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Picture Me

December 13, 2011
By BadGirl GOLD, Dacula, Georgia
BadGirl GOLD, Dacula, Georgia
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I'd rather be HATED for who I am
then be LOVED for who I'm not.
All I need is for someone to say "I believe in you."

The night drifts around me like a blanket. It's comforting. But I want to hear your voice. Where are you? What are you doing? Are you thinking of me? I couldn't help but think selfish thoughts of you as I walked. You were everything. But I was nothing. I wanted you to think of me as I thought of you. I wanted our hearts to be as one. When I inhale I want you to exhale. When you look at a beautiful girl I want you to picture me in your mind. When you're with your friends I wanted you to secretly want to be with me.

I walked on the gray sidewalk. It was dark yet no stars were out. The streets were bare of cars and people. Where was I going? I didn't know. I just knew that I wanted to see you. Your pale blue eyes. Your short cropped brown hair that was so soft. Though I had never touched it. Your pale strong arms and hands wrapped around my body - was what I wished for more than anything.
'Could you do me a favor?' Was what I've been waiting to ask. You'd say yes and then I'd ask you to kiss me. And you'd do it happily.
I sigh and looked up at the beautiful dark night sky. Would you name one of the thousands of stars after me? This was my world, my imagination running wild, me thinking of you. You were my past, present, and hopefully my future.

A smiled played on the corner of my lips as I came to a stop in front of your house. My feet had led me to your house, but were you inside or out hanging out with friends? There was only one way to find out? Should I ring the doorbell? What would I say once you opened it? What would you say when you opened it? I looked around the street, no one was around. I walked up through your yard and slipped into the back. Where a play-set waited for me. I sat down in one of the swings and looked up. Your room was right in front of me. And your window was open. Should I call your name? I shook my head. My voice would come out shaky. I was nervous. I didn't know what to do. I've n ever done anything like this before. Should I just wait here until you notice me? What should I do?

Then I see you slip into your room. I watch as you start to take off your shirt. My heart skips a beat and I look away. I knew the skin on my cheeks were red, and I wanted it to disappear. What would happen if you looked out your window and saw me here, all alone? I wanted to stand and walk away, but my legs had no intention of obeying me.
And neither did my voice.

"Alex," I call. My shoulders tensed and I was glad to see that something was still in my control. I looked up and saw Alex standing in in front of the window looking confused. His eyes scanned the yard until they landed on me. He smiles his brilliant smile and backs away from the window and out of his room.
My heart flutters in disappointment and I look back at the ground. I had known that this was a bad idea, but I had done it anyway. I wanted to get up and go home but I did n't have the heart. I thought that Alex would be surprised and happy to see me. What had I been thinking?

Then I hear a click and a creak. I look up, startled. Alex was walking toward me. My heart picks up speed. I wanted to run to him and wrap my arms around him. But I stayed where I was, glued to the swing I was sitting in. He walked up to me and stared at me without saying a word. What were you thinking about? I him wanted to say something, anything. Was he mad that I snuck into his backyard? Was he unhappy to see me? I sat there expecting the worst to come out of his mouth.

Alex smiled and sat in the swing next to me. I held my breath, waiting.

"Why are you here?" He finally asked.

I let out the breath and looked over at him. "I wanted to see you."

A smile formed on his perfect lips. How would he react if I leaned over and kiss those lips? I was tempted. I looked into his beautiful pale blue eyes and wai ted for my courage to gather up. Then I leaned over and kissed those beautiful lips. Tasting him. I closed my eyes and I felt him begin to play with a strand of my hair. All my fears left me and I knew we were made for each other. I smiled against him. This was how I hoped it would feel. It was exactly how I imagined it. And I wanted more. I pushed myself against him before pulling away. Alex was panting, just like I was.
But I when I inhaled he exhaled.
Our hearts were connected.

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