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August 13, 2011
By daydreaming GOLD, Norwell, Massachusetts
daydreaming GOLD, Norwell, Massachusetts
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"sometimes it lasts in love and sometimes and sometimes it hurts instead" -Adel

Ariande was perched outside the window of Pierson. He was sitting at his desk looking down, his dark curly hair hung messy on his head in front of his ice blue eyes. He was scratching out the answers to some math homework with a pencil that needed sharpening. If Pierson was to look up and out his window. He would not see Ariadne’s striking beauty. He wouldn’t see her striking pink eyes and caramel skin. He could not look up and see her curly, wavy brown hair with its pinky highlights. He wouldn’t see her slender figure, her long legs. She was extremely beautiful, unearthly beautiful. He would defiantly not see her large wings, pink near the back and fade out to white.
Ariande felt at ease, there was no danger now. As a guardian angel when there was even the slightest hint of danger, every muscle would go ridged. Her heart would pound. The danger wasn’t what made her heart pound. That was Pierson. She had been assigned to be his guardian angel two years ago. It didn’t take long for her to fall for the human boy. It did not take long at all. She heard the rustle of wings come down and a soft thud she looked up and Daria had landed softly on the roof beside her.
“You know what tomorrow is right?” Daria said
“Shut up”
“Tomorrow is the first day of the rest of his life”
“He’s going to meet her”
“Would you shut the h*ll up and let me have tonight!” Ariande had jumped to her feet enraged and her blood boiled.
“You knew all along. You knew how this would end”
“I tried to tell you, the paths are written in stone,” Daria said in a level, even, calm voice. Her cool light blue eyes starred into Ariadne’s. Daria’s hair was neatly braided along her head to behind her ear were the braid fell in front of her shoulder. Her winds were yellow at their base, smaller than Ariande’s. Ariande’s fingers curled into her palms he nails cutting into her skin, forming fists at her side. “You knew from day one, Pierson Degoda was to meet his soul made Allie Marens on the first day of two thousand twelve”
“The two would date, be bound and go on to have three kids, and live happily, ever, after” Ariande lunged at Daria the two tumbled off the roof in a mess of feathers. Ariande managed to place a strong kick to Daria’s stomach, Daria buckled as they hit the ground. Ariande sat on top of her, holding her wrists in the snow. “I am only here to remind you of your duty, you cannot interfere”
“I know my duty!”
“Ariande, I think it might be best if you switched to another person”
“It will be easier for you”
“I never asked for easy!” she slapped some of the snow into Daria’s face and stood up. She looked up at the light in Pierson’s room. He should be going to be soon if he was going to stay up for New Year’s Eve.
“I know, and you don’t have to ask”
“Listen” Ariande turned back and glared at Daria “it is not about what is easy for us. It is not about what is fun for us. It is about them. It has always been about those we’ve been sworn to protect. No one will protect him, as I will. No one. I’m not switching. I can take it” she was standing tall as she could. She looked strong and fierce. Her delicate figure and features came in second compared to the look in her eye. Failed to compare to the way she carried herself. Daria nodded, no doubt that everything Ariande had said was true.
“I have more news”
“Yes” her voice was exhausted and impatient, he looked back to the window were the light clicked off. Good.
“There have been rumors. The dark ones found out that he is to meet her tomorrow. They will try to stop it”
“I can take it” she flicked her wings out and then pulled them back in, shaking off the snow. If the fate of one were tampered with, everything would plunge to chaos. Everything relied on everything else. One small slip up and everyone’s future was plunged into darkness. The dark ones lived to try and mess up the system.
“Good. Farewell and good luck Ariande”, Daria bowed tightly at the waist before turning and lifting herself off the ground with a few movements of her strong wings.
Ariande watched her go and then flew to his window. She pulled in her wings and held her breath as she slipped open his window and slid through. A winter wind blew through along with her and she saw Pierson shiver. Carefully she walked over, light on her feet and pulled up his blanket over his shoulder. She sat on the floor next to his bed and wrapped her wings around herself.
