hand as we walked in and I asked him “ Are you still dating Regina ?” And He said “ Heck no” I just smiled and kept walking because I knew that he was mine and that I was one step closer to ruining Regina’s reputation. When we got inside Kyle ordered my food for me and I said “ Thank you “ He said “ Your welcome” He leaned over and kissed me on my cheek . I’m starting to like my new school.

Chapter 4.

When I got to school Monday there were two notes on my locker. One was from Regina and one was from Kyle. I opened the one from Kyle first and it said “Meet me by my locker after 1st period.” I sat through first period anxious to leave to go to Kyle’s locker. Time passed by slowly 12:05…12:15….12:25….and it just got slower. Finally, It was 12:45 and I started my walk to Kyle’s locker. As I was waiting for Kyle by his locker Regina came by and asked “ Hey I know your dating Kyle and I’m ok with it, I was wondering if you wanted to get your nails done with me and some of us girls ? Oh and agnus may come to. I mean I guess “I answered with a smirk “Sure.” I drove over too Regina’s to meet up with her. While in Regina room Agnus and I decided to star6t our next step of ruining her reputation. We slipped some orange hair die in her shampoo and blue hair die in her conditioner while she was downstairs getting something to drink. When she came upstairs I asked her “Why are you drinking a protein shake?” And she said “ Oh I’m trying to lose weight “ and I thought What if I gave her my mom’s weight pills ? They won’t hurt her? Just an extra step to ruin her life (: I asked her while she was looking at her stomach in the mirror “ Hey Regina Do you want my Mom’s weight loss pill’s ?” she said with a smile “ sure , Thanks “ They weren’t actually weight loss pills they were actually weight gaining pills that she took when doctors gave to her when she had a disease that made her lose weight. The next day when I got to school I saw Regina and Her hair was absolutely ruined. It looked like somebody had splattered her with a paintball gun. Mixed blue and orange and the pill’s didn’t do anything because they take a couple of days. But I wonder when Regina is going to realize her life is falling apart. She is clueless (:

Chapter 5.
At the end of the day Kyle was walking towards my locker . He asked me something but I couldn’t believe it “ He said “ Will you go out with me ? “ And I was shocked. I said with a stuttered voice “Uhh yes. “ His warm hand touched my face as he scooped my hair back and kissed me. At that very moment Regina walked by and she was so mad, I could see it in her eyes. I asked her “Regina. What’s wrong ?” and she gasped and said “ Nothing I’m just having a hard time today , your making out with my ex-boyfriend and My hair is blue and orange “ she paused “ I don’t even know how my hair turned this color , But my mom sued the hair company “ I laughed hysterically as I walked away. After school Kyle gave me a ride home because my car broke down. On the way home he asked me an odd question that I did not except “ Do you love me ? “ and I answered “ Yes I mean I guess so love is and unexplainable and amazing thing, You must cherish why you have it.” Kyle was a football player and had all f’s so he didn’t really get what I was saying “What’s that mean ? “ And I just smiled gave him a kiss and hopped out of the car. As I was walking up tgo the door he said “I love you Alex Taylor Smith “ I just smiled and Said “ I love you too Kyle “ I’m in love and I think I like it (:

The author's comments:
This is Inspired By Mean girls and My friend's

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