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November 12, 2011
By aspiringsinger SILVER, Chester, Virginia
aspiringsinger SILVER, Chester, Virginia
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The language they speak is unfamiliar to me. It’s the language of musicians.
“I’m playing an F, then an A flat, then a G, and then a C.”
I can’t understand anything they’re saying. But he has such an amazing voice. When he’s talking and when he’s singing. It’s like silk. I want him to sing to me forever. He and his buddy sit and play their guitars and harmonize together. He starts to sing in Spanish. The way he sings it, you’d think he was naturally Spanish. He then sings a funny song, which really isn’t mean to be funny, but it’s the way he sings the lyrics. I still can’t understand his language of “chords” and “majors” and “minors”, but he’s making it a little easier for me to comprehend. I’m not even sure how we got here, but it’s like the world has melted away and we’re the only people on the planet. For a moment, it seems like he’s interested in me and loves me. Another guy joins us and harmonizes with the other two. I believe…I want to believe they’re all singing to me…for me…
There’s a look of pure concentration and effort on his face. He wants to impress me. He impressed me the second he started. I’ve already been smiling this whole time, but I can’t help it. I smile wider. He notices my super happy smile and lightens up. He smiles back at me. They all have guitars now and are singing beautifully. His fingers nimbly hop from string to string after practicing this for years. I’ve only known him for a few months but it seems like it’s been a lot longer than that. Do I love him? This is the best day of my life.
A girl he knows and I don’t sits down beside him. She looks at me coldly and possessively. She’s not his girlfriend, but she has a bigger crush on him than I do. A lot of girls do. But he doesn’t look at them and talk to them the way he does with me. His once bright face changes to a very awkward, uncomfortable one. The two other guys’ faces also change. We all liked the small group as it was. We also know that this girl is always determined to get what she wants, so she NEVER leaves him alone. More girls join the group, not liking the fact that he’s alone with only one girl. He could fall in love. They’re all determined to show him that they exist and that they should be his girlfriend. They guys stop playing and singing to talk to the now huge group. The moment is ruined, but I will never forget those beautiful minutes where we were the only ones who cared about the beautiful language of music.

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