The next day went smoothly, Ariande was waiting for the dark ones to make a move, but everything went off without a hitch. She was ready; she could feel they were close. She stuck close to Pierson like glue.
Finally, the time came to go to the party. He got in his car and pulled out. Ariande was sitting on the roof watching. She saw further than humans could, and she could see the dark ones a ways up the road setting up a fake detour. Get him lost and he doesn’t go to the party, and he never meets her? She stood up. They were going to have to do better.
Faster than imaginable Ariande’s wings took her to them as she came in for a landing she kicked one forcefully in the head sending him flying into the trees. The other turned and launched herself at Ariande. Ariande’s skill was no match for her and it was a surprisingly quick fight before the other dark one was booted into the woods. Turning to the road, two powerful flaps of her wings were enough wind to push the cones and sign over to the side into the snow. As the car came up Ariande jumped on, riding it to the party.
Ariande still couldn’t relax; the danger had not yet passed. It would only escilate from here. At the party, she walked close behind him. Invisible to all the humans. It was crowded and soon Pierson went out onto a deck to get some air. The deck overlooked a frozen pond. Ariande stood and watched him look out onto it. He leaned against the railing. Lost in thought. She walked up and stood next to him, leaning on the railing. She reached out a hand
“Oh Pierson” she brushed hair from his face; he felt a cool breeze move his hair about. “I’ve known you so long. I know you so much better than any of these people” her big sad pink eyes were going over the familiar lines of his face. “I know your hardships. But you don’t know me” he stood listening to the silence of the winter night “you don’t know I exist. But I’m always here for you. Protecting you. Everything changes tonight pierce. The only thing that will stay the same is this. You are safe with me” the music from the party, muffled by the door was still audible outside. He looked over his shoulder at the mass of bodies maneuvering around inside. Then they were back. The two dark ones. Ariande’s breath caught in her thought. She charged at them and one through her back against the house. She heard a crack as her head hit the wall, her hand reached up and came back bloody. “Oh. Now you’re in for it” she launched herself off the ground at them. One came at her meeting her attack and the other made a move for Pierson. Ariande gasped as the dark one’s arm made contact with Pierson’s stomach, sending him sliding five feet along the deck. The momentary distraction was enough for the dark one to send her flaying off the porch and into the thin ice, then into the water.
She emerged, gasping from the shock of the cold water on her lungs. She pulled herself up, watching in horror as the each grabbed one of Pierson’s arms. He was dragged to the railing by two invisible beings. They reached the railing and they yanked his up. He failed to escape the terrifying grasp of what was not there. They flung him over the edge.
Just as Ariande rocketed off the ground flying and grapping Pierson seconds before he hit the ground. The two stared shocked; at the angel they through couldn’t survive a dive in the pond. She ran at then after leaving a gasping Pierson on the deck she slammed they heads together and threw them each into the pond. She was smarter; she waited to see if they would emerge. Then she knelt down next to Pierson.
“Pierson. You’re going to be alright” the shocked terrified boy stared up at her. Directly at her, not through her. Yes, Pierson herd her. Yes, yes saw her. The slider opened and a girl came running out. She was petite, small and pretty with big curls in her shoulder length back hair
“Oh my god! Are you ok? What happened? Why are you on the ground?” Pierson looked at her at a loss for words. He looked up to where Ariande had been. Nevertheless, she was gone. He had only the briefest glimpse at her.
“Yeah I just, I don’t feel too well”
“Do you want a ride home?” she asked kneeling next to him. Ariande stood and walked over to the wall leaning against it watching them.
“You don’t have to leave, I’ll be fine
“No really its crazy here, I’m looking for an excuse”
“Oh” Ariande watched them, feeling something slowly breaking inside her.
“Hi, I’m Allie, Allie Marens”
“Pierson Degoda”
“Nice too meat you, let’s get you home.”
“So it begins,” Ariande said to herself as they walked past her to her through the doors she said to Pierson,
“I’ve always loved you”
And so, Pierson Degoda and Allie Marens lived happily ever after.

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